Wednesday, May 19, 2010

REVIEW: The Son - Ricks, M. Ann

Date:            May 15, 2010        
Title:             The Son        
Author:         M. Ann Ricks         
ISBN 10:       0-9818753-1-9
ISBN 13:       978-0-9818753-1-6             
Pages:          237        
Publisher:     Leading Lady Publications            
Cover:           Tamika Johnson-Hill             
Reviewer:     Adellia Whitson-Stafford – Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Rating:           3

Daniel Manders has always been his mother’s favorite child.  He never gave his parents any problems and was always dependable. After graduating from high school, Daniel heads to Wisconsin to attend college and soon lands a job. An unfortunate situation sends him back home with a secret and a new faith in God.

Melina is a hardworking woman who hates her job. She has been praying for God to send her a good man and soon she and Daniel cross paths. Although they don’t experience love at first sight, they cannot deny that the chemistry is strong between them.

Melina is introduced to Daniel’s world and wonders if she can overcome the obstacles in his family and be together. His mother feels that no one is good enough for her special son. Can they convince her otherwise? Will Daniel begin to deal with his own issues and stop being a rock for his three brothers? They soon realize that only God can help them through this.

On a scale of 1-5, I give this book a 3. It started a little slow so it took a while to get into it. There seemed to be many bible lessons in this book and the story was lost in it at times. However, it did make me want to study my bible more and put more faith in God to solve my problems. Maybe that is the point that the author was trying to make. If so, she succeeded.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The 2010 Summer Author Showcase


It's that time again! The CALL is out for authors for the 2010 Summer Author Showcase. Please read the guidelines below. Please note that the deadline for entries is May 27th!

Here's looking at you!

~~Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant
Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
The Author's Hideaway!

Literary Wonders! and The Author’s Hideaway
June 2010
Author Showcase Guidelines

1. Most Recent Author Photo
2. Most Recent Book Cover
3. Most Recent Brief Bio
4. What genre do you consider yourself?
5. Give us a synopsis of your most recent book in 3 paragraphs or less
6. Titles of all of your books
7. What made you decide to become an author?
8. What do you enjoy most about being an author?
9. Do you read? Do you think it is essential for a writer to read?
10. Traditional publishing or self-publishing? Why?
11. How are you giving back to the literary community?
12. What is one tip you would give new authors?
13. What is the biggest lesson you have learned since becoming an author?
14. What is the one thing that irks you about the literary industry?
15. Give your ideal writing atmosphere.
16. Who, What, When and Where is your next event? (Include city and state)
17. Suggest a preferred literary service. (i.e. publishing, printing, editing, marketing, accessories, etc)
18. Suggest an independent bookstore.
19. What is your view on the new direction of publishing? (i.e. e-books, audio books, electronic publishing, etc.)
20. Give an inspirational quote. It can be yours, but it it is not, please cite the original author or I you don’t know who it is, please cite ‘unknown’.
21. Where can readers find your work?
22. Contact info

If you are interested, please forward the required information to with Author Showcase in the subject line.

Please only submit photos in jpg format. Also please format answers in Word format.

All entries must be complete or they will be automatically disqualified. The deadline for entries is May 27, 2010. No exceptions.

**If you have been in the LW! Author’s Showcase in the past 12 months, you do not qualify.
*Literary Wonders! reserves its right to refuse authors that do not fall within its guidelines.