Saturday, February 12, 2011

REVIEW: Clutch Your Pearls, Girl! by Stephanie

Date:                         February 13, 2011                       
Title:                          Clutch Your Pearls, Girl!            
Author:                     Stephanie L. McKenny               
ISBN 10:                  
ISBN 13:                   978-0870500830 
Pages:                       144                
Publisher:                J&J Publishing Company
Cover:                       Electronic   
Reviewer:                Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                      5 Stars

I recommend Clutch Your Pearls, Girl! by Stephanie L. McKenny to any woman who has been broken and is looking to heal and discover or rediscover her self-worth.

I also recommend this book to any man or woman who has a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter or any other female in their lives that range from ages 9-years-old to 25-years-old. Although this book is for any woman of any age, statistic shows that our young girls are falling prey to the forces of domestic violence and abuse.

Each chapter of Clutch Your Pearls, Girl! is reinforced by Pearls of Wisdom and affirmed with scripture.

Ms. McKenny uses pearls and their richness and value as an analogy of how women should view themselves, as this is how they are viewed by God.

I enjoyed this book and will be purchasing a copy for each of the young women in my life. I would venture to challenge men, especially young men, to read this book too. Many you men, don’t have positive examples of how to treat women, this book can explain to them how women are to be treated.

Clutch Your Pearls, Girl! re-sparked my desire to mentor young women. I can’t wait to read Ms. McKenny’s next inspirational title.

The Author's Hideaway will be hosting the Clutch Your Pearls, Girl! Blog Tour on Tuesday, February 15, 2011. 

A Vid-view is soon to follow. 

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