Monday, September 20, 2010

RAWSISTAZ Literary Group Celebrating 10 Years of Literary Excellence

RAWSISTAZ Literary Group was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Tee C. Royal in Atlanta, GA. The firm helps to support and promote books for and about African-Americans. 

RAWSISTAZ has many online reading, writing and support groups as well as many offline chapters of the company in various major cities. The chapters include Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Memphis, Columbus, North Carolina Piedmont-Triad and other locations. 

The firm has nearly one thousand members across the country. They have over a dozen reviewers, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers, who are nearing ten thousand reviews. The firm gladly reviews both self-published authors as well as traditionally published authors.

RAWSISTAZ hosts a number of blog and reviewer resources like Deltareviewer, Five on the Fifth, and TRR featured and latest reviews. The group hosts various blog tours and recognizes its readers. The firm has a staff of featured columnists and writers.

In 2006 and 2008, RAWSISTAZ was voted by Writer’s Digest as a Top 101 Website for Writers. The mother site hosts monthly author chats, where readers can interact with their favorite authors.

This month, RAWSISTAZ celebrates its 10th Anniversary. The firm has various events planned online and offline in the month of September and will bring their anniversary celebration to its conclusion with its Annual RAW AFFAIR at the Doubletree Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, GA, October 1st – 3rd. Keynote speakers and featured authors scheduled to appear include Pearl Cleage, Carol Mackey, L.A. Banks, Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant, Angela Menchan and many more.

It is not too late to registered and secure your spot for this awesome celebration. To register, please click here

Donations are always accepted. It takes time and money to plan events and maintain its title as a leader in this literary industry. Please make a donation by clicking here

To advertise with RAWSISTAZ please click here. The RAWSISTAZ site is visited by thousands of viewers each month and advertising can draw traffic to your site, increasing your viewers and business sales.

RAWSISTAZ Literary Group is an invaluable literary resource that has helped many a read and writer alike. In addition to literary chats and a host of information on their website. You can also visit them on Facebook and Twitter

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Self-Publishing Reality Check

by Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

 I have been in the literary industry for nearly twenty years in some form or another. Over the years, I have learned a lot about this industry and know that as long as I am willing, there will always be something new to learn about our ever-changing industry. Currently, Urban and Christian Fiction, e-books, e-readers, and social media are saturating the market. I am amazed at the drastic changes that have occurred in the industry in just the past five years alone.
          Although changes are abundant, I find that some things never seem to change. The market is still spilling oil into the literary ocean. Great writers, big and small are finding it hard to get their quality work into the hands of readers, because they know, it is not always about what you know, but who you know. Let’s not forget the fact that the almighty dollar also drives the market. It seems that quantity has overshadowed quality.
          As a literary consultant, I have found that there are many things that seem to never change. One in particular is the fact that some authors still think that they can break into this industry by taking and not giving and in addition that they will not have to pay to fulfill their goals of being a published author. This is directed to no one in particular, but I have had several clients over the years who have either thought they could send a manuscript to a publisher and get a book deal or that they can self-publish and not have to come out of pocket. Please let me squash some of the myths that linger over the self-publishing industry.

Myth #1:    I think I have a great manuscript and an agent and/or publisher will think the same thing and give me a contract.
Fact:           Just because you, your family, and friends think that you have a great story does not mean that other readers, let alone an agent or publisher will think the same thing.

Myth #2:    An agent and/or publisher will care about me and how I would like my work to be displayed. The will keep my work the way I want it.
Fact:           This may be true in a few cases, but the bottom line is that agents and publishers see you as a dollar sign. They want to know that you are going to make them money even if that means changing your work to read the way they want it to, based on what they think will sell—ultimately making money.

Myth #3:    I will get a big advance and make money off my books.
Fact:           Not everyone gets a big advance against his or her manuscripts. Many writers go into the process of publishing for the sole purpose of obtaining a big advance. And even if you do get an advance, big or small, many aspiring authors don’t realize that they may not make any royalties or profits from their book sales until those sales exceed the amount of said advance. In plain English, you may not get any money until you pay the publishing company back the money they loaned you.

Myth #4:    Self-publishing is not for real authors and is only for authors whom have no writing talent. Translation: Self-Published authors are losers.
Fact:           Need I remind some that the late, great, E. Lynn Harris, self-published and sold books out of the trunk of his car. Even in his death, he is one of the most renowned authors in African-American literary history. In addition, there is John Connolly and John Grisham who both sold books out of the trunks of their cars. Several authors with major publishing contracts still self-publish some of their work.

