Wednesday, November 27, 2013

REVIEW: I Want What She's Having by Tora Cullip w/Donna Richards

Date:               11/4/13
Title:                 I Want What She’s Having, Now!         
Author:            Tora Cullip w/Donna Richards
ISBN 13:         978-1-4525-7291-8
Pages:            186
Publisher:        Balboa Press
Cover:              Paperback
Rating:             5 Stars

 Kudos to Cullip and Richards for an effective weight loss title. I’ve read many books about
dieting and losing weight, and although  many of them are inspiring, I Want What She’s Having, Now! Exactly How You Can Be So Hot & Healthy You’ll Barely Recognize Yourself! goes above and beyond those other books. I can tell you those other books are sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust, while this book follows me around the house—the nightstand, my office and the kitchen.

I’d like to point out some great points the book talks about. First, the authors talk about mastering your mindset and the “Clearing Your Plate” Syndrome. How many of us were taught to eat everything on our plate where we were children? I know I was, and I brought it to my adulthood with me. My mindset is that “I don’t want to waste it.”

Second, Rev Up Your Metabolism talks about not getting enough sleep and emotional overeating. I don’t know about the other emotional eaters out there, but normally when you’re not sleeping, you’re overeating and if you’re overeating, you’re not sleeping.   

Out of all the things I loved about this book, I have to say what I enjoyed and continue to enjoy about this book is that this book has a plan. Sure, I’m down for books that tell me to be positive and tell me that I can do it, but this book really causes me to take action. In addition to writing down what I eat on a daily basis, this book challenges me to write down my weight loss goals. Not only does it challenge me to write down my weight loss goals, but it challenges me to write down the “whys” of it all. If we are doing something, regardless of what it is, and we fail to know why, we have nothing to keep us focused. Therefore, instead of writing down that I would like to lose thirty pounds, I have to go a step further and write down that the reason I want to lose thirty pounds is because I am a diabetic, it runs in my family, and if I don’t control it with weight loss, it can cause other health issues.

The Seven Success Factors for Weight Loss Motivation are realistic and achievable and adds a sense of accountability. The book also has other weight loss resources and recipes at the end of the book. I will get great use out of this book and feel confident that I will achieve my weight loss goals, or rather my lifestyle change goals. Great job ladies.

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  1. Even though the book sounds like others I've read, I'm going to check it out.