Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Book Expo America

BEA (Book Expo America) will be held Saturday, May 21, 2011 – Thursday, May 26, 2011 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York. The annual Who’s Who Literary event kicks off Saturday with a DIY Authors Conference and Marketplace.

New at BEA this year, expanded days, all exhibits on one floor, IDPF Digital Zone, Big Ideas at BEA Conference,  and ABA Day of Education.

BEA announced on 12/16/10 that Italy will e the focus of attention and Guest of Honor at the show’s highly successful Global Market Forum.

BookExpo America (BEA) is the premier trade event for the North American publishing industry. See and learn exactly what you need to survive today's changing industry and challenging economy. Meet 500+ authors and discover hundreds of new titles on a Show floor bristling with 2,000 exhibitors and featuring the NEW Downtown Stage and Uptown Stage and the ever popular BEA Autographing Area. Learn the trends during 60+ focused sessions at the NEW “Big Ideas at BEA” Conference and this year's Global Market Forum: Books & Publishing in the Arab World. Experience the buzz of the book business at dynamic Special Events. Conduct rights business at the largest North American International Rights Center. Enjoy NEW Show floor amenities such as more seating and places to eat. All of this, plus all of New York City—the publishing capital of the world and where BEA will be held until 2012.

For more information please visit the BEA Website.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Author, Reviewer and Interviewer Joey Pinkney

Hello. My name is Joey Pinkney, and I write and maintain to feature book reviews and author interviews. My goal is to give authors extra exposure. I started on June 2006 to do something constructive with my obsession with the internet. At first, I used my site as a vehicle to write about things such as weight loss and acne prevention, among other things. My site has slowly transitioned into what you see now – strictly about books and authors.

In addition to this website, I use other platforms to spread the word about different authors and books that I come into contact with. I write book reviews and have conduct interviews for I also write book reviews for You can also find some of my reviews on

My “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…” author interview series has been a labor of love. This series has featured self-published authors and authors from the major publishing houses, virtually unknown authors to Essence and/or New York Times Best Sellers, male and female, urban lit to science fiction to nonfiction to poetry. The “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…” author interview series gives the authors a chance to explain their book from their perspective. The reader gets a behind-the-scene look at what it took to make the book what it is.

I’ve recently added author to my repetoire with a contribution to Peace In The Storm Publishing’s The Soul of a Man: A Triumph of My Soul Anthology. My short story “Like Father, Like Son” follows Terrence Greene as he struggles with the stress of a wayward step-son and a wife that defends her son no matter what. True to his vows, he tries to be an example to both his wife as son as he takes a good look at his own views on faith and spirituality. For more information about this book, click on the following link to

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Word on Da Street Literary Festival

The first of its kind the 2011 Word on Da Street Literary Festival will make its home in Atlanta January 22nd. In celebrating the opening of Word on Da Street Book Store this event will jump start a new movement of recognizing our African American writers and readers. With vendors, music, music performances from artist across the nation, and raffles there will be something for everyone.

Lover of books, lover of music, lover of our people mark the date now and prepare for a event you will be talking about for months afterwards.

Author Details:

Vendor Table $125

Early Deposit Deadline of $65 November 31st

Final Payment Deadline: January 10th

Authors will be provided their tables and chairs and are able to split a table with a fellow author. All profits made from book’s sales are to be solely claimed by the author. Tables come on first come bases. for table info...

Email Lisa Tyrrell Perry for more info

Free Admission for Public

NOTE: Word on Da Street Festival will donate 50% of its raffle ticket sales to Touching Heart. Touching Heart is faith-based domestic violence organization who provides housing, programs and services to women and children escaping domestic abuse. Word on Da Street is helping to raise awareness about a silent epidemic with the partnership of Brooks J. Young