Myth #5:    I don’t want to self-publish my work because I don’t want to have to deal with the marketing process.
Fact:           Whether you have a major publishing contract or you are self-published, you will have to be a part of the marketing process. Even best selling authors will tell you this. Some may be in a position to afford to hire a PR or Marketing consultant, but this is not often a perk awarded by publishing companies and contracts.

Myth #6:    If I self-publish, I kill the chance of ever being picked up by a traditional publisher.
Fact:           Many authors have had their self-published work picked up by traditional publishers. Just because you self-publish your work doesn’t mean that you can’t still shop around for a contract.

Myth #7:    Self-publishing is more expensive than traditional publishing.
Fact:           With various print on demand and print run options, a self-published author can order one book or five thousand. Some traditional publishers require their authors to order a minimum amount of books, which can be very costly to the author. In fact, a self-published author does not have to buy any of their books unless they want to. They can use distribution methods to sell their books allowing them to be free of inventory.

Myth #8:    Self-publishing is expensive; period.
Fact:           This is simply not true. If you are talented, you really could perform many of the required services yourself. For a modest fee, an author coach can teach you how to do this if you don’t already know how. Various software options allow authors to layout their own page format, design their own book covers and so on. An author is at an advantage to do their own marketing with the advancement of social media and resources such as Google. I always tell my clients, “Google is your friend.”

Myth #9:    If I don’t get picked up by a traditional publisher, then I have failed as a writer.
Fact:           If you actually believe that, then perhaps, this is not the field for you.

Myth #10:  I can sit back in this industry and not do anything and receive a great return.
Fact:           If you think that you can steadily take from the industry and not give back, you will find yourself alienated faster than Michael Vick at a PETA convention. If you think that you will not have to do any legwork or pay any money, again, you are sadly mistaken. Should you choose to pay for services associated with your book, self-published authors pay much less for the same services of those with traditional contracts.

There are several myths concerning self-publishing and traditional publishing options. The best way to find out if self-publishing is for you is to do your research, talk to authors who have self-published and did I mention research? Self-publishing can be a very rewarding experience if you sincerely have the passion for writing, patience, tenacity and thick skin. If you really want it, you can achieve it, you just have to work for it. 

Copyright ©2010 by Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Write

by Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant
I’ve been writing for several years now, and I constantly hear people make the same statement over and over again; “I have a story to tell, but I don’t know where to start.” My advice is usually not to make it a bigger deal than it has to be. If you have a story, just start writing it. Several people have also made the following comment to me: “But I wasn’t great in English.” My response: “That’s what editors are for.”

Look, the most important thing to do is to just write. Whether you use pen and paper, use a computer or tape yourself telling the story, just get the basics down. It has been my past experience that the longer you wait to put your ideas down , the better the  chance that you will lose the information.

I, myself, am an electronic and sticky kind of gal. I like to see the writing flow onto the screen as I type, which makes it easy for me to go back and make changes. Have you seen my handwriting? I also keep a tablet and a pad of sticky notes in my night stand, next to my bed. That way if I awake in the middle of the night, I can immediately jot down my idea, because chances are, I won’t remember it in the morning. It’s not a bad idea to keep a small tablet with you in your purse and/or pocket for those times when you are on the road and need to write down your idea. A tape recorder is also an excellent idea.

For now, don’t worry about putting your writing in any particular order. Just get it down. You can always go back later and re-arrange parts so that they flow together. Then your editor will work with you to make sure that the grammar and flow is going the way it should.

Speaking of editors; if your intent is bypass and editor on your project, bad idea! One has to understand that although we think we can edit our own work, which we do several times, we will almost always come up short. Allowing an editor to have the final say in a manuscript is key. When an author edits his/her own work, it will flow as the writer remembers the story in their mind, which makes it very easy for a writer to miss errors. It is always good to have a fresh set of eyes to go over your work. And when I say fresh pair of eyes, I mean an editor and not your cousin Louie. I speak this from experience. There are several short cuts one can take in publishing their book, but editing is not one of them.

