Sunday, February 28, 2010

REVIEW: Financial Survival - Practical Ways to Save Money by Kristen Eckstein

Title:                          Financial Survival – Practical Ways To Save
Author:                     Kristen Eckstein                  
ISBN 13:                   978-0-9767913-5-5
Pages:                      108
Publisher:                 Discover! Books
Cover:                       Paperback
Reviewer:                Gregory W. Bryant Sr. – Literary Wonders!
RATING:                   4 ½ Stars  

Financial Survival – Practical Ways to Save Money by Kristen Eckstein is a  financial book with useful and easy to follow information for those of us who don't like to read “how-to-books” regarding finances. Author Kristen Eckstein has written a financial “how-to” winner on her hands.  
This book is simple and very easy to understand.  The tips she gives us are very useful in these hard economic times.  She gives a very passionate example of how she and her husband’s financial difficulties led them to re-evaluate what was important in their lives.  They had to choose between wants and needs.  Mrs. Eckstein had to battle health, unemployment and housing while keeping her faith.  
As i read the book I noticed, throughout her hard times, Mrs. Eckstein never wavered in her faith.  That is something many of us do when times are bad. We lose faith in ourselves, others and most importantly in our spirituality.
Financial Survival – Practical Ways to Save Money also outlines a plan that allows you to keep tabs on your finances by creating a budget plan.  Mrs. Eckstein details this in the first chapter and gives you a sample budget in the back of the book.  She has included useful diagrams and an appendix in the back of the book.  
I also like how Mrs. Eckstein gives you a synopsis at the end of each chapter that points out the important info of that particular chapter.  She also gives you survival tip alerts in each chapter which makes the book more entertaining.
I can honestly say this was a very entertaining and informative book about something very important to our present lives as well as our future lives.
Bravo to you Ms. Eckstein and your very useful guide on financial survival.

Gregory "the poet" Bryant-reviewer
Literary Wonders!

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