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REVIEW: I Want What She's Having by Tora Cullip w/Donna Richards

Date:               11/4/13
Title:                 I Want What She’s Having, Now!         
Author:            Tora Cullip w/Donna Richards
ISBN 13:         978-1-4525-7291-8
Pages:            186
Publisher:        Balboa Press
Cover:              Paperback
Rating:             5 Stars

 Kudos to Cullip and Richards for an effective weight loss title. I’ve read many books about
dieting and losing weight, and although  many of them are inspiring, I Want What She’s Having, Now! Exactly How You Can Be So Hot & Healthy You’ll Barely Recognize Yourself! goes above and beyond those other books. I can tell you those other books are sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust, while this book follows me around the house—the nightstand, my office and the kitchen.

I’d like to point out some great points the book talks about. First, the authors talk about mastering your mindset and the “Clearing Your Plate” Syndrome. How many of us were taught to eat everything on our plate where we were children? I know I was, and I brought it to my adulthood with me. My mindset is that “I don’t want to waste it.”

Second, Rev Up Your Metabolism talks about not getting enough sleep and emotional overeating. I don’t know about the other emotional eaters out there, but normally when you’re not sleeping, you’re overeating and if you’re overeating, you’re not sleeping.   

Out of all the things I loved about this book, I have to say what I enjoyed and continue to enjoy about this book is that this book has a plan. Sure, I’m down for books that tell me to be positive and tell me that I can do it, but this book really causes me to take action. In addition to writing down what I eat on a daily basis, this book challenges me to write down my weight loss goals. Not only does it challenge me to write down my weight loss goals, but it challenges me to write down the “whys” of it all. If we are doing something, regardless of what it is, and we fail to know why, we have nothing to keep us focused. Therefore, instead of writing down that I would like to lose thirty pounds, I have to go a step further and write down that the reason I want to lose thirty pounds is because I am a diabetic, it runs in my family, and if I don’t control it with weight loss, it can cause other health issues.

The Seven Success Factors for Weight Loss Motivation are realistic and achievable and adds a sense of accountability. The book also has other weight loss resources and recipes at the end of the book. I will get great use out of this book and feel confident that I will achieve my weight loss goals, or rather my lifestyle change goals. Great job ladies.

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BLOG TOUR: Jagged Edges with Doris H. Dancy

About The Book
Derek Wellington had his life set.  He was born into wealth, graduated with honors from Harvard Law, and, since high school, knew he would marry the beautiful Morgan LaRue.  …but somewhere along the way, everything he thought he knew about himself, about Morgan, and even about life itself will boggle his mind, and catapult him into a world of betrayal, deception, and confusion. Somewhere in this darkness, he must search for The Light to find his way out of a maze that, if he fails, will destroy his heart and soul forever.

Praise for Jagged Edges
“Jagged Edges is definitely an easy reader and page turner.”
“From the prologue to the last chapter, Doris grabbed my heart, mind, and soul with her masterful storytelling”

Meet the Author
Doris H. Dancy is an accomplished and award-winning educator, speaker, writing consultant, playwright, wife, mother and now author. Her life’s focus has been educating our youth in an appreciation of both the written and spoken word. She received her BA Degree in English
from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina and began a teaching career in both English and Spanish.  She was graduated from Hampton University with a MA in English Education and eventually became Chairperson of the English Department, English Teacher Specialist, and later Curriculum Leader of English K-12 for Hampton City Public Schools.  

Teaching and supervising were both rewarding careers, and each taught her a different level and focus of professionalism and commitment.  As the Curriculum Leader, along with many other responsibilities, she developed and provided staff development for a writing program that guaranteed student achievement.

