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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review Wednesday - Junior's Dessert Cookbook: 75 Recipes for . . .

Date:                 6/26/11
Title:                Junior’s Dessert  Cookbook: 75 Recipes for Cheesecake, Pies,                                             Cookies, Cakes, and More
Author:             Alan Rosen, Beth Allen
ISBN 13:            978-1600853920
Pages:              192
Publisher:         Taunton
Cover:              Electronic Galley
Reviewer:        Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant Literary Wonders!  
Rating:             4 Stars

The story of Junior’s dates back to 1895 when Barnett and Sarah Rosen relocated from the Ukraine to a lower east side tenement building in Manhattan. Junior’s founder, Herschel Rosen was born in 1904. The Rosen family was very resourceful and after saving $1500 bought into partnership with a local luncheonette. In the 1920s, Herschel, who went by Harry, opened a Enduro Sandwich Shop in the area of DeKalb and Flatbush in Brooklyn. The family business endured financial crisis such as the crash of 1929, but came back stronger than ever in the early 1930s. Junior’s opened on November 7, 1950, Election Day, and began a New York tradition. Today, in addition to being known for its great foods and great service, Junior’s is known for its amazing desserts and famous cheesecake.

Junior’s Dessert Cookbook is filled with decadent recipes like “be mine” valentine cheesecake, red velvet cheesecake, Junior’s orange freeze, Junior’s mud pie and chocolate ganache. The book also has recipes for diabetics or those looking for sugar free desserts. The cookbook has recipes for cooking basics like piecrusts and whipped topping. In addition, as if this cookbook couldn’t be any more awesome, the end of the cookbook has a trouble shooting section. The troubleshooter answers questions and provides solutions to fallen cakes, sticky dough and curdled custard.   This is great cookbooks has many recipes that I will be trying very soon!

Review Wednesday - Secrets Untold by Shelia M.Goss

Date:                June 23, 2011
Title:                The Lip Gloss Chronicles: Vol 4 Secrets Untold
Author:             Shelia M. Goss
ISBN 10:            1601623127
ISBN 13:            978-1601623126
Pages:               288          
Publisher:         Urban Books
Cover:              Electronic ARC
Reviewer:         Yolanda M. Johnson-BryantLiterary Wonders!  
Rating:                4 Stars

Secrets Untold is the 4th volume of Shelia M. Goss’ young adult series, The Lip Gloss Chronicles. Porsha Swint is your average teenager and attends Plano High School in Plano, Texas. Porsha is your ideal teenager. She gets good grades, she is independent and she knows how to put little boys in their places.
In addition to having the best BFFs a girl could ask for, she also has the greatest parents and it doesn’t hurt that her father is Trey Swint, a well-known former sports figure. Porsha’s world comes tumbling down when she over hears her mother and father deep in a private conversation. For Porsha’s entire life, her parents had kept the devastating secret of her paternity.

She soon finds that her real father is a well-known former athlete and the father of her high school nemesis, Jasmine McNeil. Spoiled and snobbish Jasmine doesn’t take the news too well, but then again neither does Porsha.

Secrets Untold is a great tale of issues that children face as they become of age and find their identities. Bestselling author Shelia M. Goss doesn’t disappoint in this young adult title of sibling rivalry and karma. 

Review Wednesday - Master of Disguises by James Benjamin

Date:                 June 22, 2011
Title:                 Masters of Disguises
Author:             James Benjamin
ISBN 13:            978-1-4520-0580-5
Pages:               89           
Publisher:         Author House
Cover:              Paperback
Reviewer:         Gregory W. Bryant Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                4 Stars

Author James Benjamin’s Master of Disguises is a testimony of having faith.  His trials and tribulations and how he over comes them through his faith in God are thought provoking.  His willingness to share through experience and scripture is the exclamation of this book.  The messages he passes on to believers and novice believers through his ups and downs are something to be impressed with. 

I truly like how his words are for everyone but, specifically our children.  They truly need guidance and getting it through faith is the ultimate gift.   Mr. Benjamin is not just putting thoughts down but backing them up through passages from the Bible. 

