Thursday, February 7, 2013

REVIEW - Spiritual GPS by Prophet Oliver T. Reid

Date:               1/17/13               
Title:                Spiritual GPS: God Promised Solutions
Author:            Prophet Oliver T. Reid                  
ISBN 13:         978-1481112499  
Pages:            168           
Publisher:       CreateSpace        
Cover:             Electronic ARC          
Reviewer:       4            

Spiritual GPS: God’s Promised Solutions by Prophet Oliver T. Reid compares our life on earth with driving on a road and instills in us that God is the only GPS we need to fulfill our life on earth and prepare us for heaven.

Apostle Reid provides a daily inspirational guide/journal that examines life’s challenges and gives thought provoking concepts along with questions we need to answer to navigate through life and to realize that God is the answer to all things if we will only follow His road and use His solutions in all things.

One excellent quote from the journal reads, “you know when it’s your time when you’re headed in the opposite direction of where you wish to go, but still end up at the right place on time.” This quote is a great example of God’s promise to never leave us if we follow Him.

Apostle Oliver T Reid’s journal is a clever way of telling and inspiring us to remember that God should be our answer in all things. 

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