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About the Author

Pat Simmons is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth. She is passionate about digging up the dirt on her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She has been a genealogy enthusiast since her great-grandmother died at the young age of ninety-seven years old. Pat has won numerous awards for her novels which include: Talk to Me, Grace and Humility and Still Guilty, which was voted the Best Inspirational Romance for 2010. Pat is best known for her Guilty series: Guilty of Love, Not Guilty of Love, and Still Guilty. She is continuing the series through the Jamieson Family Legacy trilogy: Guilty by Association, The Guilt Trip, Free From Guilt. Pat has recently been nominated for the best Christian fiction award by the African American Literary Awards for her latest release, Crowning Glory.  Pat and her husband live in Missouri and have two children. Visit Patricia at http://www.patsimmons.net.

About the Book

The Jamieson Family Legacy series follow the lives of two Jamieson brothers in Boston, Kidd and Ace, and their cousin, Cameron, from St. Louis. The older brother, Kidd, is struggling with anger and resentment issues toward his absentee father who never married his mother. Yet, he had the audacity to demand his illegitimate sons carry his Jamieson name. Ace, on the other hand, is on his collision course to be a chip off the old block when it comes to women. Their highly MIT educated cousin, Cameron Jamieson, is all about saving family from self-destruction. Through genealogy research, Cameron's mission is to show his cousins their worth as the eleventh generation descendants of a royal African tribe and to give them a choice: live with the stereotypical "angry black men" syndrome or to crush any obstacles that try and stop them to become strong successful black men.

There are three books in the Jamieson Legacy series: Guilty by Association (Kidd's story), The Guilt Trip (Ace's story), and Free from Guilt (Cameron's story). Each of the three Jamieson men have to accept that their past and present are in God's hand, and without Him they can't advance to their future blessings. The bonus storyline in Guilty by Association is one that progresses the story of the much-loved character in the previous three book Guilty Series, Grandma BB. This time, she picks up a sidekick Mrs. Valentine.

Guilty by Association is the story of Boston bad boy Kevin "Kidd" Jamieson.  His gripe is with his father who dared to insist that his two illegitimate sons carry his last name.  To add insult to injury, the man never bothered to stick around to provide love and guidance as his boys matured into men.  Kidd's anger overflows into every area of his life. As his animosity festers, Kidd becomes as a roaring lion, seeking whatever and whomever he can devour.  He's as gritty as his cousin in St. Louis, Parke Jamieson VI, is polished. The two strong-willed men clash when Kidd relocates to St. Louis where his cousin assures him it's a land of milk and money in job opportunities. Where is lands a job is far from it. 

Through a series of events that involve Grandma BB, her dog named Silent Killer and her Stacy Adams shoes, Kidd meets two women who recognize his hostile tendencies and immediately begin to administer CPR to his soul. LPN Eva Savoy eventually becomes his "Eve," a woman God created from the underlying goodness hidden in Kidd's own heart.

Reluctantly, Kidd allows Parke to divulge information about their royal family heritage. While everyone's care and compassion begins to smother Kidd, he struggles to keep up the bad boy attitude as his walls start to crumble. Kidd learns it's not his association with the name that identifies him, but the man he becomes that defines him.

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Book Review

Date:                     1/29/12
Title:                     Guilty by Association
Author:                  Pat Simmons
ISBN 10:                 0802403689
ISBN 13:                 978-0802403681
Pages:                   353
Publisher:              Lift Every Voice Books
Cover:                  Paperback
Reviewer:             Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                  4 Stars

           Guilty by Association, by Pat Simmons is the first installment of the Jamieson Legacy. Kevin Jamieson, affectionately nicknamed “Kidd”, has been struggling with abandonment issues. And, like many black men, he’s angry at the world and his father. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t have his father’s last name. The Jamieson meant everything he never wanted to be.
          Kidd is soon sought after by Jamieson descents, and Kidd is none too happy about it. After much thought, Kidd finally gives in to the Jamieson plea for him to learn more about his family history, Kidd heads to St. Louis, Missouri for a better life, love and revelations of his African heritage.
          The book was slow at times, and I found myself having to put it down on occasion, as I could not read it in one sitting. Nonetheless, it was a good book. I enjoyed the way Simmons weaved genealogy and ancestry into the storyline. I am interested in the other installments of the Jamieson Legacy and am equally interested in following Kevin and Eva through their journey.

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