Monday, December 27, 2010

DBW 2011: Managing Risks; Seizing Opportunities

Digital Book World 2011 — taking place January 24-26, 2011 in New York City — is the only conference of its kind, specifically for trade publishers. Other conferences focus on new technologies as they relate to content creation, but only Digital Book World speaks directly to trade publishers—addressing their immediate needs and future goals to not only survive, but thrive in the changing world of book publishing.
Digital Book World 2011 will present the proven innovators working at the intersection of publishing and technology who have the experience, insights and strategies to meet the challenge of successfully managing risks and seizing opportunities.
Here’s a first look at the some of the primary themes our Conference Chair, Mike Shatzkin, and our distinguished Conference Council, are focusing on:
·         Research and Data – Without data, it’s all speculation, so DBW 2011 will feature up-to-date reports on readers’ buying habits, ebook trends and industry projections from a number of sources, including BISG/Bowker and Forrester Research.
·         Content Strategy – From the acquiring editor and agent, to the production and marketing departments, DBW 2011 will explore what challenges and opportunities publishers face when they stop acquiring “books” and start focusing “content” and “community.”
·         Ebooks and Beyond – From basic and enhanced ebooks to mobile apps and the interactive web, we’ll focus on the best practices and most profitable opportunities for developing, distributing, marketing and selling digital content.
·         Metadata is Marketing – In the digital book world, discoverability is king and every publisher (including the biggest houses) needs to know how to enrich their data to increase sales.
·         New Business Models That Work – There’s no shortage of ideas how publishers, agents and booksellers need to evolve; we’ll focus on the ones that actually work and can be profitable.
NEW PROGRAMMING THIS YEAR: DBW 2011 will explore how independent brick-and-mortar stores are navigating the digital transition and how publishers can find new ways to partner that are mutually beneficial.

For more information, please visit the Digital Book World Website

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays from Literary Wonders!

REVIEW: Secret Betrayals by Harriet Wilson

Date:                   12/23/10 
Title:                    Secret Betrayals
Author:                Harriet Wilson
ISBN 10:             PDF version
ISBN 13:             PDF version
Pages:                 178
Publisher:           Createspace
Cover:                 E-book
Reviewer:          Yolanda M, Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders! (
Rating:             2 Stars

Secret Betrayals by Harriett Wilson is the story of three friends, Jasmine, Toya and Chante. All three women have something in common—dysfunctional relationships with men.

Jasmine is seeing Brian off and on, but she is sleeping with Josh. The problem is Josh is her best friend’s husband. Jasmine is positive that she can give Josh what Chante can’t and is sure that she can give him what he needs. In the meanwhile, she finds out if she’s pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father is.

Toya doesn’t’ have a steady man in her life, unless you consider her repeat client, Chris, her steady man. Toya is a highly paid lady of the night. Her clientele include businessmen, married men and senators. Chris has a role play fetish that has Toya doing things she would never utter to another living soul.
Chante is married to Josh, but little does Josh know, Chante is cheating on him with Eric. Eric has no job and lives with his mother. Eric also has at least four baby mamas lurking about and due to Chante’s ignorance; she is very unaware that she is footing Eric’s child support payments. Eric has nothing going for him, unless you count the great sex that he and Chante are having.

This book literally gave me a headache because although it is true, I just found it hard to believe that these three women could be as dumb and ignorant as they were. I shook my head during the entire book and thought to myself, “Women, we’ve got to do better.”

In Secret Betrayals, the lack of editing made it difficult to get into the story at times. I think with some fine tuning this will no doubt be an excellent success for Ms. Wilson.      

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poet and Songwriter Rick Bonner

Enigmatic Spirits (This Uncharted Land)

Enigmatic spirits below pastel skies,
Unwavering pledges from curious eyes.
Sensual fascination that weaves through the sand,
For heart-felt desires in this uncharted land.

These days are strange, you welcomed change,
Breaking the mould to get away.
An intuitive dream down an uncharted stream,
To seek out a better way.

A voice in the wind from the darkest unknown,
Amidst prevalent shadows, no compassion is shown.
Two entities moving without connection,
Basking in the glow of the others reflection.

Enigmatic spirits in a breathless embrace,
Mouths both explore, lips exult in the taste.
Love understands though flames are not fanned,
Avowing promises in this uncharted land.

