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REVIEW: I've Been Called the B* Word . . Now What Do I Do? by Dr. R. Kay Green

Date:                          11/29/12
Title:                           I’ve Been Called the B* Word . . . Now What Do I Do?
Author:                       Dr. R. Kay Green
ISBN 13:                      978-0-9858901-0-0
Pages:                         216
Publisher:                   RKG Marketing Solutions
Cover:                         Electronic Review Galley
Rating:                        4 Stars

 At some point in time, whether you’re in up management, a field worker or a business owner, if you’re a woman you’ve been called the B word—if not to your face, certainly behind your back. In this book, author Dr. R. Kay Green gives less attention to the derogatory “B” word and shows women how to associate themselves with more positive “B” words. Let’s face it, women have to work harder to get ahead in business more than ever, and it’s refreshing to associate women with “B” words like believer, brave, bubbly, bold, bright, and a ton of other positive descriptions of themselves.

This book gives tips on how to go from good to better and how to change your way of thinking. Many women do not succeed because of fear and it is important not to buy into that fear. You must have a game plan and set goals to get to where you need to go. One also must understand that just because something doesn’t go right the first time, or if you fall down, you must take notes, learn from those lessons then get back up and try a different approach. Try until you succeed.
Finding your niche is important, because when you find yourself being everything to everybody, you’re setting up yourself up for failure. But, when you find something you’re truly good at and that you truly enjoy, you are well on your way to success. The tips in the book are invaluable—branding, networking, vision, purpose, authenticity, and strategy.

Many of these chapters spoke to me, but one struck a personal code. Dress for the Career You Want, Not the One You Have. This is so true. Whether you know it or not, you’re branding yourself when you don’t even think you are. If you’re dressing drab for a job that you absolutely hate, you’ll remain stuck. Even if you don’t like your job, picture yourself in your successful position and dress for the occasion. We succeed when we feel good about ourselves and dressing the part can help. It is also important to remember if you’re going to wear a tailored suit, you must don a tailored attitude.

In addition this book touches on topics that every B woman must stay on top of in today’s competitive markets. These topics include technology, social media and getting in tune with the younger generation. These things along with all the tips described in this book help to keep you relative, competitive, marketable and successful.

I love books such as these that help women to become successful and this is definitely one that that I will purchase for my self-help bookshelf to refer to now and for years to come. 

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