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REVIEW: The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box by Valerie Lewis Coleman

Date:                7/28/13
Title:                The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box
Author:              Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
ISBN 13:            978-0-9786066-3-3
Pages:               285
Publisher:           Pen of the Writer
Cover:               Paperback
Rating:              4 Stars

Debra Hampton always tends to find love in all the wrong place. Part of her
problem is that she gives too much to a man, too soon, and is left wondering why things didn’t work out. I must say that I absolutely loved this book. I actually played the manuscript through my head as I read it quickly within a few hours. This book definitely should be converted to a movie. There is no doubt that it will be a hit at the box office for the right crowd. I love how Debra goes through the book along with the guidance of her coach Doc Reed.

I almost gave this book five stars right until the end. However, I was left confused. Although there are supporting characters, one would go into this book thinking Debra was the main character as I did. However, the book ended focused on one of the supporting characters Rachel, who is contemplating cheating on her husband. Another thing that had me puzzled was that Doc Reed was supposed to be married with children. Although he gave good advice and helped Debra through her issues, it seemed like as much time he spent coaching Debra, I was sure the two would get together and had to second-guess if he really had a wife.

The scenarios in this book were real world scenarios and the title may otherwise cause some to think this book was about sex. However, this book wasn’t about sex—not exactly. In my opinion, it was about empowering women to stop allowing themselves to be a doormat and giving their “Goody Box” to people who didn’t deserve it. The reading group guide is an excellent addition. Kudos to the author. 

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BLOG TOUR: Color Confidence Virtual Book Tour

 About the Author
Rena Bullard is passionate about interior decorating.  As a New York realtor Rena

routinely would offer sellers suggestions for staging their homes and has personally staged two of her own homes; both of which sold after only one week on the market.  It didn’t take long for Rena to realize she had a natural gift for design.  In 2009 Rena became a Certified Interior Decorator in 2009.

Rena has hosted her Blog Talk Radio pod cast show since 2009, where she freely shares what she has learned with others.  She answers design questions, offers decorating tips, and interviews other design professionals in similar fields; like painters.  Her goal is to provide her listeners with as much information as possible.
Rena inherited her love for writing from her mother, who was also an author.  Rena has written for blogs like Art & Home, Creating Great Homes, and writes her own blog, Redecorating Tips.  She has written numerous articles for Ezine Articles for which she is an Expert Writer. As a member of The Society of Decorating Professionals, Rena contributed to their online magazine, “The Decorator’s Notebook.”

Rena’s love of design is evident in the home she shares with her husband, Larry and their two young teens, Isaac and Sarah.

About the Book
D.I.Y. Color Confidence reveals tested, tried, and true techniques for using color correctly to beautify your home.  You will discover how to use color effectively, just like the pros do.

Now is as good a time as any to decorate and transform the home you live in into the home of your dreams.  You can do it with color!  Get ready to learn color facts that will make decorating with color easy.  Rena shares design industry secrets to help you:

1.       Create the perfect mood for your home by choosing the right color.

2.       Combine colors and put together unique color schemes.

D.I.Y. Color Confidence will equip you to approach your decorating project based on knowledge rather than trial and error.  The end result will be a home you will be proud of and best of all, your friends will envy!

Ready?  Set?  Decorate!

Release Date: August 1, 2013

To reserve your autographed copy by pre-ordering now at:

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Literary Tip Thursday 7-25-13

Feature Friday: Iris Bolling

Iris s Bolling was born in Richmond, Virginia, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management. S is currently a Workforce Development Trainer with the Commonwealth of Virginia, providing management training and professional development consultation for the state workforce.

In an effort to combine the areas in her life she enjoys the most, education, politics and romance, she penned her first manuscript, Once You’ve Touched the Heart, which was release in March 2008.  Since that time she has released books 2-5 of what has become The Heart Series which includes, The Heart of Him, Look Into My Heart, A Heart Divided, A Lost Heart and her latest release, The Heart.  In May of 2011, Iris introduced her new novel, Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate.

