Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review Wednesday - 21 Ways to Powerfully Network Your Business

 Date:                     8/1/11
Title:                     21 Ways to Powerfully  Network Your Business
Author:                  Kristen Eckstein
ISBN 13:                 978-0-9767913-8-6
Pages:                    104
Publisher:              Discover! Books/Imagine! Books
Cover:                  Electronic Galey
Reviewer:             Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant – Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                  5 Stars

           I’ve never met anyone, besides myself, that was so passionate about writing and publishing than Kristen Eckstein. Kristen is one of the publishing industry’s top “plethora guru”. Mrs. Eckstein always gives her readers simple, no-nonsense tips and advice on how to follow our dreams and make an impact in this industry.
          21 Ways to Powerfully Network Your Business from Kristen’s 21 Ways Series is full of what I’ve come to expect from the remarkable writer. She gives valuable tips on how to present your business and market yourself and your business.
          You’d be surprise that, even in simplicity, many businesses owners, specifically entrepreneurs do not know how to carry themselves or present themselves in a professional manner. In this book alone, Kristen gives fixes to many things that are broken with networking.
          Just as I’ve enjoyed and took away valuable information from Kristen’s other books, this too, is one that is a must-have for my professional library. Mrs. Eckstein adds humor to practical tips and my favorite chapter in the book was brush your teeth. Kristen is truly awesome!

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