Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet Romance Author Ida Plassay

My name is Ida Plassay; I reside in Ottawa with my husband of forty-nine years, four children, six grandchildren and three great granddaughters and soon, a new addition to the family, a much waited for great grandson. I always enjoyed reading and writing and my dream was to one day write a book. My dream came true when PublishAmerica agreed to publish my novel Love of a Lifetime in 2004. But I wasn't finished with my lifelong passion for writing romance novels and pursued my passion with my second novel, Abandoned Love in 2006, and Evangeline’s Fantasy Man in 2009.

I’ve always wanted to write! Ever since I can remember! I loved to read, especially romance novels. A good love story carried me away from the everyday dos, don’ts and musts, and so I read as much as I had the time to read. But my priority was and is my family, and so, the writing was put on the backburner until much later, when I retired early because of disabilities.

I’m contemporary romance writer but I like many authors, and I can’t begin to tell you all their names! Though; I must reveal a few favorite authors; Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, Nan Ryan, Tami Hoag, Joanne Lindsey and Linda Howard, just to name a few.

I hope I’m giving them hours of reading pleasures, along with revealing many customs and traditions of my Italian culture. Though my books are fictional, romantic, beautiful love stories novels with some explicit love scenes; I do try to give good advice on morals.

Okay, for new authors, I think this one is important. Unless you’re published by a main stream well known publisher that does the promoting and leg work for you; don’t give up on your dream if things don’t go the way you expected! It takes time, much perseverance and hard work to get to be known. So promote, promote, promote!!!

I haven’t planned anything in the literary world, but with Christmas around the corner; I’m busy baking and getting ready for the festivities and the big family meals and get togethers.

Since becoming and author I’ve learned that being a contemporary romance published author, loving it as much as I do; is hard work. It is wonderful most of the time, but isn’t easy all the time. You have to develop tough skin and let comments roll off your back, from people with a “How can you write something like that” attitude. I really love what I do so I don’t let it bother me!

My books, Love of a Lifetime, Abandoned Love, and Evangeline’s Fantasy Man; may be found worldwide. In my home town; Ottawa Ontario, my books can be found right on the shelf at 2735 Iris at Chapters Bookstore, or on any online bookstore. Below you’ll find a few: www.chapters.indigo.ca, www.boarders.com, www.amazon.com, www.amazon.ca, www.barnesandnoble.com.

I have two websites. My favorite is Freewebs for I have a guestbook there where anyone can leave their comments. www.freewebs.com/idaplassay or www.publishedauthors.net/idaplassay. You also find me on Facebook, on Goodreads, on Bebo and many other places.

Ida's preferred literary service is PublishAmerica. I must give applause to my publisher PublishAmerica Book Cover Designers; they’re really great! And I also want to thank the managers and staff at Chapters’ Bookstore at the Pinecrest Shopping Centre location, 2735 Iris where I had my book signing recently. They’re very polite, very accommodating, and they made me feel welcomed.

Ida, we thank you for taking time from your family to share with us. We look forward to reading your work in 2010. ~~Literary Wonders!

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