In April of 2010 Iris was named Debut Author the Year, at the Romance Slam Jam conference. Her novel, Once You’ve Touched the Heart was voted the Readers Choice Award with Shades of Romance Magazine for, Romance Book of the Year. Iris was voted Romance Author of the Year and Author of the Year. Her novel A Lost Heart was nominated Romantic Suspense Novel of the Year, at the 2011 Romance Slam Jam. In 2012 her book Teach Me, was awarded Heroine of the Year-Diamond Lassiter.

CIA Operative Joshua Lassiter is always in the midst of danger. When an international incident requires his attention, the journey begins. In foreign territory with a ruthless King at the helm, Joshua finds himself rescuing royalty and a mysterious woman.

Akande Ambree has a mission: kill the man who dishonored her family. Ready to give her life in honor of her country, it is Joshua that crosses her path. Life takes on a different meaning under the tutelage of a Lassiter in more ways than one.

Love for your country or the sweet love of a man.....

The choice comes with trust.

Contact Info
Twitter @Siriaustin


Sneak Peek!
It felt as if she was floating on a cloud. The guard would be coming through
soon to check on the girl, she thought. Opening her eyes was the last thing she wanted to do, but she had no choice. Akande rolled over flinging one arm over her forehead. She suddenly sat up, threw the sheet off and jumped out of the bed. Turning around, looking from one item to another.  This was not the dungeon, she thought as she swiped her hair from her face. Her eyes quickly darted around the room until she spotted him sitting in the chair near the door.  

“Good morning.”

Akande looked up to see a man dressed in a tan linen shirt, matching pants and sandals, with his ankle resting across his knee. She had never seen him before and had no idea if he was friend or foe. Looking around the room there was nothing she could use as a weapon. Glancing down, she noticed her clothes had been changed and she felt clean. She narrowed her eyes at him.  At least in the dungeon, she knew who her captors were. Here, she did not know where here was. The unknown was a fear for her, therefore she did the only thing she could. Attack.

Joshua saw her intent before she took the first step. He jumped from the chair he was casually leaning in. Using his arm, he blocked her kick, which caused her to fall to the floor. Standing now, he watched as she jumped up and took the battle stance with her feet apart, arms up, ready to attack. It tickled him to see she had taken a battle stance against him. He thought she would stay down. He was wrong.

“So you know a little Tae Kwon Do?” He asked as he appeared to be lazily leaning  against the wall. He’d learned a long time ago to never underestimate his opponent.

“Come near me and I will kill you.”

Two strides and he was in the center of the room with his arms folded across his chest. He smiled down at her. “Many women have tried, my sweet, yet, I’m still standing.”

“Who are you?” The woman questioned in an angry voice.

“Joshua,” he raised an eyebrow. “I know who you are. I don't understand your attitude at the moment. Most women are grateful when I rescue them. You are not.” He stepped back and grinned at the woman who looked ready to kill. “Do you know each of your names begins with the letter A? Akande Ariana Aubree. Nice name, by the way. You know, we have this company at home called Triple A. Can I call you Triple A?” He turned to take a seat at the table, when she attempted to kick him from behind. He caught her legs in midair and held her upside down. “Now, why do you want to be this way? All I said was good morning.”

When she composed herself, in the upside down position, she curled her hand to make a fist, pulled back and swung.

He jumped back. “Oh no, not the jewels, baby.” He flipped her onto the bed, as if she was nothing more than a flea. Taking the silk scarf from the chair, he tied her feet and hands together behind her back. She lay on her stomach like a seesaw, as he pulled a chair to the foot of the bed, where she could see him.

“Okay,” he took a moment. “I’m going to forgive you, for I understand you may be a little confused at the moment. However, you take another swing at my jewels and I’m going to knock you out. Are we clear?" He smiled, as daggers appeared to be shooting from the woman’s eyes. He wondered if that would translate into passion in a bed. He shook the thought away as the door opened.

LaVere' walked in with a tray of food. He froze in the spot, tilted his head at Joshua and raised an eyebrow. “You seem to have a way with women.”
Joshua smiled. “I think she likes me.”