So put that anxiety on the back burner and ‘get to writing’. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to worry about in the later stages of completing your project.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

REVIEW: Children of Secrets by Lander Duncan

Date:                 9/12/10            
Title:                 Children of Secrets             
Author:              Lander Duncan           
ISBN 10:   
ISBN 13:            978-1440183515
Pages:               288 Pages 
Publisher:          iUniverse           
Cover:               Hardcover         
Reviewer:          Monique Bruner Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Genre:               Autobiography
Rating:              3.5 Stars

Family Secrets Confronted

This book is the story of family secrets that Lander Duncan discovered after the death of his mother.   Intricately written with great emotion and attention to detail, Duncan uses letters, family stories, news paper clippings and a bit of fictional liberty to recreate the history of his family.  The story starts with the lives of his grandparents, moves into his mother’s birth and how she fell in love with her husband and follows his mother’s life until she dies.  Their disjointed family is finally given the chance to heal after letters are found as they are cleaning up after heart wrenching circumstances.
The layered description of life of privileged African Americans during the 1940’s is remarkable.  It took some time to get into the story because of the vivid depictions but once you do the storyline will capture your full attention.  Children of Secrets does not read like an autobiography but more like an historical fictional novel (as I wanted many of the disturbing facts to be untrue).  The treatment of African Americans during this time period has always been difficult for me comprehend.   The detailed prose is quite overwhelming to read and rather depressing as you learn of all of the hardships, discrimination, and heart ache. 
Duncan should be commended for sharing this piece of history and having the commitment to confront the past with such vigor. 

Reviewing for Literary Wonders!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Author and business owner Q.B. Wells

Q.B. Wells is the author of Blackface: A novel and the publisher of Art Official Media LLC which was created by the author with a mission to publish artful media. Mr. Wells currently lives in Baltimore where he is working on his next work.

Mr. Wells writes short stories, essays and creative nonfiction. “If I committed to a genre it would be street fiction because my books are urban,” says the author.

Blackface: A novel is the coming of age story of four Chicago teens. They struggle with identity, the police, gangs, drugs and the external factors that cause strife in a young life.

Each of the teens has their own individual conflicts but all share the need for immediate monetary rewards through a robbery. They band together and do what they do. They suffer, but the suffering is perceived as fun and games.
When you read Blackface: A novel, you will get a good sense of the violence and mentality of Chicago teens that is present currently in the news media.
Q.B.’s books include Blackface: A novel, Doughboy due out Winter 2010 and Blackface 2: One Hundred Miles and Running due out Summer 2011.

When asked what made him want to become an author, Q.B. Wells says, “I had no choice. Eventually the stories and experiences were so much that I couldn’t sit still without addressing the situations through writing. Not because I had to figure things out. I needed to observe authentic aspects of the culture to provide my own truths. Nothing on the streets was like people told me."

Mr. Wells enjoys discussing and connecting with readers. To him, there is nothing like communicating with readers who have read his stories even when they are critical, the ideas discussed and the people who embody the work are real and remind him that those silent moments writing matter.

When asked if he reads and if he thinks it is essential for a writer to read, Q.B. responded, “I read daily. I read articles, books, magazines and review some books that I’ve read. I think it is essential for an author to read something. Without reading a variety of works and styles shows a lack of detail to the craft.”

The biggest lesson that this writer has learned since becoming and author is to concentrate on creating quality products that he can commit to for a lifetime, pay attention to the details and be prepared to do what others won’t. Mr. Wells also added that slow pay or no pay is one of the things that he dislikes about the literary industry.

This author believes in Independent publishing. He admits to never having submitted to a publisher or an agent. He doesn’t mean to be braggadocios but it never crossed his mind. He always had the goal of building his own company. Mr. Wells enrolled in a graduate writing program and went to work achieving his goals. His heart wouldn’t let him wait for approval from publishers to be declared an author. He started out in the street and somewhat outside the industry. Q.B. ran into a bit of luck when a distributor found him and now he’s on to moving books through the street and stores. He now looks forward to learning the traditional publishing routes but stays open to writing for a larger publisher.

When asked how he gives back to the literary community Mr. Wells states, “I publish UrbaniaMag, a magazine for urban literature and rt. I review books, interview authors and write informative articles to help writers not go in the wrong direction. I’m an advocate for literature.” Q.B. urges authors to think long-term and not to be a crab.