~A Prologue~
~The breaking of dawn is the best keeper of secrets I know; it has a pact with the close of day. At sun’s first peek, the confidence is safe, and one has no evidence at all how altered life might be by eventide~

The library at the university is quiet except for multiple pages turning and a stupid unnecessary clock facing me. I might just waste a star wish to get that annoying thing smashed. I’d do it myself, but I’d get caught, and be a greater disappointment to my parents than Ruff who still can’t sit up, roll over, or even bark like a real dog. I sigh. Deal with the clock, Arianna. You’re twenty-four years old, already have your MBA in Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship and almost ready to start your own Fashion House for goodness sakes. All you have to do is complete this little research, and you’re on your own. You’re not five. Anyway, you have far more important things to think about at 8:15 on this lonely Friday night, like how to meet that gorgeous guy sitting at the table across from you.

I sit back in my chair and just stare at him, counting how many times he glances up and quickly looks back at his work. He is doing a very poor job of pretending he hasn’t noticed that I’m staring at him. He’s on his eighth under eyed glance at me when he puts his laptop down, folds his hands, sits back, looks straight at me with a smirk, and holds the stare. I smile what I think is my very best smile. Let the games begin! After a minute and a half of staring, I’m just getting comfortable, and there is no way I’m giving up. He begins packing up his things slowly. Still staring, never glancing down to see what he’s doing, he meticulously places his laptop in his black leather attaché case. I can tell he is purposefully taking his time, and for some strange reason, his deliberate movements, to me, are extremely sensual.               I almost have to break my stare when I think to myself: any man that sexy ought to be locked up and the key thrown away. He leaves his case on the table, returns two books to a nearby shelf all the while looking into my staring eyes, and then he brings his fine self over to me.

He pulls out the chair that faces me without saying a word, turns it backwards, and tries to stifle his grin from becoming a full face all teeth showing spectacle. Of course, he’s far too cool for that.

“OK, you’ve been staring at me for the last ten minutes so I thought I would just come over and ask if I have spinach in my teeth or a booger up my nose.” I laugh. He smiles.

“What if I say both?” I grin, cupping my hand under my chin and looking directly into his brown bedroom eyes.

“Well, I’ll know that’s not true,” he taunts matter-of-factly.

“And how would you know that?” I question cynically. This man is about to make my heart jump out of my body.

“Simple.” “Simple?” “Yeah, simple. It’s a trick question.” He rocks back in the chair. “I didn’t have

spinach today.” We both laugh as quietly as we can since we are somewhat aware that we are in a library, and there are a few people still pretending to study on a Friday night.

“Well, to be quite honest with you, umm...Peter? Ah...Paul?” I lift one eyebrow and continue. “...Mary?” He gives me a closed mouth smile, and plays around his mouth with his thumb and index finger.

“Well, definitely not Mary. Derek. Derek Wellington.” For the first time in my life I hear the sexiness in that baritone voice of his that will drive me insane for years to come.

“Well, to be quite honest with you...Derek, Derek Wellington, your hair caught my attention.

“My hair?” I bite my bottom lip to cover my grin, and nod my head yes. “Yes, your hair...and
definitely your eyes too,” I say with mocked seriousness... “and then there’s that mouth,” I giggle.

“Oh, is that good or bad?” he chuckles. “Oh, that’s real good,” I admit with a flirtatious grin. 

“Good. Good,” he nods in mock approval. “So, you... this beautiful woman sitting here toying with me, you are... Gracie?”

“No, not even close,” I laugh.

I opt here for a more serious tone. My hazel eyes, my windows to the soul, touch his. “My name is Arianna...Arianna Channing.”

“Ah, a beautiful name for a lovely lady.” “Well thank you kind sir.” I bat my eyes playfully. “You are quite welcome, my lady.” And then he does something totally unexpected. He reaches across the table, takes my hand in his, and slowly brings it to his beautiful lips. That is how it all started with Attorney Derek Chase Wellington, III and me.

I would say that we had a whirlwind summer romance. We were inseparable. Both of us were taking a break of sorts before starting full force into our careers. Derek had studied for the Bar, passed it, and in September would join a private law firm in Virginia. I had completed my studies in Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship in New York City, and studied an additional two years in Paris. Coincidentally, I was also moving to Virginia, after the summer, to start my own Channing Fashion House, the first one in the Tidewater area.