Leaving is deceiving at the turn of a card,
With each hand we learn around each turn and bend.
Old feeling inside, dealing with pride,
Is a phase that inevitably comes to an end.

Fascination met in a mythical explosion,
A wild thing imprisoned with the hunter as Trojan.
The twilight delights in immediate attraction,
Like a spark to the flame and a spur to action.

Enigmatic spirits cry to the sea,
Loves bond transcends time and destiny.
Twin naked souls upon cold grassy strands,
Compulsive and needy in this uncharted land.

They could not conceive that you would really leave,
For a fleece of uncertainties.
Accused of immaturity as you discarded security,
To a life where there’s no guarantees.

Eyes study eyes fingers cause sighs,
Unspoken words hearts soon enmeshed.
Fulfilling deep needs, feeds the other,
When grey skies turn blue and two become lovers.

Enigmatic spirits twisting, moving,
Intuition finds a mission ripe for the choosing.
For those who seek proof, to see truth at first hand,
Come give your desires in this uncharted land.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Author Adrienna Dionna Turner

Adrienna Turner is an award-winning author for female author of the year (The Day Begins with Christ, nonfiction). She is a graduate of University of Wisconsin for two degrees: Information Resources (Bachelors) and Library Information Science (Masters).
She writes nonfiction, inspirational poetry, and Urban Christian suspense-drama series called “Miss the Mark”, up to seven series. She also penned as Dream Summore, with debut inspirational drama novel, entitled “Mirror, Beware!” She writes under other pseudonym names: Deo Turner (suspense-mystery) and Dionna  (sy-fy or science fiction/horror).
She has been nominated for Outstanding Community by BBCRA (Black Books Club Rocks Award, 2009) and best book reviewer (Dream 4 More Reviews); and literary talk show (Adrienna Turner Show) for 2010 AAMBC literary Award. She is also known as a contributing writer for Heavenly Magazine (, and Associated Content Press. She now reviews and article writing for Promoting Purpose Magazine (starting with October 2010 issue).Reviewer also for Promoting Purpose Magazine and Tamika's BookStand since end of October 2010.
She is also an actress in the stage play production entitled "Are you Ready?" She has two online radio shows: Adrienna Turner Show( Dream4More Radio ( She has started the Dream Experience Series teleclass in 2010.
Her passion is encouraging and edifying other aspiring writers to believe in their work, to polish it, and make it marketable. Therefore, she started a literary firm called Dream 4 More Firm to help authors find ways to showcase their books, public speaking abilities, and enhance their writing projects to become a masterpiece. Later, she hopes to obtain her law degree and build her firm for entertainers, authors, businesses, organizations, and literary professionals. Other passions are youth involvement, community, and legal field.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PR Extraordinariness Pam Perry

The Detroit Free Press recently called her "a marketing whiz on an almost immortal mission."  Publishers Weekly called her a "PR Guru."   Known as the "connector and PR coach," Pam Perry knows how to pull the right people together for the right project at the right time and garner the right publicity. She is the co-author of "Synergy Energy: How to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry."
 Her public relations and advertising career spans over two decades getting media hits for clients in Jet, Essence,TBN,  Today Show, Oprah, Ebony,  Moody Broadcasting,  Salem Networks, Daystar, The Word Network, Tom Joyner, Tavis Smiley and Steve Harvey to name a few. 
Mastering print, radio and television, Perry has been employed at the Detroit Free Press, WNIC FM and Christian Television Network (CTN). She has even published a 40,000-circulation magazine, Soul Source. Perry has provided PR counsel to clients like McDonald's while at Hermanoff and Associates agency and provided fund development and public relations for Joy of Jesus, Inc. and The Salvation Army.
Perry is the founder of BART (Blacks in Advertising, Radio & Television), a nonprofit networking organization for African Americans in the media. Over a ten-year period, the organization hosted career conferences, award programs honoring African American heroes in the industry and organized professional development meetings. She is a past winner of the "One to Watch" Award from the American Women in Radio and TV – Detroit Chapter and jointly won an Emmy for her work as a producer for "The Edge with Jeffrey Miller.
  "One of the nation's foremost experts in the African American Christian market, Perry is the chief visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. The public relations and marketing consulting firm which opened in 2000. Some of her clients include authors Fred Price, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, Dr. Pat Bailey and Pastor Bill Winston.
A consummate communicator, Perry has taught journalism and penned columns for the Michigan Chronicle/ Michigan Front Page and currently is a columnist for Keeping Family First online magazine and on the board of Inspired Living magazine. Her work has also appeared in Gospel Today magazine, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, CBA Marketplace Magazine, Precious Times Magazine, Christian Covenant News and The Christian Communicator.
Her passion is Christian books and assisting writers become authors through the American Christian Writers Association where she is president/founder of the Detroit Chapter. As a book publicity coach, she hosts weekly teleconferences on various PR/marketing topics with self-published authors and provides PR counsel to ministries nationwide and trains church marketing staffs. She is also the author of: Quick & Easy Ministry Marketing Solutions - 115 PR tips to brand your ministry.
For information about publicity coaching or ministry consulting, click here. For Pam Perry's availability for speaking engagements or seminars, click on Send E-mail.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet Literary Entrepreneur Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