Q.B. was asked about his ideal writing atmosphere, he responded, “My ideal atmosphere is on the balcony of a hotel room located along the boardwalk of Virginia Beach. Ten or eleven floors up around three o’clock in the morning with the ocean’s breeze and my laptop. Otherwise, I settle for any four walls that are clean and quiet.”

Mr. Wells suggests Malloy Printing as a premier literary service. Visit their website for more information. He also suggests Everyone’s Place located at 1356 West North Avenue in Baltimore Maryland. (410)728-0877. It is an African Cultural Center that supports knowledge of self from pre-K to PhD and beyond. They sell books, CDs, lectures, health food products, clothing, jewelry, art, fragrances and much more.

“I love the new direction of publishing There’s room for growth and expansion to new audiences. Readers get to receive content in whatever way is useful to them. As a publisher, I’m still navigating the best way to deliver the product and maintain profit. As an author, the goal is still to create valuable content readers.”

Q.B.’ inspirational quote is—Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated, author unknown.

You can find Mr. Wells works at most bookstores. If your local bookstore does not carry it, ask them to order it. E-books are available where e-books are sold. If you’d like an autographed copy of one of the author’s books, please visit his website.

You can also contact Q.B. Wells at Art Official Media, UrbaniaMag, Twitter and Facebook.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Requiem Eclipse, a poem by Rick Bonner

Requiem eclipse enshroudes fertile mountains,
above a valley where lonely hearts reside.
It's a temporary solution, for unsatiated absolution,
for broken souls that have fallen on false pride.

I close my eyes, reliving those sensuous moments,
categorizing every breath and expression.
Honey laden kisses, like daydreams and wishes,
that turned my fantasies to obsession.

Oh when I recall our first encounter,
I blushed as my eyes fell to the ground.
Instantly I felt slayed, when you smiled my way
and we talked as this coiled spring unwound.

Requiem eclipse obliterates the sunlight,
now even ancient, dark shadows fall insecure.
It is no magic remedy, when you feel drained of energy,
it's a short term fix, without a cure.

Daily I mull over your soft scented skin,
when my lips ran slowly down your thighs.
Your hand upon my neck, began a sensual trek,
that made you quiver with uncontrolled suprise.

But oh when I recall our first special date,
by a bridge near a shimmering river.
As we started to breathe, I began to believe,
that our romance would last forever.

Requiem eclipse like a flannel of desperation,
as eternity shakes hands with hell.
Methodone for the madness, a respite for deep sadness,
as the weary, crawl into their shell.

I miss you applying your ruby lipstick
and  taut laughter as I danced into bed.
But when you talked in your sleep, his name made me weep
filling me with a cold stab of dread.

My timing was wrong as you had not yet gotten over,
the fool who had treated you like a harlot.
It never crossed my mind, you still thought of him all the time,
until I caught at the out of town car lot.

Requiem eclipse, like a canopy for grief,
made from tears that the vanquished conveyed,
It's a transient confinement, for a poor hearts consignments,
while the wretched hide from the day.

I believed that for ever meant always,
not just a walk through the park across fallen leaves.
You had me so enraptured, my sentient heart captured,
I could not distinguish the wood from the trees.

I never considered you could still love your jailer
and pine to be his victim once more.
Feigning dignity till the end, I lied, 'we will always befriends'
and found my Requiem eclipse on the other side of the door.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Am Me by Poet KJ King

I am who I am because I am me,
I can be blind and still see,
I can love with no end, believing constantly,
I can be in distress, and still breathe...
There is no second guessing me,
because I am what you see,
I am the stars, mountains, and the seas,
my earth is filled with blessings and a cool breeze,
this is me, it may not be what you see,
but I see the good in me...
not the boy's in da hood in me,
even though it's there I let it lie beneath me,
I wanna laugh, smile and believe in real things,
I am happy with who I am,
I am happy with where I been,
I am happy with where I am,
I am happy with where I'm going...
Today is a good day for me,
yesterday is behind me,
and tomorrow is not promised,
but this very moment i am accomplished,
I am who I set out to be,
because of that? I had many that doubt me.
I am the father for my kids,
that my father was NOT to me,
it made me strong and wise,
so NO need for pops to apologize to me...,
I am a rock, a tree...
that moms had in plan for me to be...
strong roots, tough boots,
with a passion that don't lose...
this is me, I am me,
I'm not selfish at all, say I am
it's your call,
but the me in me, needs not an excuse,
and the I in me, keeps a close eye on you.
I will enjoy this ride,
because the me in me