Our connection, from its inception, has that magic touch...that something special; however, there is this one thing that tears our bond, interferes with our solidarity, and will forever puzzle me. Throughout this disappointment, I am honest with myself. Common sense and life’s experiences have taught me that it will be impossible to know the essence of the truth surrounding a very deep, but damaged, relationship in Derek’s past, but that is not my issue.

From the inception of our brief courtship and after we marry, Derek and I are always completely honest with each other...we trust each other explicitly, or so I am led to believe. That is what makes my discovery so perplexing... so hurtful and a huge issue for me.            The mystifying thing, now that the real truth irradiates, is that my friend, my boyfriend, my fiancée, my lover, my husband never mentions Morgan Shay LaRue to me. Not once, that I can remember, does he ever even call her name.

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REVIEW: Pieces of Me: Finding Heather Jones by Tremayne Moore

Date:              11/18/13
Title:                Pieces of Me           
Author:            Tremayne Moore
ISBN 13:         978-0-9854463-8-3
Pages:            70
Publisher:       Maynetre Manuscripts LLC
Cover:             Paperback
Rating:            2 Stars

 This book is about abuse of many kinds. It’s easy to say, if you’ve heard one story, you’ve
heard them all. But in the case of abuse, there are so many untold stories, and every time I read someone’s story, I’m in awe. After the “shock factor” wears off, I’m always admirable to those who tell their stories. I admire them because there are so many of us that still have not told our stories, therefore, we still have not healed, and authors like Tremayne show others that it’s okay to tell your story and that it is therapeutic to do so, as well as you get a chance to help others.

This book describes how victims become victims and how they are convinced to stay victims. It also shows us the mind of a predator. SPOILER. In one section of the book Heather talks about how she gets made up for this guy only to have him take what she was already willing to give him.

Normally our reviewers do not comment on the editing of a book unless it distracts from the reading of the story. I would suggest that the author have a professional editor and story developer go through this book with a fine-tooth-comb. What would otherwise be an easy and fast read was a little confusing and a bit difficult for me because of the errors. Another thing I noticed is that on the cover of the book, the title is Pieces of Me. However, the title of the book is actually Pieces of Me: Finding Heather Jones per the copyright. Mistakes are real noticeable.

I think with proper editing and updating the cover this book could easily be a 4 or 5 star for me. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

REVIEW: I Didn't Know . . . by Yvette Allen-Tatum

Date:                         10/25/13
Title:                         I Didn’t Know: Identifying, Confronting, and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse
Author:                     Yvette Allen-Tatum
ISBN 13:                    978-0-9883126-7-8
Pages:                        107
Publisher:                 iScribe Publicaiton LLC
Cover:                        Paperback
Rating:                      4 Stars

I Didn’t Know: Identifying, Confronting, and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse is a
good resource for both victims of child sexual abuse and their parents.  This book can assist parents in identifying the signs of sexual abuse in their child.

Often times, especially in certain cultures, we are taught that we don’t tell, or we don’t repeat what goes on in within the walls of our homes. And “within the walls” doesn’t necessary refer to a dwelling. The majority of child sexual abuse crimes are committed by a close friend, church member, family member, such as an uncle or step-parent or actual parent. Often times the child is made to believe they did something wrong to deserve the act that is committed against them and are further convinced that if they tell anyone, they will not be believed, ostracized or even killed.

Although scripture and bible references are used all throughout this book, author Yvette Allen-Tatum doesn’t just preach. She gives her readers “steps” to follow in the healing process. One of the most important steps in the healing process is acknowledgement. Many children who are abused fail to identify, acknowledge or admit the abuse even happened due to reasons described in the preceding paragraph.

Two things that I can appreciate about this book are that the author talks about forgiveness. So many children grow up with guilt and unforgiveness that it consumes them and they become miserable, non-productive and resentful adults. It is true and very important to understand that forgiving yourself and forgiving your abuser has nothing to do with them—if you are to be a productive, progressive and positive adult, you must forgive. Forgiveness allows victims to let go of that burden and put it into God’s hands.

