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REVIEW: Earn More Tips on Your Very Next Shift by Steve DiGioia

Date:                         5/17/13
Title:                         Earn More Tips on Your Very Next Shift . . . Even if You’re a Bad   Waiter!

Author:                     Steve DiGioia
ISBN 13:                    978-0989070201
Pages:                        82
Publisher:                 Steve DiGioia
Cover:                        Paperback
Rating:                       4 Stars

I found this book humorous and enlightening. I’m not a waiter, however, I eat out all the
time and often complain of bad service received from unqualified, untrained and uncaring waiters and waitresses.

Although I believe many of the tips in this book will work on the average customer, many would not work on me. However, I think many waiters and waitresses should read this book, because I do believe that some, the really, really bad ones might stand a chance and receive an actual tip or a larger one. 

I like the various scenarios the author gives in each chapter and the things a waiter or waitress should never do, like never refer to a customer’s gender or age, and my favorite that says if you cannot relate to a customer in a professional manner, then this business may not be for you. Kudos to Steve. Thank you for giving waiters and waitress valuable tools to make my restaurant experience a better one that will ultimately put more money in their pockets.

Literary Wonders received a free copy of this book from Steve DiGioia for our honest review. The opinions expressed here are our reviewers own. 

REVIEW: Madeline's Protector by Vanessa Riley

Date:                         5/11/13
Title:                         Madeline’s Protector
Author:                     Vanessa Riley
ISBN 13:                   978-1611162264
Pages:                       344
Publisher:                White Rose Publishing
Cover:                        Spiral Bound ARC
Rating:                      3 Stars

Madeline’s Protector by Vanessa Riley is my first experience with the Regent Genre. In fact,
I had never heard of it until this title. Madeline’s Protector is very detailed in its writing and it is apparent that the author did much research during her journey in writing this book.

However, the story did not capture me. It did pique my curiosity, but it is not something that I would purchase in the future. I want to make certain that my opinion is not based on the genre or even the author’s story; it just was something I couldn’t fully get into. It took me a while to get into as it was not that interesting to me. Again, there may be others that like this genre—just as western romance are not my cup of tea—neither is the regents genre.

I am sure that someone will love and appreciate this title more than I did. I do like how the author introduced it to me, researched and taught me a little in reading this book. I hate to be the bad reviewer in the bunch, but I am certain there are others will find this book spot on.

Literary Wonders received a free copy of this book from White Rose Publishing, for our honest review. The opinions expressed here are our reviewers own. 

REVIEW: Healing in the Vessel by Jacqueline Goodwin

Date:                         5/13/13
Title:                         Healing in the Vessel: A Mother’s Love, A Daughter’s Journey of Faith
Author:                     Jacqueline Goodwin
ISBN 13:                    978-0970500847
Pages:                       133
Publisher:                J&J Publishing
Cover:                       Paperback
Rating:                     4 Stars

In Healing the Vessel author Jacqueline is refreshingly transparent as she shares her trials
and tribulations with her readers. WE all go through bad times in our lives—some more than others.

Jacqueline shows her readers how she faced each challenge with the help of God and the undying love of her mother. With the trials of an disloyal husband, attempted suicide, the loss of a job and the eventual loss of her mother, the devil tried to tell her that she would fail. Using her faith in God and consgtant prayer, Jackie overcame and continues to overcome trials that may come her way.

This book is inspirational for those who may be down trodden. Each chapter is complete with questions for meditation.  The author also uses scripture as reference for readers. This book is an easy and fast read and sure to inspire many.

Literary Wonders received a free copy of this book from J&J Publishing, for our honest review. The opinions expressed here are our reviewers own. 

REVIEW: The Lord is My Shepherd by Robert J Morgan

Date:                         5/10/13
Title:                         The Lord is My Shepherd: Resting in the Peace and Power Psalm 23
Author:                     Robert J. Morgan
ISBN 13:                    978-1451664729
Pages:                        200
Publisher:                 Howard Books
Cover:                         Hardcover
Rating:                       4 Stars

I loved being inspired and I love reading books that inspire me. The Lord is My Shepherd
by Robert J. Morgan is no exception. Never have I read a book of this kind that breaks down Psalms 23 in the way Mr. Morgan does.

There was no need for this author to mention that he is a pastor, because it shows in this writing. The way words and clarity he uses to show readers how Psalms 23 does everything it says.

Quoting Dr. Robert C. McQuilkin, infusing them with heartwarming stories and following them up with scripture gives comfort to many.  Kudos to Robert J. Morgan.

Literary Wonders received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for our honest review. The opinions expressed here are our reviewers own. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

REVIEW: Booker T: From Prison to Promise by Booker T

Date:                         5/9/13
Title:                         Booker T: From Prison to Promise
Author:                     Booker T. Huffman
ISBN 13:                    978-1605424682
Pages:                        211
Publisher:                 Medallion Press
Cover:                        Paperback
Rating:                      4 Stars

The autobiography of Booker T Huffman, written with Andrew William Wright, is a very poignant book on the early life of Booker T Huffman world champion wrestler. The book is
a very good read for anyone who is having a rough time in life.  The book depicts the early years of Booker T from the rough years of childhood, prison time and the rise to being an asset to society. 

I truly recommend this book for any young person who has not found their goal in life.  In his younger years, Booker T endured loss of parents, abandonment, bad decisions and prison time.  But through it all, he still had the strength to overcome and not succumb to a life of crime. 

I am waiting for the continuation of this book because the ending dictates there will be one.  You will have to read the book to understand what I mean. This book has the potential to motivate a young mind, so I can recommend the book to any teen organization.  Bravo to Booker T Huffman and Andrew William Wright.            

