Sunday, February 24, 2013

REVIEW: Liberation by Wanda B. Campbell

Date:                         2/22/13
Title:                         Liberation
Author:                    Wanda B. Campbell
ISBN 13:                   978-0985612177
Pages:                      321
Publisher:               Pulse
Cover:                      Electronic ARC
Rating:                    4 Stars

This is my first Wanda Campbell novel and I’d have to say that this book both infuriated me and “liberated” me. There are so many instances when the term, “It takes a village . . .” rings true.

Shannon Yates is from the hood and her family won’t let her forget it. However, Shannon wants more for herself. All the odds were against her and she nearly took herself out. But, someone saw something special in her, and that someone was Julia Simone-Pennington. Julia is the perfect example of what women in the church are supposed to be. Even though Shannon’s mother and other family members treated her bad, Julia showed Shannon that she was somebody.

Shannon’s mother, Velma, has despised Shannon since birth. Shannon goes through so many unsatisfying relationships and much emotional turmoil that she doesn’t realize what love is when he slaps her in the face. God sent her a blessing in the form of Marcus and he is intent on carrying out God’s will—no matter how much Shannon tries to sabotage it.

This title made me angry because I could not understand how a mother gets a high out of seeing her daughter fail and how sisters could be so envious of someone trying to make a better life for herself.

I loved the book because (SPOILER) there is a happy ending. Shannon claims what is rightfully hers ‘thus sayeth the Lord’, and she comes to accept that God decides her destiny, not her family. The sad thing is that I know several women like Shannon. I used to be her, so this book touched many emotions. I loved the ending. Good job Ms. Campbell—this makes me want to go back and read some of your other titles. I also suggest this title to any woman who’s had family who tried to make them feel less than.

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