The second part of this book that I appreciated was acknowledgement of the cycle of abuse. Because victims are taught to keep abuse to themselves, they tend to go on to have children who are ultimately abused. And, as parents, they fail to recognize or identify abuse in their own children or simply brush the issue under the carpet.  It is important to stop the cycle now. By continuing to ignore it, we will continue to raise a “Revelations” generation in which our children will have no hope for a decent future.

It’s a hard issue, but I’m glad the author is keeping this topic in the forefront. This would be a great guide for church counselors and other counselors to share with victims.

REVIEW: N is for Nurse by Nurse Nicole

Date:                         11/2/13
Title:                          The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse
Author:                      Nicole Brown
ISBN 13:                    978-0-9891867-0-4
Pages:                        19
Publisher:                 Nurse Nicole Enterprizes
Cover:                        Paperback
Rating:                      4 Stars

Simply put, this is a cute little book for children. Nate, Nick and Nicola visit their mother,
who works at a hospital. Using every character of the alphabet, the children learn how nurses help others. From “A”mbulance to “Z”inc, the children learn how their mom helps the sick get well.

I love the fact that Nicole Brown is actually a nurse and she incorporates her three children into the storyline. The book is easy to read and easy to follow, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that it is refreshing to see characters of color shed in a positive light. No matter, you ethnicity, this book should be in  your small child’s library. I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing the second book in Nurse Nicole’s series—look for Wash Your Hands coming soon.  

REVIEW: Without Faith by Leslie J. Sherrod

Date:                         11/2/13
Title:                          Without Faith
Author:                     Leslie J. Sherrod
ISBN 13:                    978-1-60162-770-4
Pages:                        301
Publisher:                Urban Christian
Cover:                        Paperback
Rating:                      5 Stars

Let me start by saying, if you have followed Literary Wonders! reviews over the last twenty years, you know that it is seldom that we give a “fiction” book a five-star rating. A five-star rating would mean that our reviewers could not put the book down, we frantically turned each page to see what was happening and the ending had our mouths wide open.  Without Faith by Leslie Sherrod did just that for this reviewer. This is the second in the Sienna St. James Series. And although I enjoyed Losing Hope, the first book in the series, it was a bit slow for me. Without Faith did not disappoint.

Sienna St. James has gotten past the cat-and-mouse games she faced in the first book, but chasing someone who may or may not have existed is nothing compared to the bizarre situations she finds herself in this time around. Although she hasn’t gotten it all together, Sienna has bought her own home and has started her own practice. Little does she know that counseling a problem couple could nearly cause her to lose her life, nor does she realize sending her son on a school trip would bring answers to questions she has had for years.

Sierra is so busy chasing her past, and her son, that her ability to recognize and choose one of the two suitors who clearly have feelings for her, fails her. SPOILER. I wish that this book could have ended with Sierra finding happiness with either Leon or Laz, but it doesn’t. Leon leaves for Houston to support his niece. But I guess that is why this is only the second book in the series. Perhaps Mrs. Sherrod will finally give Sierra the love she’s been longing for in book three or a future installment of the series.

I truly believe that this book is Hollywood worthy—can someone please get Tyler Perry or another great producer on the line? Author Leslie J. Sherrod has a hit screenplay she needs to give you.

Look for our 5-Star VidReview coming soon!

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BLOG TOUR: Thread of Gold Beads with Nike Campbell-Fatoki

About The Book
Amelia, daughter of the last independent King of Danhomè, King Gbèhanzin, is the apple of
her father’s eye, loved beyond measure by her mother, and overprotected by her siblings. She searches for her place within the palace amidst conspirators and traitors to the Kingdom. Just when Amelia begins to feel at home in her role as a Princess, a well-kept secret shatters the perfect life she knows. Someone else within the palace also knows and does everything to bring the secret to light. A struggle between good and evil ensues causing Amelia to leave all that she knows and loves. She must flee Danhomè with her brother, to south-western Nigeria. In a faraway land, she finds the love of a new family and God. The well-kept secret thought to have been dead and buried, resurrects with the flash of a thread of gold beads. Amelia must fight for her life and what is left of her soul.