LaVere' put the tray of food on the table then glanced at the angry woman tied up on the bed. "I am not getting that feeling. Are you making progress?”
“Yes,” Joshua replied as he walked over to the table, picked up a slice of toast and bit in to it. “She speaks English.”

“That should make communications easier.”

Joshua looked at her. “I don’t know.” He shook his head. “She just tried to hit my jewels.”

“Ouch." LaVere' frowned, then folded his arms across his chest and stared at the woman. “Your mother would not be happy if you are unable to give her grandchildren.” 

“True,” Joshua replied as he carried the tray over to the bed. “That’s why I’m going to plan number two.”

“Can you handle her or do you need me to stay?”

Joshua looked incredulously over his shoulder. “Is that an insult?”
“You’re the one with the woman’s hands and legs tied behind her back,” LaVere' laughed. "Since she speaks English this may be a good time for you to explain your life's mission," he smirked, then walked out of the room.

Taking a seat, Joshua smiled. There may be something to LaVere's suggestion. "You may not believe this, but women generally love me. I think we just got off on the wrong foot." Still receiving daggers from the woman, he decided to switch tactics. He turned to the food. It was mid morning, maybe she was hungry.  "This looks good.” He sat back and bit into a slice of mango. Closing his eyes, he moaned. “Mmm, this is really good.” He picked up a napkin, held it under the fruit, then put it to her lips. “Here taste.”
She turned her head away.

“I bit it first so you would know it’s not poisonous. it really is good. Try it.”
The woman watched him, then her eyes narrowed. She opened her mouth and he  placed the fruit inside. She bit down on his fingers and would not let go.
"Damn it." He dropped the napkin on the bed, then squeezed her jaw applying pressure until she released his fingers. He shook his fingers as if the bite was nothing. “Okay. That was my fault. I tried to force you to eat, when I should have asked if you were hungry.” He sat forward and looked at her. “So let’s try again. Hello. My name is Joshua. Is it okay if I call you Triple A.”

“That is not my name,” she angrily replied with an accent. “My name is Akande Ariana Aubree.”

“Okay, now see we are getting somewhere." Anxiously, he looked at his fingers to make sure she had not drawn blood, then turned back to her. "Since we are making progress, tell me this. Were you being held against your will?”
“As I am now?”
“See, there’s a difference. I rescued you and even had breakfast brought in as a peace offering, thinking you may be hungry. In payment for my thoughtfulness and bravery, I might add, what did you do? You attacked me without cause or provocation. All I want to know is, if you were being held against your will, do you want to go home?”

A flicker of surprise appeared in her eyes, then quickly disappeared. Sitting back in the chair, he crossed his legs at the ankle and just stared at her and thought. Masking your reactions takes years of practice. The stance she took before attacking him was not amateurish, it was a professional stance. Where did she learn that, he wondered?

She had beautiful eyes, a slight slant to them. Dark lashes, against smooth chestnut skin. Her natural hair, was twisted in a large single braid, that was wrapped around her head giving it a crown effect. To him, she looked like a temptress, in a neat little package. A wildcat. He liked that. “Where are you from,” he asked?

The room was silent as he patiently waited for her to reply. At some point, she would realize he was not the enemy.


“Finally," he threw his hands in the air. "Okay, next question. Do you want to return home?” He watched as the question played in her mind. He wondered why she had to think about the question. He would think she would be excited with the possibility of seeing her loved ones again.


“Okay,” he stood, and placed the tray back on the table. He walked back over to the bed and stood over her. “I’m going to untie you. Make a wrong move and I will take you out. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she replied.

With one flick of his wrist, she was released. She immediately jumped up from the bed and kicked his legs from under him. He fell to the floor  and she sat on his back, grabbed the scarf, and tied it around his neck then pulled with all her might. “Where is the girl?”