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

REVIEW: Financial Revival: A Lifestyle of Freedom by Kristen Eckstien

Date:             September 6, 2010       

Title:              Financial Revival – A Lifestyle of Freedom    
Author:          Kristen Eckstein           
ISBN 10:       
ISBN 13:        978-0-9767913-6-2      
Pages:           177 
Publisher:       Discover Books            
Cover:           Paperback             
Reviewer:       Greg Bryant (
Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Rating:             4.5 Stars

Financial Revival A Lifestyle of Freedom
We sometimes forget how our finances and spirituality are related. Well, author Kristen Eckstein puts them together in her book, Financial Revival, A Lifestyle of Freedom.

The author relays to us the true meaning of prosperity by using scriptures from the bible. She gives the meaning of tithing and offering, and how the two are different. She states how a relationship with God is important to your finances.

Kristen explains that having faith and trust in God will help you weather any financial storm. She gives examples of how trusting in God helped she and her husband get through some difficult times. I believe readers will be able to relate to this book.

Throughout the chapters of Financial Revival, Mrs. Eckstein gives revival tips, which are helpful as she sums up each chapter.
This book was a very good read and it truly get you to think about your spirituality.  I have given this book a 4 1/2 star rating. I recommend this strongly if you want to understand you finances from a spiritual perspective and not just a worldly view. 

Gregory "the poet" Bryant -reviewer
Literary Wonders!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Tribute to The RAWSISTAZ Literary Group

Literary Wonders!, Literary Wonders Kids!, LW Media Group and Bryant Consulting would like to wish Tee C. Royal and RAWSISTAZ Literary Group a very Happy 10th Anniversary.

My memory fails me a bit, but I believe it was 2005 when I joined RAWSISTAZ. I cannot tell you how I found out about RAWSISTAZ except to say that I came across them during research for my first novel. Since that day, I have found RAWSISTAZ to be exceptionally resourceful and valuable to my career as an author and a writer. I have always be a mediocre reader, meaning I may read 1-3 books a month. Now I can say, I am trying to stay up with the challenges that this literary group has awarded me. Now, I find myself reading more and reading genres and items of interest that I would have never considered before. 

Being a part of this awesome group of reader and writers has given me a chance to meet many other writers—first time and well known. I have had access to many readers with varied viewpoints who have been supportive of my career. I have shared many years of my life trials and milestones and I’ve made so many great friends, and have grown sisterhood and brotherhood bonds that are still strong to  this very day.

Need I remind some of you that it was during the 2007 RAW AFFAIR that not only did I leave with tons of books, valuable information, and good times, I left with a husband. I thought I’d just throw that in there. Where else can you go, meet exceptional authors, talk about great books, fellowship, have fun, accumulate black mail photos, accumulate great books and a great husband?

RAWSISTAZ’s founder Tee C. Royal, well, there aren’t enough words to express her support of literature as it pertains to African-Americans and African-American communities. Mrs. Royal has done a fantastic job in keeping this legacy intact with her undying commitment to authors and readers and promotion. Many of us know that had it not been for Tee and RAWSISTAZ, your reading would be non-existent, your dreams and motivation to write would have diminished, and your passion for the literary industry would be lacking.

There have been many times that I have called on Tee for help and she has always been there. She has always been eager to help in spite of her busy and meticulous schedule. Even during the times I would not dream of bothering her with my petty little problems, she knows me well enough to “tell” me she is going to help me whether I like it or not. I cannot put a price tag on her friendship. In addition to RAWSISTAZ, she created RAW Reviewers, GIS (Getting in Shape RAWSISTAZ) which is now Lit Fit and TLL (Techy Lit Ladies). She has helped many with her Literary Agency (Royal Literary Management) and the list goes on and on and on! I tease her, but I am convinced that she has at least a dozen Superwoman capes and even more pairs of Wonder Woman boots in her closet. In addition to all that she does, she still manages to be a devoted wife and an awesome soccer mom to her two beautiful children.

To RAWSISTAZ and Tee C. Royal, I say thank you. I will always be grateful for your commitment, passion, hard work and endurance to prove to the “other” folk that African-Americans do read, like to read and are literary intelligent and educated. To the Royals, I thank you for sharing her with us.