Set during the French-Dahomey war of the late 1890s in Benin Republic and early 1900s in Abeokuta and Lagos, South-Western Nigeria, Thread of Gold Beads is a delicate love story, and  coming of age tale of a young girl.  It clearly depicts the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversities

About The Author
Nike Campbell-Fatoki was born in Lvov, Ukraine to Nigerian parents. She spent her formative
years in Lagos, Nigeria, listening to stories and folktales told by her maternal Grandparents. Her fondest memories were the weekends her mother took her and her siblings to Kings Way, on Lagos Island, returning back with bags of story books.

Though a social science major, she found great pleasure in taking literature classes. She graduated magna cum laude in Economics from Howard University and further went on to receive a Master of Arts degree in International Development from American University, Washington, DC. She worked for several years in International Development field working with International Development consulting firms managing projects and programs overseas.
Presently, she is a Budget and Finance Manager in the municipal government in the Washington DC area. She is an avid reader. She loves traveling, watching movies and listening to music. She is also the Founder of Eclectic Goodies, a party favors and gifts packaging company. She lives in the Washington DC area with her husband and three sons.

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BLOG TOUR: Escape to Love with Vanessa Miller

About The Book
She wanted a peaceful escape to the Bahamas. What she got was love and danger at
every turn.

Renee Thomas can’t trust herself to pick a good man. Putting her life back together after being in an abusive relationship, she finds a job. Her new job isn’t exciting, but it nets one major positive: she reconnects with an old flame, but like a moth to a flame, her abuser also tries to reconnect with disastrous results, not only for her, but everyone she loves.

Jay Morris can't afford any distractions. He's staking his entire career on an IPO that must go off without any glitches...but he can't stop thinking about Renee and the fear he saw in her eyes. He’d give up everything in order to protect her... he’d walk through fire for the chance to love her. 

About The Author
Vanessa Miller of Dayton, Ohio, is a best-selling author, playwright, and motivational speaker. Her stage productions include: Get You Some Business, Don’t Turn Your Back on God, and Can’t You Hear Them Crying. Vanessa is currently in the process of turning the novels in the Rain Series into stage productions.

Vanessa has been writing since she was a young child. When she wasn’t writing poetry, short stories, stage plays and novels, reading great books consumed her free time. However, it wasn’t until she committed her life to the Lord in 1994 that she realized all gifts and anointing come from God. She then set out to write redemption stories that glorify God.

To date, Vanessa has completed the Rain and Storm Series. She is currently working on the Forsaken series, Second Chance at Love series and a single title, Long Time Coming. Vanessa believes that each book will touch readers across the country in a special way. It is, after all, her God-given destiny to write and produce plays and novels that bring deliverance to God’s people. These books have received rave reviews, winning Best Christian Fiction Awards and topping numerous Bestseller’s lists.

  • Best Christian Fiction Mahogany Award 2003
  • Red Rose Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction 2004
  • Nominated for the NAACP Image Award (Christian Fiction) 2004
  • Essence Bestseller’s List March 2008; May 2008 (Former Rain)
  • Essence Bestseller’s List September 2008 (Rain Storm)
  • Black Expressions Book Club Alternate Selection 2007, 2008 & 2009.

Vanessa originally self-published, then in 2006 she signed a five-book deal with Urban Christian/Kensington. Her books can now be found in Wal-Mart, and almost all major bookstores, including African American bookstores and online bookstores such as

Vanessa is a dedicated Christian and devoted mother. She graduated from Capital University with a degree in Organizational Communication. In 2007, Vanessa was ordained by her church as an exhorter.

Vanessa believes this was the right position for her because God has called her to exhort readers and to help them rediscover their place with the Lord.

Most of Vanessa’s published novels depict characters that are lost and in need of redemption. The books have received countless favorable reviews.