I commend Mr. Benjamin for making it through some dark times and passing it on to us.  We all fall down but having faith can pick us up again.  Author James Benjamin has done a good service with Master of Disguises.  Keep pursuing Mr. Benjamin. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The New Midlist: Self-published E-book Authors Who Earn a Living

By Robin Sullivan
The author's husband, Michael J. Sullivan, self-published on Amazon and went on to sign a six-figure contract with Hachette.
There have been many articles about self-published superstars like Amanda HockingJoe Konrath, and John Locke. While these success stories are noteworthy, we should look at them for what they are — outliers in the self-publishing world just as Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer are outliers in the big-six publishing industry. Most authors can never hope to reach sales in the hundreds of thousands for a single month, but there are more than a few who sell anywhere from 800 to 20,000. While selling books at this level would seem extraordinary by traditional publishing standards, the mere fact that so many self published authors have achieved this goal (with more being added each month), indicates that it is not an unusual occurrence.
Not only are these new mid-listers selling a lot of books, but they are also receiving significantly more money from each sale (the industry standard is a 25% royalty of net sales for e-books under contract by a big-six publisher). If a self-published author sells their book for $2.99 – $9.99, then Amazon will pay 70% ($2.09 – $6.99). Compare this to the $1.22 per book income (which needs to be shared with an agent) for a $6.99 e-book sold through a publisher. High volume combined with good revenue is providing self-published e-book authors five and six figure yearly incomes allowing them to quit their “day jobs” and make a living by doing what they love most–writing.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Abstract Questions of Life by greg the poet

I wonder if the purpose of life is fragile like a glass house menagerie.  
If you live in a glass house of dreams, should you throw stones of reality? 
And, would the stones of reality shatter your glass house of dreams?  
Maybe reality will enhance your dreams.  
Would the enhancement of your dreams make life happy?  
Maybe it will magnify your true unhappiness.  
Would chasing your dreams glorify your life?  
Is life measured by the fulfillment of your dreams?  
How should that fulfillment be measured?  
Should it be measured by materialistic things or by being at peace with one self?  
Have we forgotten that life is what we make of it?  
How many times have we mistaken those dreams of being rich as true happiness?  
Love, peace and spirituality are our true measures of happiness.  
So should that not be incorporated in our dreams?  
Or are our dreams truly abstract in a world of no abstract dreams?
--greg the poet

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PFL Publishing: Writing and Editing Services

P.F.L. Publishing (power, faith and love)

The mission of: P.F.L. Publishing Editing, Coaching, and Ghostwriting Services is to provide excellent service to all writers, and to ensure that all are completely satisfied with their written product. P.F.L. specializes in correcting grammatical errors that are often overlooked by writers, including punctuation, spelling, syntax, verb tense, and much more. It also serves to provide guidance to the writer throughout the process of completing and perfecting his or her work.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Written's 30 Books in 90 Days Challenge

On June 26th, Written Magazine will start its annual 30 Books in 90 Days Challenge. The summertime challenge is open to anyone wanting to read the summer away. To kick off the challenge, Writing will be throwing a party in Atlanta on June 26th at 2:30 p.m.  The party will be held at Hammonds House Museum located at 503 Peeple Street in Atlanta. Partiers will be able to enjoy wine and conversation with authors, get books signed and have photos taken with authors, enter into a raffle to win 30 books and swap books with other readers. The pricing for the party is $10 for non-Hammond House members and $5 for Hammond House members, however, the challenge is FREE and open to all! Click here to sign up!
Get your lists together and join the challenge! Here’s a sneak peek of our list:

1.    A Good Man is Hard to Find – ReShonda Tate Billingsley
2.    Satan’s Sisters – Star Jones
3.    The Help – Kathryn Stockett
4.    Deadly Tease – Michelle McGriff
5.    Seen it All, Done The Rest – Pearl Cleage
6.    Wench – Dolen Perkins-Valdez
7.    How to Get out of Your Own Way – Tyrese Gibson
8.    Just Wanna Tesifty – Pearl Cleage
9.    Purple Haze – J.A. Adams
10 I Almost Divorced my Husband, but Went on Strike Instead – Sherri Mills

Friday, June 17, 2011

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Julie Kenner Books & More - Julie Kenner's page for rambling about book releases and other events you don't want to miss. really.

50 Marketing Secrets - For more than 25 years of working with small businesses, Sherré witnessed time and again the frustration of business owners who were continuously seeking the best ways to market their businesses for the greatest return.

