Wednesday, September 25, 2013

REVIEW: The Chaos Imperative by Brafman and Pollack

Date:               9/20/13
Title:               The Chaos Imperative
Author:           Ori Brafman and Judah Pollack
ISBN 13:          978-0-307-88667-5
Pages:              224
Publisher:      Crown Publishing
Cover:              Paperback
Rating:            2 Stars

I received an advanced reader copy of The Chaos Imperative as part of the Vine Program.  In this book, the author uses many Hollywood references and many instances I deem common sense. I felt that this book missed the mark on teaching me something or helping in a sense.  The book however, are chock full of inspiring stories, so if that was the intent, then kudos to the author, but somehow, I don’t think that was the actual intent.  The title was very on point, because once I read the book, I was left wondering okay, did I miss the point and felt a little chaotic in my thoughts of trying to figure out the real purpose of this book. I could have missed it.

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