"Whoa. That was good," he laughed as he reached back grabbed her by the neck and flipped her over. "One good turn deserves another," he said as he now sat on her back. "You got the drop on me." He shook his head as he pulled the scarf from around his neck then ripped it in half. "I was looking at your lips instead of your eyes." He huffed as he ripped the scarf again. "My bad. What you don't know is I have six sisters who have tried that maneuver on me. You could take lessons from them." He huffed, angry now, he stood, putting his foot in her back to keep her down. "First you tried to kick me." He tied her feet together. "Then you tried to hit me in my balls of all places," he yelled as he turned her over and tied her hands. "Then you bit me." He tied a strip around her mouth placing a knot behind her head. He stood over her to take a look at his work. Satisfied, he picked her up and sat her on the edge of the bed. "I pride myself on being a patient man, however, you are slowly pushing me over the edge,” he yelled. “The only thing keeping me from knocking you the hell out is I think you have the girl’s best interests at heart." He huffed, then pulled the chair up and sat in front of her. "The girl is back with her family. Now, what was your role in her capture?”

The woman angrily mumbled something.

He realized she couldn't speak. Frustrated, he reached behind her and pulled the scarf from her mouth and glared into her eyes. "I kill people for a living. Keep that in mind the next time you think about doing something to piss me off. Now answer me," he sat back.

The woman flinched at the controlled anger he was displaying. With fire coming from her nose, she replied. “I had no role in her capture,” she seethed. “I was only told to care for her. Where am I?”

“Not important.” He crossed his legs at the ankle. His legs were so long they almost reached where she was sitting. “I'm not a mean person. I do however kill people when provoked. If, I’m so inclined I rescue a few. I’m good at both--damn good.” From time to time I return people to their families. You hesitated when I asked before. Are you sure you want to go home?”
All Akande could do was stare at the tall dark man before her. Friend or enemy, he was an imposing figure. What had happened, she did not know. The last thing she remembered was hearing steps at her door. Her confinement had heightened her senses. The moment his steps stopped at the first door, she immediately awakened. Not moving, she watched as his penlight swayed around the room. The click, he thought was silent, vibrated through her mind, as if it had been a bulldozer. She sprang up and grabbed the heaviest thing she could find, a book. After waiting for a minute, she heard no movement. She took a step towards the open doorway and peeked around in the room. Her next memory was of a few minutes ago when she opened her eyes.

Fear, more so uneasiness, spread through her, for she did not recognize him or know where she was. Anger filled her for she was tired of people just taking her and locking her away. Did he just ask something?

“Are you?”

She heard him ask again. “Am I what?”

“I need you to stay focused. Are you sure you want to go home?”

“If I am, what are you, as the Americans say, my knight in shining armor?”

“I’ve been called that from time to time,” he smiled displaying two huge dimples on each cheek.

His smile jarred her senses. She did not believe men who looked like him really existed. This man, she could look at for days and never blink away.  He was dressed as if he was on vacation, not like a warrior, yet, there was something clearly in his eyes indicating he was dangerous. For some reason, unknown to her, she felt drawn to him. She shook the feeling away. “I want to leave here. I want to go home."

“Where is home?”

The sight of the fiery woman of five minutes ago, with her head now down, bothered him.  He placed a finger under her chin, she quickly pushed it away. “ That’s more like it. I like my women fiery. This is the last time I’m going to ask. Where is home?”

He stood, giving her the feeling he was towering over her, as her eyes traveled up his body to reach his eyes. Another feeling invaded her senses, but this was not the time to figure it out. This may be her only opportunity to escape.

She exhaled.  “My uncle is King Tarik of Asmere.”
Excerpt for The Book of Joshua I - TRUST ©2013 by Iris Bolling

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REVIEW: The One Year Devos for Teen Girls by Gresh and Weibel

Date:                         7/15/13
Title:                         The One Year Devos for Teen Girls
Author:                     Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel
ISBN 13:                    978-1-4143-8404-7
Pages:                        377
Publisher:                 Tyndale House Publishers
Cover:                         Epub/ARC
Rating:                       5 Stars

In a world full of challenges, sorrow and uncertainty, I’m all for books that help inspire and
guide our young girls into womanhood.