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Madeline’s Protector Virtual Book Tour

About the Author
The Regency and Victorian eras have always been a magnetizing draw for Vanessa Riley. Even
as she worked to complete her doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, she made time for renaissance fairs and any novel or cinematographic work depicting these genteel societies of old. Perhaps, the attraction arises from the kinship she feels with the period being brought up in the restrictive Southern Bible Belt with its stringent definitions of decent behavior and life expectations. Perhaps the common dominator to this appeal is her own thirty day Christian courtship or even the arranged marriages of her uncles; each is emblematic of the nuptials of those earlier times.

A technology muse like Dr. Vanessa Riley is probably not the immediate choice to write about haute ton English society set in the 1800's. With her most recent published work being "Reducing Deformation by Phase Manipulation," the common visceral reaction is that Providence has given another mule a voice to tell His story. Nevertheless, this mule uses her determined spirit and dogmatic tenacity to master the subject and to discover the hidden nuances of a character making him believable, her human and both ready to be used of God.

Vanessa holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and a masters in industrial engineering and engineering management from Stanford University. She also earned BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Penn State University. She has been a radio anchorwoman and church announcer. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association and Romance Writers of America.

Today, Vanessa juggles mothering an eight year old, her seventeenth wedding anniversary, engineering, writing and speaking at women's events. She is known for her humorous delivery of poignant truths. Vanessa is currently, editor in chief of an online social network,

About the Book
If all the young men of England leapt off a cliff, Madeline St. James wouldn't care. Then she'd have peace. Her nightmares of courtship would end, and she'd cozy up with a Psalm in her aunt's quiet sculpture garden.

Yet, a chance meeting and a bullet wound change everything, and Madeline must trust the Good Shepherd has led her to the altar to marry a dashing stranger, Lord Devonshire.

Death and pain are no strangers to Justain Delveaux, Lord Devonshire, and he vows his dutiful bride will be kept safe and in her place. Though this compromised marriage is in-name-only, his wife and her unwavering faith both intrigue and allure him. Perchance when he thwarts his brother's killer, Justain will tempt the unpredictable Madeline with the comfort of his arms.

But can Madeline and the stubborn earl forge a true bond before the next disaster strikes?

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REVIEW: The Art of Falling in Love by Joe Beam

Date:               4/30/13
Title:                The Art of Falling in Love: 4 Steps to Falling in Love, Staying in Love and Renewing Lost Love
Author:            Joe Beam
ISBN 13:           978-1451672657
Pages:              226
Publisher:        Howard Books
Cover:              Paperback
Rating:             5 Stars

The year is 2013 and spiritual warfare is all around us, including in our marriages. As a woman
who is on her second and final marriage, I welcome any tool that will help uplift my marriage. In The Art of Falling in Love, Joe Beam touches on many of the issues that married couples face in a world of “easy come, easy go” and “freeness”.

Many fall in lust and not in love and therefore find it difficult to commit to a marriage when the going gets tough. Marriage is a contract, a commitment and an oath and it takes work to keep one that will last a lifetime.

Mr. Beam touches on issues like the true meaning of love, commitment and intimacy. He illustrates the Love Path as follows: Attraction > Acceptance > Attachment > and Aspiration, and on to respect, fulfillment, spirituality and passion. Although I don’t totally agree that the Love Path goes in that exact order, I get what the author was trying to display.

Joe Beam goes on to talk about compromise, something that couples tend to forget. Once you enter a marriage, you become one. There is no longer and “I”, it has become a “we” and is not longer about one person.

The icing on the cake in The Art of Falling in Love is the discussion portion at the back of the book that addresses some very though provoking questions. If you are one of those people who like books on self-improvement, this is a must for your library.

REVIEW: Inspired to Move Forward by Aleysha Proctor

Date:               4/30/13
Title:                Inspired to Move Forward
Author:            Aleysha R. Proctor
ISBN 13:           978-1479775408
Pages:              82
Publisher:        Xilbiris
Cover:              Paperback
Rating:             3 Stars

I’ve review past books by Aleysha Proctor and would have thought Inspired to Move Forward
would have had more meat and substance. The book, an easy read at 82 pages, including notes and promotions, has tons of scripture references.

The short chapters seem as if they were sermons or speeches compiled together. With all this aside, the information is good and a great resource for those looking for, perhaps, a bible study reference.

My wish for Ms. Proctor in the future is to write a meatier book with a little more substance. Scripture reference is always good, but I’d like to see her elaborate on the stories accompanied by the scripture. I want to be inspired to read more of her work as opposed to just by passing the book and picking up my bible. I’ll await her next title. 

REVIEW: Ada's Rules by Alice Randall

Date:               1/16/13
Title:                Ada’s Rules: A Sexy Skinny Novel  
Author:            Alice Randall
ISBN 13:           978-1608198276
Pages:              352
Publisher:        Bloomsbury
Cover:              Paperback
Rating:             5 Stars

I knew when I saw the cover of this book that it was going to be a funny read. Little did I know that
it would also possess inspiration and life lessons.

I graduated high school in the 80s and have yet to go to a reunion for various reasons. First Lady Ada Howard is up to the challenge when her high school reunion comes around, but there is only one problem; she has managed to gain more weight than she’d care to admit.

In Ada’s Rules, the author takes women on her life-changing weight loss journey, while offering tips along the way. Although this book is listed as a novel, I think it is truly a guide for its readers.

The characters are true to life and very funny. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It goes to prove that life doesn’t get grand until mid-life. I’d love to read more from Alice Randall.