My dear RAWSISTAZ and Tee C. Royal, the ultimate RAWSISTAZ, my prayer for you during this 10th year anniversary is that all those seeds that you have so diligently sowed are reaped with sweet nectar and reward. You deserved to be recognized as you are the premier leader in this industry and all others should strive to be only half of what your have become and represent. Here’s to another ten great memorable years. It is my prayer that I will see you all in October to take part and be a part of RAWSISTAZ history as we show our appreciation and make this a RAW AFFAIR and a RAWSISTAZ anniversary that will never be forgotten!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet Author Michelle Larks

Author Michelle Larks has been writing professionally since 2003. She has self-published two books and received a contract for an ebook through Ocean's Mist Press. The author received a two book contract from Urban Book in 2006 and has been writing for the publishing house since then.

The author has written; A Myriad of Emotions (2003) Crisis Mode (2004) re-released in 2005. Mirrored Images (2006) Who's Your Daddy (2006) Contributed to Blended Families and The Midnight Clear in 2006. Keeping Misery Company (2007), The Legacies (2008) Til Debt Do Us Part (2009), Faith (2010) Couples Therapy (2011) Letting Misery Go (2011), the sequel to Keeping Misery Company (2011).

You can find Mrs. Larks work on Amazon. com, and most bookstores.

Michelle Larks is a married mother of two adult daughters and currently resides in the Midwest I She loves reading and writing.

Read excerpts and find out more about Michelle’s novels by visiting her website

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paulette Harper author of Completely Whole

About the Author
A sought after speaker, certified life coach, minister and author. As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Paulette’s desire is to motive women to reach their God given potential through conferences, workshops and seminars. Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe Paulette’s presentation as inspiriting, enriching and encouraging. She is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying.

As a writing coach, Paulette is the visionary behind “Write Now” (releasing the word in you) literary workshops designed to coach aspiring writers in the areas of creativity, development and publication of Christian books. God has given her a desire for writers especially those who want to write for the Lord.  Through these workshops it is her aspiration to provide information that will help aspiring writers dream come to reality, by providing tools, resources and opportunities to help them succeed.

As a certified life coach, Paulette’s mission is to challenge you to define your purpose, and passion so you can discover your full potential for living your best life now. 

Paulette has authored such books as That Was Then, This Is Now  which achieved national recognition by being awarded a finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Award and her newest release Completely Whole  was published under her own publishing company Thy Word Publishing. She is the co-author of Victorious Living for Women. Her next book For Such a Time as This will be released in 2011 in addition to Victorious Living for Moms.

Paulette Harper Johnson serves in ministry with her husband Sr. Pastor Tony E. Johnson at Word of Faith Worship Center in Bradenton, FL.

Paulette is available to speak, train and facilitate your upcoming event or conference.

Please visit Paulette at:

“Life's daily struggles can often leave us perplexed and bewildered on how to cope with hard issues. In COMPLETELY WHOLE, Paulette Harper offers keys to help those who are searching for answers that can lead to a life of complete wholeness: Spirit, Soul and Body. COMPLETELY WHOLE focuses on how to overcome suffering caused by alcoholism, substance abuse, poverty, and other obstacles blocking the path to a life of wholeness.”

What Readers Are Saying……

Wow!!! Without pretense or apology, I believe that Paulette Harper charts a course for anyone who is experiencing the extreme challenges of life's disappointments (that if the practical principles are applied) will lead to a life of God's abundance. “COMPLETELY WHOLE” is a thoughtful, down to earth yet biblical approach to recapture the position of peace and prosperity that God has pre-destined for every believer. A must read for all who have the assignment of edifying the hurting.  
Pastor Tony E. Johnson
Senior Pastor Word of Faith Worship Center                                                      
Bradenton, FL                                   

Rev. Paulette Harper is anointed author and is lead by God as she pens this thought 
provoking novel.  A must read, inspiring and speaks growth to our souls.

Donna Moses
President Sistahs in Conversation &
Sistahs in Harmony Christian Book Club
Stockton, CA

Each chapter clearly aligning with the passages of Scripture that are included, will bring you to a point of deep reflection of what needs addressing in your heart.  Through challenges and changes, Paulette encourages us to embrace what God wants to do in our lives!  As Paulette closes each chapter with a prayer, you are invited to carry each need of your life, each problem to Christto allow Him full access to address the issues once and for all!

Angie Knight
Devotional Writer/Speaker
Marianna, FL