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Author Gerald P. Simmons Jr.

Gerald P. Simmons Jr. was born in Vicenza, Italy and raised mostly in Lawton, Oklahoma. By the age of five Gerald saw more of the world than most people will see all of their lives. These places include Italy, Alabama, Colorado, Germany, and Oklahoma.
Gerald left Italy at the age of 4 months and from there he went to Alabama where both of his parents are from, Fort Carson Colorado, Augsburg Germany (where he started Kindergarten), Lincoln Alabama again (still in Kindergarten), and Lawton Oklahoma (still in Kindergarten). Needless to say, Mr. Simmons had the pleasure of seeing his Kindergarten teacher in Lawton, Oklahoma for 2 years straight. If you have not figured it out yet Gerald was what we call an Army Brat. From K – 6th grade Gerald lived in the Lawton/Fort Sill Oklahoma area. Then in the sixth grade it was back to Lincoln Alabama where he finished sixth grade. Seventh grade was spent in Wurzburg Germany Middle School, eighth and some of ninth grade was spent in Bamberg Germany High School, and the remainder of ninth grade on through twelfth grade was spent in Lawton, Oklahoma at Eisenhower Junior High and High School. Gerald is a middle child and has an older sister and younger brother. His little brother, which he has dedicated his book to, passed from cancer back in 2001. Today Gerald is married to his high school sweetheart going on eleven years this month (28th) Denise, and together they have two sons named Keyonte (12) and Jaylin (5).    
Prior to taking his calling as an author/motivational speaker, Gerald was a High School football star in Lawton, Oklahoma’s Eisenhower High School. He attended East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma where he continued to play football, and at the age of 20 he decided to serve his country for six years as a decorated Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Before he got out of the Army he obtained his Associates Degree in Architectural Drafting from Intellitec College in Colorado Springs Colorado. He has recently returned to school in pursuit of his Bachelors in Psychology from Kaplan Online University. Gerald believes that his tips will help the reader spiritually, financially and mentally.

What genre do you consider yourself?
Self-Help would best describe my book. (Faith and Inspiration)

Give us a synopsis of your most recent book in 3 paragraphs or less
In these trying times everybody can use some motivation to keep them moving forward.
~ The economy is not in its best shape
~ Men/Women are losing their jobs
~ Families are losing their homes
I could go on and on about the problems around us every day, but WHY?
Problems will always continue to be problems if we continue to just sit around and talk about them or if we are always relying on others to fix them for us!
It's time to stop just talking about the problems and start talking about the solutions. The GPS Success Guide will show you how to UNLOCK THE POWER WITHIN YOURSELF to overcome the troubles/problems of the world.
"The GPS Success Guide" teach these 10 Tips to help with changing your MindSet!
#1 Look in the Mirror
#2 Know Who You Are
#3 Define Your Goals
#4 Focus
#5 Surround Yourself With Forward Moving People
#6 Build a Support Team
#7 Love What You Do
#8 Never Let FEAR hold you back
#9 Build a Strong Foundation
#10 Get Your Relationship Right w/ Your GOD

Titles of all of your books
The GPS Success Guide

What made you decide to become an author?
What made me become an author is the fact that I had a message that I felt the world needed to hear. That message is that “You and you alone are the only one that can hold yourself back from your GREATNESS.” No matter what happens in your life it is up to you to make the decision to let it hold you down or to keep moving forward. It’s amazing what you can find out about yourself when you rely on your God given abilities and not only your worldly given abilities. In the beginning I was not trying to be an author, I was simply sharing with people what was keeping me moving forward in my life. I started with just sharing motivational quotes of other people that I would read every day with my circle of friends on the social networks that I am a part of. From doing something that simple I started to build a following. 
“Thanks Gerald for your messages, it’s inspiring to everybody”
Shrikhishn Kamale (India)
“Hello, thanks a lot for accepting me as a friend on Facebook. I have been a great fan of yours right from when I come in contact with your write-ups on small biz start up. You are a great inspiration to me and I hope too many other young men and women of our generation all over the world. Keep on the good works.”
- Douglas Ukpokolo (Wembley- Middlesex United Kingdom)
After seeing how I was touching people not only in the United States but across the world I started to write my own material. Over about a 6 month period my own material developed into my very own motivational/mindset book. All I was doing was sharing a piece of me with the world and the world started sharing its blessing with me. I found what I loved to do which is to motivate others as I motivate myself and I just did it.
Find that thing that you are not only good at but that you also love to do. When you find that thing learn how to master it. Use the world as your audience! You never know, it just might make you famous.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?
The thing I enjoy most about being an author is the reaction or response I get from people after they have read my book. It feels good to know that the reader got the message behind my writings. I also enjoy the response and reaction I get from the people that have known me for awhile. They always look and sound so surprised when I show them or tell them that I am a published author now.

If you could meet one author, who would it be?.
A few of my favorite authors are Bishop E. Bernard Jordan (The Laws of Thinking), Russell Simmons (Do You), and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad). I am kind of embarrassed to say this but Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first book I ever remember reading from cover to cover in my life. The embarrassing part is that I was like 26 or 27 when I read it. No other book had caught my attention like this one did and it changed the way I viewed life.
If I could meet one author it would be Russell Simmons. I would love to hear his story from him and soak in the knowledge that he has gained over the years.

How are you giving back to the literary community?
Right now my wife and I are working on our own publishing company which will be called Innovative Visions Publishing (InV). We want to build this company so that we can help others that are out there with an idea of writing a book know the steps that they can take to get their books out there. We will be more than just your average publishing company as we will focus on showing and teaching individuals how to do majority of the work it takes to get a book published themselves. Innovative Visions Publishing will be coming your way early 2010.

Give one tip you would give new authors?.
My one tip I will like to give to others is to take more control over what’s going on with your book. Don’t just rely on others to push your book for you, get out and learn the things that you can do yourself. Nobody can promote you better than you can promote yourself! Start by getting associated with other authors and author networks.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned since becoming an author?
The biggest lesson I have learned since becoming an author that people look at you in a different light. The funny thing is that my first intention was not to become an author. I originally set out to motivate myself and the world around me. Writing a book and becoming an author just happened to fall into those plans.

What is the one thing that irks you about the literary industry?
I am fairly new to the industry but one thing that has irked me so far is all the authors and want to be authors that sit around waiting for a “BIG DEAL” to come their way. They do not put in the foot work like they should and expect for a deal to fall in their laps. I like to say “While everybody else is waiting for that BIG DEAL I am busy becoming a BIG DEAL!!

Who, What, When and Where is your next event?
AllStar Author Showcase
Hosted by Literary Arts Connection of Texas & The Dock Bookshop

Saturday February 13, 2010
10am - 6pm

Location: The Black Academy of Arts & Letters/Dallas Convention Center Theater Complex
650 S Griffin St. Downtown Dallas, Texas

COPY and PASTE or CLICK LINK to attend:

Suggest a preferred literary service.
Preferred literary service would have o be API!
API Print Productions handles every detail of the printing process so you can relax and focus on the task of writing, publishing and designing your print media projects. Our cutting edge technology and commitment to excellence in all facets of our business, ensures that designers, authors and publishers receive just what they envisioned with less stress and more flexibility. Robert S. Smith President - API Print Productions - Phone: 800-803-1615

Where can readers find your work?

Contact info 
Gerald P. Simmons Jr.
Phone: 817-319-2062

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