Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review Wednesday - The Promised One by Nancy Guthrie

Date:                     7/27/11
Title:                     The Promised One – Seeing Jesus in Genesis
Author:                  Nancy Guthrie
ISBN 10:                 1433526255
ISBN 13:                 978-1433526251
Pages:                   288    
Publisher:              Crossway Books
Cover:                  Paperback
Reviewer:             Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                  5 Stars

The Promised One – Seeing Jesus is Genesis is part of the Seeing Jesus in The Old Testament 10-Week Bible Study Series. Nancy Guthrie takes 10 different points in Genesis and breaks them down into ten easy bible study lessons. Lessons include the creation of mankind to Noah’s Ark, as well as the Tower of Babel and the sagas of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Each chapter is broken up into four parts: 1) personal bible study, 2) teaching chapter, 3) how Genesis points to what is to come and 4) discussion guide. There is plenty of scripture reference and workspace worked right into each chapter.

I think this is a great Bible study resource and look forward to Ms. Guthrie’s future chapter studies. The writing of each chapter makes it easy for Christians to follow the bible from the beginning and have a better understanding of its meaning.

Chapter 5 is about the Tower of Babel, which has always been an interesting part of the New Testament. The author shows us in elementary terms how various nationalities came to be. The chapter discusses the people’s plan to build the tower and the problems and issues that were associated with them. The author also compares verses and allows readers to see many Old Testament values, parables and foresights in the New Testament.

This is a very valuable book and an asset to anyone’s Christian Bible study and or/ Christian study collection. It is something that one can constantly refer to.  

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