Wednesday, November 20, 2013

REVIEW: Pieces of Me: Finding Heather Jones by Tremayne Moore

Date:              11/18/13
Title:                Pieces of Me           
Author:            Tremayne Moore
ISBN 13:         978-0-9854463-8-3
Pages:            70
Publisher:       Maynetre Manuscripts LLC
Cover:             Paperback
Rating:            2 Stars

 This book is about abuse of many kinds. It’s easy to say, if you’ve heard one story, you’ve
heard them all. But in the case of abuse, there are so many untold stories, and every time I read someone’s story, I’m in awe. After the “shock factor” wears off, I’m always admirable to those who tell their stories. I admire them because there are so many of us that still have not told our stories, therefore, we still have not healed, and authors like Tremayne show others that it’s okay to tell your story and that it is therapeutic to do so, as well as you get a chance to help others.

This book describes how victims become victims and how they are convinced to stay victims. It also shows us the mind of a predator. SPOILER. In one section of the book Heather talks about how she gets made up for this guy only to have him take what she was already willing to give him.

Normally our reviewers do not comment on the editing of a book unless it distracts from the reading of the story. I would suggest that the author have a professional editor and story developer go through this book with a fine-tooth-comb. What would otherwise be an easy and fast read was a little confusing and a bit difficult for me because of the errors. Another thing I noticed is that on the cover of the book, the title is Pieces of Me. However, the title of the book is actually Pieces of Me: Finding Heather Jones per the copyright. Mistakes are real noticeable.

I think with proper editing and updating the cover this book could easily be a 4 or 5 star for me. 

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