This book starts at January 1st and goes all the way to December 31st. Each day has a specific theme that starts with a scripture, a concept and questions, along with action steps. Some of my favorites are:
·         January 6th – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
·         February 9th – Authentic or Copycat?
·         March 8th – Loved by Dad
·         April 3rd – Why Do I Like Facebook So Much?
·         June 22nd – Heart Exam
·         July 25th – What if I Don’t Have Any Gifts?
·         September 6th – Negativity Part I
·         November 6th  - Doesn’t Marriage Mean He’ll Be the Boss of Me?
·         December 22nd – Why So Sad?

In addition the book includes a great topical index at the end of the book. I strongly recommend this book for any teenage girl, but especially one who is struggling with being a teen in today’s world while trying to live Christian values.

REVIEW: Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square with Travis Thrasher

Date:                         6/1/13
Title:                         Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not
Author:                    Thompson Square with Travis Thrasher
ISBN 13:                   978-1-4516-9845-9
Pages:                       367
Publisher:                Howard Books
Cover:                        Hardcover
Rating:                      4 Stars

I really didn't think I'd like this book at first, but as I did, I began to enjoy it. The love story,
sometimes temulchous relationship between Casey and Daniel crosses several in between failed relationships as Casey struggles to find herself and what and who she wants in life. Daniel is a dreamer who wants to be musician is stuck in limbo trying to love Casey as she looks for love in all the wrong places, and trying to catch a break writing the next great rock hit.

More doubt comes when Daniel decides to ask another woman to marry him,not knowing that the marriage between his true love and her husband would be coming to an end. It seems that the stars just aren't aligned for Daniel and Casey.

I think this book is even safe your YA readers. It is clean and holds a message that as adults we try to do what we think is best. We will make mistakes regardless, we just need to hope and pray that we eventually get it, and before its too late.

REVIEW: Deep Fried Trouble by Tyora Moody

Date:                7/19/13
Title:                Deep Fried Trouble  
Author:             Tyora Moody
ISBN 13:           978-0-9894153-0-9
Pages:              218
Publisher:          Tymm Publishing LLC
Cover:               Paperback
Rating:              4 Stars

I loved Deep Fried Trouble by Tyora Moody. I’ve enjoyed her other books and
this one was no different. A retired  and widowed Eugeena Patterson is on the case when she finds her neighbor, Mary, dead in her home. Eugeena is feeling bad because she and Mary were not on good terms. To add injury to insult, busybodies at church are asking too many questions.

Eugeena is determined to find out who killed her neighbor if it’s the last thing she does—even though her daughter drops by with her children—one Eugeena didn’t even know about—and disappears.

Along with the handsome widower next door, Amos, Eugeena is determined she will get to the bottom of her former friends death and find out what her mischevious daughter is up to.

Deep Fried Trouble is a quick read that will have you wanting to turn each page to find out what will happen next as this neighborhood detective jumps into adventure. In addition to find out what would happen next, I was hoping that Eugeena and Amos got a little romantic. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. You’ve got to read the book for yourself. Great job Tyora. 

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BLOG TOUR: Sasha McCoy Freelancer with John Wooden

About John
John Arthur Wooden received a B.S. from Tennessee State University and Master’s from Webster
University. After serving twenty-one years in the U.S. Air Force, John retired as Major and now works as a Project Manager and Technical Writer with a defense contractor. He is a feature writer and columnist with the Perspective magazine in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
During his military career, John traveled the world—from the nation’s capital to Moscow; from Guam to Sicily; from Hawaii to the Philippines. As a young man, John wanted to see the world and now considers the world his stage for many stories of suspense and mystery.
During his junior year in high school, John was tasked to read and complete a book report on Richard Wright’s Native Son. After reading this classic literary piece five times within one month, his love and fascination with books began. Already a fan of comic books, John would branch out and read whatever he could get his hands on. Words and meanings, coupled with his active and creative imagination, forged a twenty-five year burning sensation in his heart—a sensation that didn’t cease burning until he wrote his first book, A Collection of Thoughts, in 2003. However, this was only the beginning. An avid reader of mystery and suspense thrillers, John set a goal to become one of the top mystery/suspense authors in the world.
In 2005, he released his second book, A Moment of Justice, A Lifetime of Vengeance, a novel that introduced the world to FBI Special Agent Kenny “KC” Carson and surprised many with his storytelling abilities. An Eye for a Deadly Eye, released in 2008, is John’s third novel and the second in the Kenny Carson series.
John is the proud father of two children, a son currently serving in the United States Air Force and a daughter who is currently studying at Georgia Southern University.

