Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 13: You Fill My Eyes a Poem by Rick Bonner

You fill my eyes with the splendour of your beauty,

Let me hold and protect you from the storms.
Come dance upon Mars beneath shooting stars
And let the purity of my love keep you warm.

You lift my heart with warm anticipation,
Take my hand let me whisk you away.
See the colours so bright that light up our nights,
As we kiss by New-Hope bay.

I could not have believed that I would find someone,
That could make me feel like you.
Your eyes met mine, in a frozen time,
And my fairy tale came true.

You fill my eyes with unreserved surrender,
I would scour mountains for the briefest kiss.
In a world where we strive, we could learn to thrive,
Lord I have never yielded like this.

You thrill my dreams of new tomorrows,
Discard your cares and become part of my life.
Do not deliberate too long, take a risk and be strong
And forever fill my eyes.

I have spent staring through a window,
Like a stage-hand locked in a play.
But you smiled across the room, lit up by the moon,
And my cold nights turned into day.

You fill my eyes with complicit adoration,
I would do anything to see you smile.
My heart skips a beat, you make me complete
Now I have crossed these dark rivers of denial.

©Rick Bonner. All Rights Reserved

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