A native of Colorado, Mrs. Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant, currently resides in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, with her husband. She has two grown children and is a proud grandmother.
This author is currently a freelance writer, novelist, editor, ghostwriter, social media specialist, speaker and a literary and entrepreneurial advocate. She is the founder and owner of Literary Wonders!, Literary Wonders! Kids, LW Media Group and Bryant Consulting. She is the former editor for AMAG Online, and columnist for RAW Sistaz Literary Services, Christian Fiction Online Magazine, Women Entrepreneur Learning and Leadership, and

To date, this author has three titles published; My Daughter’s Keeper (2005, out of print), Circumstances(2006) and Crimes of Passion: The Anthology (2006).

Although her background is computer science, Mrs. Johnson-Bryant is a jack of all trades. Her skills range from nursing to being a private investigator; from being a stock broker to administrative support. Mrs. Johnson-Bryant’s passion for writing began early in life. She started writing poetry at an early age and then moved on to writing songs for a group she formed with high school friends called “The Purple Passionates”. In mid 1998, Mrs. Johnson-Bryant entered and won a short story contest sponsored by Playboy Magazine and She started her first novel project in 1998, which birthed several projects; My Daughter’s Keeper being the first of her completed projects.

My Daughter’s Keeper, the author’s debut novel, was launched December 4, 2004 at Black Images Bizaar in Dallas, Texas. She re-worked, re-published and re-titled it Circumstances.

Yolanda’s literary network, Literary Wonders! was formed in 1995 and presents to bring literary awareness and responsibility to minorities. The organization conducts an annual anthology project which features new and established author. The first published is Crimes of Passion: The Anthology which was released June 2006. Mrs. Johnson-Bryant co-authored the anthology which includes short stories by Rhonda M. Lawson, Belinda Williams, John A. Wooden, L.J. Wilson, Sydney Molare, Vincent Alexandria, Gregory Townes, Jana Jay, T.L. Gardner, Deanna Smith and Cherry Hampton.

The author is currently working on several projects to include Revelations, the sequel to Circumstances, Second Time Around: The Anthology, which includes shorts stories from Vanessa A. Johnson, Harold L. Turley II, Rhonda M. Lawson, L.M. Tatum, Rowena Winfrey and Kim Robinson. She also is working on joint venture with authors, John A. Wooden and Gregory Townes as well as a non-fiction work about diabetes. She plans on launching a children and teen series in early 2011.

Mrs. Johnson-Bryant is a member of The Nussbaum Entrepreneurial Center for Women, Women of Leadership and Learning (WELL Women). She is the Vice President of Education for Speakerpreneur Toastmasters Club Number 1407099, District 37. She also conducts workshops and classes on writing and entrepreneurship. She is a member of several reading and writing groups.

