Thursday, January 17, 2013

REVIEW - Where's Leopold? Your Pajamas Are Showing by Schmitt, Michel-yves

Date:                 12/12/12
Title:                  Where’s Leopold? Your Pajamas Are Showing
Author:               Michel-yves Schmitt
ISBN 13:            978-1467708715
Pages:                40
Publisher:           Graphic Universe
Cover:                Electronic Galley
Rating:               3 Stars

Leopold doesn’t want to go to school, and with the exception of his underwear, he wakes up invisible. His big sister, Celine, doesn’t believe it fully until she’s accused of eating her mother’s cake—that was actually eaten by the invisible Leopold.

Together, Leopold and Celine use his super power to play pranks on the kids at school. However, Celine is left looking silly and crazy. Leopold, then begins playing pranks on his family and having fun in the process.

I realize that this is book #1 in the Where’s Leopold series, but I was a bit confused at the way the book ended. The illustrations were okay and at 40 pages, this book is an easy read. I did like the activity at the end of the book that challenges its reader’s attention to detail, memory and concentration. And, even though this book ended abruptly, it is a good thing that the author introduces book #2 at the end. 

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