Take Action Revise Later By Bob The Teacher - Take Action Revise Later is a book that will transform the way you operate your business. What you have to offer the world can't wait for perfection.

Writing -  This page was created by Kristen Eckstein, the Ultimate Book Coach ( Kristen has been "sucking" books out of people's heads and getting them into print since 2003. Check out the website for loads of free resources and information.

My Writers Connection - offers live writing workshops and retreats as well as writing, coaching and editing services.

Fans of SCBWI - The official fanpage of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.Read more about who we are and what we do via the Info, Blog and Twitter tabs!For yet more information, or to join today, please visit

Writer's Digest - Writer's Digest is the No. 1 resource for writing better and getting published. It is a division of F+W Media.

Writing.Com - Writing.Com is the online community for writers of all interests and skill levels. Anyone can signup for a free @Writing.Com email account and online writing portfolio. Login today and write on!http://www.Writing.Com/

HOW Books - We provide advice, inspiration and entertainment for creative people. While we publish a variety of books, the common thread is our dedication to top-notch design. Our books are intriguing, useful, beautiful, provocative—or all of the above.

Print Magazine - Print is a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design, founded in 1940, that showcases inspiring design on and off the page.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

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EFAFreelancers EFA International
The Editorial Freelancers Association is the professional resource for editorial specialists and those who hire them.

PunkinPress Punkin House
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adriennaturner adriennaturner
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

REVIEW Wednesday - Next of Kin by Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen

Date:                     5/11/11
Title:                     Next of Kin
Author:                 Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen
ISBN 10:                1456345192
ISBN 13:                978-1456345198
Pages:                   76
Publisher:              Unknown
Cover:                   Electronic Galley/e-book
Reviewer:              Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                  3 Stars

           Next of Kin by Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen, is non-fiction work about the death of her father. Living in Paris, Mrs. Jespersen received that unwanted but inevitable phone call while being miles away and worlds apart from her father who had been suffering with cancer.
          While back in the states for her father’s funeral, she reconnects with family and finds out that her father’s caretaker had not been treating her father as well as she had liked.
          I would have really loved if this book had been a full novel, perhaps the author would have been able to expound upon issues within her family and her father’s illness. I felt that the story didn’t flow well from point to point.
          Mrs. Lalisse-Jespersen is also the author of the novel, Stockdale. I may take a chance and add this to my TBR list. 

REVIEW Wednesday - The Choir Director by Carl Weber

Date:                     6/9/11
Title:                     The Choir Director
Author:                 Carl Weber
ISBN 10:                0-7582-3184-9
ISBN 13:                978-0-7582-3184-0
Pages:                   330
Publisher:              Dafina/Kennsignton
Cover:                   Hardcover
Reviewer:              Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant – Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                   5 Stars

           The Choir Director, by bestselling author Carl Weber, is a part of the “Church Series”. First Jamaica Ministries’ choir director has just been outted by his wife, right in the middle of service. Determined to keep his church above water, Bishop T.K. Wilson ventures down south and brings back one of the baddest choir directors in the land. It doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome . . . very handsome. It is believed where there are fine women, men will follow and Aaron Mackie is just what the church needs to get women’s attention.
          Needless to say, just like the old choir director, the new one has skeletons in his closet and has everything to lose if anyone found out, that includes the love of his life. But Aaron isn’t the only one with skeletons in his closet. First Jamaica Ministries has so many skeletons, you’d think it was built on a burial ground. Things get really messy when one of the deacon’s guilty conscious gets the best of him and he commits the one unforgiveable sin.
          I have several books by Carl Weber in my library and shamefully I have to admit that I had not read one. After reading The Choir Director, it’s guaranteed I’ll be reading those other books. I’m not prone to giving out five star ratings but I felt this book was highly deserving of it. I hate to be cliché-ish and say that this book was a page-turner but, this book was a page turner! There was rarely a dull moment in this book. The ending makes this title a standalone story, however, I can see one little skeleton that was not revealed, coming out of the closet and I believe there could be another book in the works.  Awesome story Carl!

You’ve just experienced another Literary Wonders! 5 Star Review – Vid-review to follow!

