Wednesday, June 19, 2013

REVIEW: Beulah's Jewels by Charlene Tate

Date:               6/3/13
Title:                Beulah’s Jewels            
Author:            Charlene Tate
ISBN:                978-0615763613
Pages:              381   
Publisher:        Charlene Tate
Cover:              Paperback     
Rating:             3 Stars

Beulah’s Jewels, by Charlene Tate, is a spicy true to life biography type Novel that dates back to
1899. The book documents the life of the authors mother Beulah along with a few other relevant family characters.

Reading this reminded me of some of my family members back in the day and a time where children knew they had better leave the room when grown folks were talking. This story at the very least and is chock full of humor. It is also free flowing with its fair share of profanity, which I understand is needed to get the full feel of Beulah and the other characters.

However being an editor, I found it hard to take my editors cap off. Normally editing errors in a review are not mentioned unless they interrupt the flow of the story line. There were several instances where the story line didn’t seem to flow. In other instances, paragraphs were nearly page long, as well as improper transitions between chapters. A few chapters transitioned without titles. There were also times that I could not figure out if the author was referring to Juanita or Beulah.

The book is a good story but I just couldn't get past the editing or lack of. I certainly do anticipate the author’s next story,

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