Coming fall 2010, the much anticipated sequel to Circumstances, Revelations!
You asked for more Barbara Jean and you've got it. The tables have turned and now Barbara Jean finds herself needing Renee after she is diagnosed with cancer. But Renee is not so sure Barbara Jean has learned her lesson. Will Barbara Jean learn from her trial or will she use it to her advantage? Will the truth come out about Renee and Stuart? Will Renee finally walk down the aisle with him, or will she walk down the aisle with Charlie? Find out this summer.

Friday, December 17, 2010

REVIEW: Peace from Broken Pieces by Iyanla Vanzant

Date:                         12-16-10
Title:                          Peace from Broken Pieces
Author:                     Iyanla Vanzant
ISBN 10:                   1401928226
ISBN 13:                   978-1401928223
Pages:                       280
Publisher:                Smiley Books
Cover:                       Kindle Edition – E-book
Reviewer:                Yolanda M, Johnson-BryantLiterary Wonders! (
Rating:                      4 Stars ****

             It has been a while since we’ve heard from best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant. In her recent release, Peace from Broken Pieces, Ms. Vanzant gets real and personal. Piece from Broken Pieces is Iyanla Vanzant’s most intimate book that I have read, to date.
            In Piece from Broken Pieces, the author takes her readers on a decade journey of her life, from Oprah to the death of her dear daughter Gemmia. During this time, Ms. Vanzant reveals many heart aches, obstacle and triumphs as she, an adult woman, trying to find herself and rid herself of her childhood haunts.
            I was immediately drawn into the book as I always am. Each book that I’ve read from the author has helped me to get through certain bad periods of my life and encouraged me to continue to fight.
In Peace from Broken Pieces, the reader is able to understand in simple terms the generational curses that men and women continue to fuel and pass on to their children and grandchildren, thus making the cycle difficult to dissolve.
This book will cause many of its readers to re-evaluate the choices they make in their lives, especially those they choose for life mates.
I did, at some point, find myself comparing Ms. Vanzant  to Minister Juanita Bynum’s struggle with herself and God to receive the lesson that the building of her empire was not for her glory or self-gratification but for the building of the kingdom and to help others. I was eventually pleased with Gemmia’s message to her mother that the physical does not matter.
I was deeply saddened by the humility that this author had to endure between Oprah and The Iyanla Show as well as the guilt the she endured when her daughter Gemmia was diagnosed with cancer.
I know without a doubt that my heart would be broken if something were to happen to one of my children but I cannot even begin to pretend to know what Ms. Vanzant went through during her daughter’s illness.
I feel that although Ms. Vanzant may have experienced a sense of relief once her daughter transitioned and no longer had to suffer, with the realizations and “aha moments” that Ms. Iyanla experienced, coming a long way in her journey, she does have a long road ahead of her to receive complete healing and self-discovery.
I look forward to the next title from this author, as I feel all the work I have read by her has some kind of life lesson for everyone, including men. This is not just a book for women. Perhaps if men were to read this book, they, too, would realiz some of the generational curses that they carry forth and/or understand the curses that women carry forth, causing them to grow into broken vessels as they search for love, self and self-love.
As people, we tend to put those of a higher stature, income or public figure on pedestals or hold them to a higher standard, but Ms. Vanzant shows and proves that they too, are human. They are people who are just like you and I, with problems and insecurities just like you and I.
Although, in my opinion, Ms. Vanzant’s best work to date is “In The Meantime”, Peace from Broken Pieces is just as powerful.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creator and Blog Tour Expert Tyora Moody

Tywebbin Creations LLC was established in 1999. We offer Design and Marketing services with our niche being a trusted service in the literary community.  At  Tywebbin Creations LLC , we patiently work with our clients through the design and marketing process. Clients can expect clear communication and perceptive advice throughout the process.

We are committed to creating quality products without “breaking” our client’s budgets. We also enjoy going the extra mile after the completion of a project to assist clients with promotion and future development ideas.

Contact Tywebbin Creations at: Tywebbin Creations LLC, 701 Gervais St. Suite 150-185, Columbia, SC 29201, Fax: 775-908-9660 or visit
Tyora Moody started Tywebbin Creations LLC, her design and marketing company, in 1999. As a writer and former book reviewer, her niche over the years has been developing an online presence for a host of authors that includes Sharon Ewell Foster, Tia McCollors, Stacy Hawkins Adams, Sherri Lewis, Vanessa Miller, Rhonda McKnight, Francine Craft and many more.