Vanessa is giving away 5-ebook copies of Escape to Love during the tour Here is the raffle code:

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What others are saying…. “Readers will be emotionally invested in the characters from the start. The character’s pain and inner struggles lead to heart-wrenching scenes. Themes of faith, forgiveness and reconciliation make this a powerful testament to God’s faithfulness that will remain with the reader long after the final page.” -- RT Reviewer

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BLOG TOUR: I Didn't Know w/Yvette Allen-Tatum

 About The Book
“I Didn't Know" is for more than just an audience of one. If you look to your left, look to your right, or directly in the mirror, you will see or know someone who has been sexually abused... even if you look in the mirror, and the person is YOU! More than the tragedy of sexual abuse is the tragedy of the silence of sexual abuse. It must be talked about. Our stories have to be shared; someone's life is literally depending upon YOU to BREAK THE IGNORANCE OF SILENCE! "I Didn't Know" brings to the forefront the many hidden faces of child sexual abuse. The author, Yvette L. Allen-Tatum, shares not only her story, but the compelling testimonies of others--everyone from the actual victim, to the offender, to those who standby by in disbelief and allow these heinous crimes against our children to continue. Our voices have to be heard, our children must be free or freed to tell the TRUTH: that someone touched them. Who can they run to? Will it be you?

About The Author
Author, Teacher, Conference Host, Public Speaker, Encourager, Motivator, Ordained & licensed Minister of The Gospel, Radical for Christ, undercover Comedian and the list goes on...
Yvette is a graduate of Grace Christian College where she earned her Masters of Divinity and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology.  She is also a graduate of University of Richmond, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance and a Minor in Leadership Studies. In addition, she has 30 plus years of experience in income tax preparation and bookkeeping.    
As the Founder of Surrounded by Faith Ministries, Yvette has had the opportunity to touch and transform the lives of many women with the Word of God.  This mighty Woman of God has a prophetic teaching anointing which has enabled her to cross many boundaries.  As such, the Call of God on her life has broadened from transforming the lives of women to transforming LIVES with the Word of God.  While she still holds a passion to train and equip women in the life study and application of the Bible, her ultimate goal is to strengthen families.  To do so her platform is geared to men, women and children.

From The Author
 I Didn't Know - Identifying, Confronting & Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse - the title is indicative of the subject matter.  In this book the author brings to the forefront the many faces of child sexual abuse; those of the victims and the abusers.  Yvette Allen-Tatum boldly confronts her past of child sexual abuse to demonstrate that TRUE deliverance is possible.  Yvette believes that we ALL (victims, abusers, enablers, nay-sayers, etc.) can OVERCOME the horrible effects of child sexual abuse.

This book proves that true healing is possible and necessary for us to become more than CONQUERORS through Christ Jesus. 

As a community, we have to:
  • Identify Child Sexual Abuse –
    • We have to talk about it (raise public awareness)
    • Know the signs & symptoms
  • Confront Child Sexual Abuse –
    • Error on the side of caution – THE CHILD
    • Be quick to BELIEVE the victim and make all necessary inquiries
    • Studies show people are more apt to believe the innocence of the accused; this has to END
  • Overcome Child Sexual Abuse –
    • We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the WORD of OUR TESTIMONY
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REVIEW: Who I Be by Annie Brown

Date:              September 23, 2013                    
Title:               Who I Be                  
Author           Annie Brown          
ISBN 13:        978-1-4327-9513-9                     
Pages:            46                  
Publisher:     Outskirts Press
Cover:            Paperback   
Rating:            4    Stars  

            Author Annie Brown’s novel, “Who I Be” is a very poignant book on
finding your self-worth with the help of God.  This book packs a lot of thoughts with simplicity and clarity. 
            This book is characterized as self-help and I completely agree.  It pinpoints things to explore in order to find your purpose in life.  Her use of personal experiences, along with scriptures, is right on point.  She does not hit you over the head with sermons, or with what she thinks you should do to find you. Instead, she gives examples that allow you figure out what you should do.  
             “Who I Be” breaks down the major factors in our lives that can help us become the complete person God wants us to become.  Good job Ms. Brown, on a very good read.