It's Review Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Author Paulette Harper

Paulette is a speaker, workshop facilitator, life coach and ordained minister. She is a native Californian, and was the youngest of eight children.  She is the author of such books as That Was Then, This Is Now which was nominated as a finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie book awards. She is the co-author of two anthologies, Victorious Living for Women and Victorious Living for Moms. 

Besides writing nonfiction, she enjoys sports, playing cards and spoiling her only granddaughter. Paulette is the mother of two daughters. Paulette serves alongside her husband at Word of Faith Worship Center in Bradenton, Florida. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Loving Rainy Days by Angel Bearfield

Author Bio: A long time writer of poems and short stories, Angel is a self published author. She holds two degrees and is currently in pursuance of her masters. Angel is a native of New Jersey and loves wielding her characters around the different individuals she meets. She enjoys writing fiction, romance, and erotica and is always in search of that unique innovative plot.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fan Page Friday (The African American Literature Book Club) - (The African American Literature Book Club), is the largest and most frequently visited web site dedicated to books by and about people of African Descent. Founded in 1997, by Troy Johnson, is a widely recognized source of author profiles, book recommendations, active discussion boards, writer resources, informative articles, videos, and book reviews.
Black Writers Reunion & Conference - BWRC promotes artistic expression & growth through skill development in the art, craft & business of creative writing in fiction, nonfiction, drama & poetry as well as professional writing. The NEXT BWRC: 2012.
Lutishia Lovely - Living my dream as author of the bestselling "Hallelujah Love" series. Thankful every day...!
Readers With Attitude Bookclub (RWA) - Readers With Attitude (RWA) Bookclub is an award winning bookclub that is passionate about reading and supporting our authors and our book stores. We buy all of our books through an Essence Magazine and NY Times Reporting Bookstore Precious Memories -
Pk Graphics: Printing & Design - 24 Hour Printing Services P.K. Graphics, one of the largest postcard and flyer printers in the United States, is determined to continually provide top quality design and printing services at unbeatable prices with unprecedented speed. http://PKGRAPHICS.COM
RAWSISTAZ - The Reading and Writing SISTAZ (RAWSISTAZ) Literary Group was founded by Tee C. Royal in September 2000 and focuses on reading, writing, and discussing books primarily by African American Authors.
Readers Against WhiteWashing - Readers Against White Washing was founded as a direct result of the recent whitewashing controversy involving Bloomsbury's Under The Magic Glass. This publisher is not alone. Whitewashing is a prevalent practice in the industry and we have decided to take a stand against it.
She Writes - SHE WRITES is a social network where women writers working in every genre—in every part of the world and of all ages and backgrounds—come together in a space of mutual support. Join us!
The Fine Line Editorial Consultancy - The Fine Line is for new, burgeoning, and established writers. Our aim is to inspire and assist with advice to get you started, lessons, insights into working writers' methods, an editorial service, and The Fine Line Short Story Competition.
Women's fiction - Book Reviews - Behind Women's Fiction - Book Review page

Melissa-A lover of Chick-lit, Women's Fiction and the art of story telling. I'm a wannabe Author I've written one novel so far Megan's Thirty for more details check out my blog listed under websites below.

The Goddess of Blah team started with 2 amazing (so we like to think) women but has expanded to a 4 team effort. 

Most of us met at a book club, discovered our mutual enjoyment in analysing and dissecting books and it sort of expanded on from there. 

The Team:

Liz – A proud feminist, she lists Virginia Woolf as her favourite female author. However, her favourite novel is “Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life”

Jo – favourite female authors are: Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, George Eliot, Bronte (all 3 sisters), Alice Walker, Rosy Thornton, Sarah Duncan, Georgette Heyer, Katie Fford, Erica James and many more!

Rukshana – Currently dating an exquisite tall, dark and handsome Maori (he actually resembles a “hero” from those cheesy romances – lucky girl!!!). She loves books by Sandra Brown (both romance and crime fiction). 

Cleo – mostly reads “high brow” literature, but has ventured into the chick lit genre. 

We review books (currently chick lit). We are not hoping to become authors. We appreciate books - no other agenda. Feel free to promote/ share your work, reviews or blog on our page (or what you're currently reading).

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journos_diary Chris Thomas
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xlibrispub Xlibris Publishing
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