Monday, July 19, 2010

Red Hats by Damon Wayans

Date:            7/5/10          
Title:            Red Hats       
Author:         Damon Wayans
ISBN 10:       
ISBN 13:       978-1-4391-6461-7      
Pages:          214 
Publisher:     Atria Books           
Cover:          Hardcover             
Reviewer:     Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant – Literary Wonders!
Rating:             5

Red Hats is the witty new novel by comedian Damon Wayans. Red Hats teaches us lessons in life, love, and forgiveness.

Alma and Harold have been married for a lifetime and through the years, they have formed a wall of anger and resentment towards one another. The couple has become complacent and unable to communicate the love they share for one another.
Similar to the couple on the long run, discontinued 80’s television show, In Living Colour. They do everything they can to try to kill each other, but when in the public eye their favorite catch phrase is, “We’re still together!”

Everyone has hopes in receiving another chance to get “it” right, but Alma’s chances run out when Harold has had enough and decides to check out; permanently. Alma is angry that Harold has left her alone

as she ventures on an unplanned journey that teaches her how to forgive—mostly herself.

It is not by chance that Alma ends up in the path of The Red Hatters after a failed attempt to kill herself. Against her conscious will, befriends one of the Red Hatters and starts living life—which leads her to a new love.

James teaches Alma that she is worthy of love and that he is the one to give it her. With James in her life, Alma has a new lease on life, including a renewed relationship with her estranged children.

Damon Wayans did a great job in this easy to read novel. I will make it a point to read other books that have been written by this comedian turned author. Red Hats will cause you to experience a broad variety of emotions.

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