REVIEW: Forgive and Be Free by Ana Holub

Date:                         10/25/13
Title:                         Forgive and Be Free: A Step by Step Guide to Release, Healing, and Higher Consciousness
Author:                     Ana Holub
ISBN 13:                    978-0-7387-3617-4
Pages:                        288
Publisher:                 Llewellyn Publication
Cover:                        NetGalley ARC
Rating:                      4 Stars

Release Date: February 8, 2014 - When something bad happens to us or when someone
hurts us, we are often left asking why? This is often followed by anger and unforgiveness. It is hard for many to realize that this can fester and have a negative impact on our lives. We must realize that in order to heal and move on, we must forgive that person or action that has caused us pain. We must also realize that we must forgive, not for the person or action that we harbor anger for, not for them, but for us.

In Forgive and Be Free, author Ana Holub, discusses this very point. In addition, the author dives into the deeper meaning of forgiveness offering suggestions such as prayer and embracing your fear. As a writer, I especially like that Holub encourages her readers to tell their stories to other. I have worked with and read many works from authors who have suffered hurts from divorce, to sexual abuse, to betrayal. And each time I am amazed at the psychological and physical changes these people make once they share and tell their story. In addition to freeing themselves, they are able to see that they can help others heal.

Chapter 5 shows you how to create a “forgiveness list”, which I think is extremely important especially if you are dealing with multiple hurts. The author recommends hand writing instead of typing on a computer because she feels watching the ink flow on the paper tens to be more therapeutic and taps personally into a writers emotions. I tend to agree.

Finally, this book is just not a “reading” manual. It is a call to action. It includes ten (10) steps to help you assess, accept, learn and release people or actions that have held you back so you can move on with your life. The sample stories and prayer are relatable and helpful.

Great book and great therapy.

REVIEW: An Unexpected Blessing by Unoma Nwankwor

Date:                         10/25/13
Title:                         An Unexpected Blessing
Author:                     Unoma Nwankwor
ISBN 13:                    978-0-9890738-0-6
Pages:                       326
Publisher:                Kevstel Group
Cover:                        Paperback
Rating:                      4 Stars

What do you do when your Nigerian heritage dictates when and who you marry and you
have other desires? You lie to your Nigerian parents and tell them that you are dating someone who is Nigerian; when he’s not. 

Feranmi, who lives in Atlanta, pays her parents a visit in her native Nigeria. Her parents are adamant about her lack nuptials and lack of exposure to a Nigerian candidate for husband. Trying to respect her parents, she lies to them and tells them she is dating a Nigerian, but old flame Alex is all American.

Wanting something in return, Alex plays the part of Feranmi’s potential Nigerian husband when her parents plan a visit to the states to visit their daughter.

Feranmi and Alex’s past make things complicated to say the least and Feranmi knows that if her parents find out that Alex is not Nigerian, it may break their hearts. Feranmi struggles with her parents and cultural wishes and what she truly wants for her own life.

Newcomer Unoma Nwankwor has done a great job with her debut novel with her ability to spin a story, while adding twists and turns and summing it up with food for thought. I look forward to reading more from this author.

BLOG TOUR: The Adventures of Nurse Nicole – N is for Nurse

About the Book

The Adventures of Nurse Nicole is a wonderfully clever and bright series about a nurse with
three children who are curious about nursing. The Adventures of Nurse
Nicole, “N is for Nurse” describes the art and science of nursing from A to Z with positive images of the nursing profession. Nursing is one of the most sought after
and trusted professions in the world. This is a must-have book, because everyone will need a nurse one day. The next book from The Adventures of Nurse Nicole is titled, “Wash Your Hands,” which is coming soon.

About the Author

Nicole Brown, MSN, RN, is a nurse educator, Doctoral candidate and an Army veteran. Nicole lives in Central Virginia with her three children and is dedicated to providing positive images of the nursing profession for children and the world.


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