Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 9: Meet Dana Pittman Womanpreneur!

When I talk about Dana Pittman, I am reminded of the Alicia Keys song, “Superwoman”.  Mrs. Pittman is a wife, mother, business owner, author, speaker, promoter, runner and the list goes on and on.  With a law background, this entrepreneur has a keen business sense and is a natural born leader.

Her company Nia promotions is a marketing company that assists authors, publishing companies, small businesses and independent entrepreneurs with marketing strategies, implementation and maintenance.  Nia Virtual Book Tours promotes reading of African American Literature.

Dana writes under the pseudonym Ja’Nese Dixon and is the author of Black Diamond, Before Black Diamond, Carmel Surprise and is a contributor of Coffee Confessions. The author is pegged to release two new titles this year.
For a limited time, the author is selling her book, Black Diamond, on Kindle and Nook for only .99. Please see a description on the book below as well as Literary Wonders! review of the book.
To learn more about this phenomenal woman, please visit her on Facebook at Nia Virtual Book Tours, Nia Promotions, and her personal fan page.

Black Diamond
Camille Blackwell, an undercover FBI agent, poses as a jewelry purchaser in an international diamond trading company in hopes of identifying the domestic players in a vicious rebel group suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds. The Bureau requests CIA renegade Marc Fulton’s assistance with sweeping international intelligence to identify the major rebel organizations with the finances and stateside connections strong enough to evade criminal prosecution, despite Camille’s objections.

Their attraction is instant and tense; both resolve to focus on the case. But when Camille receives an encrypted memory stick from a murdered co-worker Marc may be the only person she can trust.

Black Diamond is the eagerly anticipated debut novel by Ja’Nese Dixon. True love, like black diamonds, is rare and precious but when murder and a persistent criminal threaten a frail relationship, will love triumph?

Literary Wonders! Review

Title:                 Black Diamond  
Author:              Ja’Nese Dixon    
ISBN 10:           
ISBN 13:            978-09740762-1-8
Pages:               251
Publisher:          Nia Publishing   
Cover:               Softcover/e-book       
Reviewer:          Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant
Rating:              4 Stars

Black Diamond is the debut novel from author Ja’Nese Dixon. Mrs. Dixon did a great job with her first novel. Black Diamond combines ultimate sins and twists them into a hot steamy, love story.

Camille Carmichael, aka Camille Blackwell is an agent for the FBI working undercover at International Jewelry Distribution Company. Her assignment is to find out if the company is using the business as a front to move illegal black diamonds.

Over a span of two years, Camille works her way through the company, clearing several promotions and building lasting friendships with her colleagues. She thinks she is on track to secure the necessary proof the agency needs to shut down the company’s operation, but when dead bodies start turning up she soon discovers that things are not as they seem.

Marc Fulton is asked by an old friend from the agency to assist Camille in her investigation of IJDC and sparks begin to fly. Being the devoted agents they are, the two vow not to get personal and just do their jobs. These two find it hard to deny the passion that steams between them and with their doubts about each other, they soon find out who can be trusted and who cannot.

Talib Kamwi is in the United States on business. He wants his money and he will do whatever it takes to get it back. He tries to blend in at IJDC to find out who knows what in hopes they will lead him to what he came for. Unfortunately, his stay in the states would be longer than he had expected.

In Black Diamond, author Ja’Nese Dixon intertwines a web of love, deception, and money, expertly developing realistic characters that her readers can visualize with ease. Black Diamond starts with action that will draw you into the story from the prologue until the last sentence of this shiesty story of cat and mouse.

I cannot wait to read more from this author and I especially anticipate her follow up novel to Black Diamond.


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