Tyora and Tywebbin Creations is a leader in online blog tours. Contact her today to schedule yours!

For her writing endeavors, visit Tyora online at

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teen Author JerrKelia L. Bazile

About the Author
JerrKelia L. Bazile, better known as KeeKee. She is a sixteen year old female born in Dallas, Texas at Medical City Hospital. She comes from a well-rounded family, but still far from perfect. She’s the youngest of three children and they get along like best friends. Her mother and father are great supporters of the three children and want nothing but the very best for each. KeeKee is a proud god mother that enjoys spending quality time with her god son.

She is a member of Zion Baptist Church in Rowlett, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Dayvid L. Griggs Jr. She is active in the church youth choir, bible drill team and praise dance ministry. The bible drill team has competed in every National Baptist Training Union and Sunday School Congress competition since 2000 and has always brought home the biggest trophy. She is currently a senior in High School and is expected to graduate in 2010. She was on both the track team and the step team her freshman and sophomore years of high school. Her junior year, she was a varsity cheerleader and is now a senior, still on varsity cheering team. KeeKee’s future plans are to attend a top ranked University and study optometry.

She was motivated to write this book for many different reasons:
  • To share her experience in hopes of helping someone else avoid making the same mistake she did
  • To help bring awareness to the dangers of piercing
  • To spread the importance of education
  • To raise HIV and AIDS awareness among teens
  • Lack of employment during these tough economic times, and the rising unemployment rate
Hobbies: cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, watching movies, hanging out with friends and shopping.

About the Books
It's rare to find a teenager that has the aspirations to write and publish a book and it certainly wasn't my intentions. But God has his way of guiding His children in the direction that He wants us to go. Now, I can proudly say that I have authored two books and the third one will soon follow. Through my writing and speaking skills, it has helped better the lives of many of my peers and adults as well! The First book I wrote is entitled,The Piercing That Changed My Life! At the young age of 16 years old, I felt compelled to write after I had strayed away from my parental teachings. Now available: My second Book is entitled, The Color of My Skin!

It's based on a true story about a young black teenage female (KeeKee) inspired to be a high school cheerleader at a predominantly white high school, in a predominantly white neighborhood. As a result of being in that environment, I had to constantly battle against the invisible forces of institutional racism. Many of my peers with lesser determination would have surrendered in defeat or at the very lease, retreated to a silent state of discouragement. However, the real message of my book is not to dwell on racism, institutionalized or not, but to elevate the victories over the struggles and obstacles that I faced to become one of the first black varsity cheerleaders at Sachse High, since the opening of its first public school in the early 1900's. 

Visit JerrKelia's website today!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Author and Adoptee Rosa Elmore Ferguson

Rosa Elmore Ferguson is the author of LOVED TO DEATH: A Different Kind of Love Story and LOVED TO DEATH: The Truth Unfolds. LOVED TO DEATH: The City Speaks will be out in early 2011.

Born Infant Sleigh, Mrs. Ferguson, and adoptee, has been searching for her biology for over forty years. Rosa uses her writing to release the frustration and anger caused by failed attempts to find out who she is and where she came from. The author would like her readers to have a better understanding of what can happen when they become a part of an unsuccessful adoption triad.

Mrs. Ferguson is the proud mother of two sets of twins and currently resides in Olive Branch, MS with her husband.

In LOVED TO DEATH: A Different Kind of Love Story and the sequel, LOVED TO DEATH: The Truth Unfolds readers are introduced to a fictional Gaston City, Indiana and will see it through the eyes of Morosa Denise McKinley.  Morosa is the adopted daughter of Morrow and Rose McKinley.  Adoption, love, murder and intrigue seem to rule the day with the underlying theme being the pitfalls of adoption and what happens when a person isn't allowed to know the truth about themselves.  These are the first two books in the LOVED TO DEATH short story trilogy