Contact John:

About the Book
Misery. That’s what Sasha McCoy knew as a child. The streets were her first mother. Her birth mother was a coked out junkie who had no ideal which john fathered her daughter. Determined not to be like her mother, she got her hustle on while bouncing from one foster home to the next. That is, until the Queen B named Deana McWhorter rescued her from the streets and put her on a path of salvation.

Betrayal. A mission goes wrong. While assigned to take out three terrorists on the most wanted list, other Company operatives are killed. Is Sasha McCoy to blame? Death by ambush. The woman who saved a young girl and claimed her as a daughter is brutally killed in her home. Sadness. Someone must pay for the new misery in Sasha McCoy’s life. Vengeance.Now an assassin for the CIA, Sasha McCoy has a new task—clearing her name and seeking revenge for her mother. Was her last mission sanctioned or unsanctioned? Did her handler at the CIA set her up as a rogue agent? Was her uncle involved in her mother’s death? Are both cases related?

Sasha McCoy, Freelancer, will take you on a wild ride inside the mind of a female operative. Raised in a world of pimps, whores and players, she goes from orphan to CIA assassin to a woman out for vengeance and redemption. Classified as a rogue operative, she must now face her weaknesses and demons while simultaneously clearing her name and delivering those who killed Deana McWhorter to justice. The only justice she knows—death.

Purchase the Books:

I was sure that’s what my horoscope said that morning. If not, that was what it should have said. From my viewpoint, it was a great day for killing, a better day for dying.
Partying late, waking up later. Nice swims, day and night. Damn, I loved this island. Nothing quite like Hawaii, except the beaches in Sicily, the Caribbean, Mexico and a host of other places to which I had traveled.
I wasn’t being disrespectful to Hawaii. I really did love the island. There was nothing like the morning, waking to the rising sun or feeling the drizzle of falling raindrops during monsoon season. Just before dawn on the main island of Oahu was heavenly, and certainly worth living for.
I also loved Hawaii because it seemed as if it was a million miles away from where I was born and raised—the original city of sin, Las Vegas. Always copied, never duplicated.
I sat in my Orange Pineapple taxicab outside the Honolulu airport in the pre-dawn light, waiting on my fare, Abdullah Azizi Mufar, son of a Saudi Arabian oil baron. My employer had arranged with the Orange Pineapple Cab Company that I would be the driver for our special guest. Mufar was an enemy of the United States. He was behind many acts of terrorism throughout the world. He had been connected to at least seven terrorist attacks within the past two years. The last two involved the bombing of American embassies in Peru and North Africa. He’d finally gotten what he wanted—enough national attention to put him on the Top Five hit list. He’d gotten the attention of the U.S. government and the attention of The Company—my employer.
I continued to chill in my borrowed taxi, snacking on fresh pineapples from one of the plantations on the island. As I waited, thoughts of my time on the island in the past and during this visit drifted through my head.
Driving, touring and exploring the island of Oahu brought me a certain peace, a serenity I never found in the continental United States.
The first place I visited every time I set foot on the island was the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. A solemn site for many, it gave me a sense of pride. I proudly served my country, and just the thought of what those who had perished did to make it possible for me and others to serve the country filled me with pride and gratitude.
Sometimes I wondered about the eleven hundred plus sailors who’d lost their lives on that dreaded day in December of 1941. I could feel their spirit and soul whenever I visited the site. I thought about their families and hoped the wives and children they would never see again or the grandchildren or great grandchildren they would never meet visited the memorial every now and then to pay homage to the sailors’ sacrifices.
While here I also made my rounds to the six military installations on Oahu. And if I was fortunate enough to be in Hawaii on a Wednesday or Saturday, I always made it a point to visit the flea market held in Aloha Stadium—the home of the NFL Pro Bowl.
As thoughts of the things I’d done here before floated through my mind, I realized I wanted to spend some leisure time in Oahu after this mission. It was a mindless thought on my part. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. Even if I didn’t have another mission after this one, spending time in the city after the mission was frowned upon at the CIA, especially if that city was a small island called Paradise.
My phone rang, bringing me back to reality. It was my handler.
Codename: Cobra Blue.
I’d never liked my middleman. He was a parasite from the first day I met him. His beet red face gave him the appearance of permanent sunburn, he was short and a hamburger away from being pudgy. His hair was thinning up top, and his face always sported a five-day growth of beard. If his purpose was to throw off the bad guys by looking like something someone discarded, he was doing a great job of it.
Cobra Blue was calling from inside the Honolulu airport. Every blue moon, he supervised a mission in country. Meaning, he stepped away from his office in San Francisco and stepped out where the rubber met the road.
This time the road was in Hawaii, so he definitely wanted to be on the frontlines for this mission. The man was responsible for at least three other field officers that I knew of and I wondered if he was a pain in the ass to them as well.
He informed me the target was on his way out.
Mufar had briefed his partners in crime in Honolulu that he would be arriving in two days. We intercepted the call and coerced his small contingent of bad players into dealing with us. Of course, the coercion included killing three members of their group before the other two would cooperate.
Sometimes, we must do what we must do. I laughed at my own silliness. Death wasn’t funny to me, but destroying our nation’s enemies made me feel good inside.
I spotted the ambitious Abdullah Azizi Mufar as he exited the terminal. I could see why he fit in well in American culture. He was smooth shaven with a chestnut brown complexion, a neatly trimmed thick, black mustache and a combination curly and nappy mini-Afro. The only thing that distinguished him as a Middle Easterner was his mustache, but a casual glance at his appearance made him look more like an African-American man with a thick mustache.
I pulled up slowly by the curbside and parked. The man recognized the cab and its number. He had also been given my basic identity: Dodgers baseball cap, light brown complexion, short hair. Nothing extravagant, just blending in with the other cabbies.
He immediately jumped in with only a small carry-on bag in his possession. It was strange, but Azizi Mufar didn’t believe in traveling with an entourage. He believed in blending in and what better way to stay low key than flying on a commercial airliner by yourself.
He didn’t speak. I knew where I was supposed to drop him off. That was  if I was his real scheduled driver.
As soon as I turned onto the main drag departing the airport I looked in my rearview mirror and saw my passenger looking out the window. He started to yawn and I immediately surveyed my surroundings for other vehicles and pedestrians, then lifted my SIG Sauer P6 from the side of my seat and surprised my passenger with a point-blank shot to the head. The hollow point round exited his head and cracked the back windshield.
I pulled off the main drag at the next turn fifty feet away before anyone noticed the bullet hole or the brain matter splattered over the back windshield. I parked the cab in a back alley not far from the airport. I had been there before. Cobra Blue had already arranged for someone to pick up the car, clean it up, wipe it down and return it to the cab company. The bullet hole in the windshield could easily be explained away by our clean-up guy. Besides blood and brains, the clean up would be easy. I didn’t believe in leaving a mess. Because of the gloves I wore, no fingerprints or hair follicles would be trace back to me. And our guys were the best at cleaning up a mess, including ensuring no traces of Azizi Mufar were in the cab.
Mufar had pressing business in Honolulu. He had plans to meet with two other terrorist leaders—Jin Con Chen of North Korea and retired Army Brigadier General MacLean Baxter, U.S. born, and Army bred and raised.
My job was simple. Eliminate all three before the planned meeting. One down, two to go. Number two would certainly be easier.
Or so I thought.
The sunrise was so beautiful this time of morning. Damn, I loved Hawaii.