Sunday, January 10, 2010

Review: The Million Dollar Demise by RM Johnson

The Million Dollar Demise by RM JohnsonISBN: 978-1-4165-9626-4 – 307 pages – Published by Simon & Schuster - Hardcover – Review by Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant, Literary Wonders!  5 Stars ( – January 7, 2010.

With the third installment in his Million Dollar trilogy, RM Johnson gives us The Million Dollar Demise. All the deceit and drama from the first two installments comes to a head in this guaranteed page turner as rights are wronged and wrongs are righted.

Nate Kenny’s money gives him access to anything he wants, including the friendship between Freddy Ford and Lewis Waters. Freddy and Lewis are long time friends until Nate gives Freddy an ultimatum that threatens to put his family out on the streets. Left with no other choice, Freddy reluctantly takes Nate upon his offer, and sends Lewis to prison.  When Freddy loses everything he seeks Nate for revenge, except he didn’t expect others to get hurt in the purpose. Now on the run, Freddy finds himself on the ultimate crime spree, until he becomes the double-crosser.

Meanwhile, Nate searches for Freddy and revenge. After divorcing his ex-wife Monica, Nate decides to rekindle their love, but Nate finds out that his ex-girlfriend Daphanie is pregnant with his child, he is faced with the choice of choosing between the two.

Daphanie knows that Nate is a snake in the grass, but she would do anything to be in Nate’s life and live off the luxuries that a man like Nate can provide. Daphanie decides she will provide Nate with the one thing Monica cannot – a child. Daphanie’s best friend Brownie warns her that her antics will come back to bite her.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Lewis has found a loophole in the judicial system and is now a free man. His first mission is to get his child back and find his best friend and pay him back for his betrayal. In the end, every dog has its day.

As with the first two books in the Million Dollar trilogy, Mr. Johnson definitely delivers a story that does not disappoint.  I was certain that there was going to be a point in this book where the action would slow down and I could put it down for a while, however, I found none. RM Johnson kept the action going from the first page to the last. After reading these three novels, I hated to see this trilogy come to an end. I loved The Million Dollar Demise and I look forward to reading more titles from Mr. Johnson.