Wednesday, June 19, 2013

REVIEW: Cherished by Kim Cash Tate

Date:               6/18/13
Title:               Cherished         
Author:           Kim Cash Tate
ISBN:               1595548556
Pages:             320   
Publisher:       Thomas Nelson          
Cover:             Paperback     
Rating:            5 Stars

Kelli has a passion for music. When she was younger, she carried a pad around to write down the
lyrics that spontaneously came to her. This was her gift from God. After making a difficult decision, she no longer heard and lyrics and felt God was upset with her.

Heather was caught having an affair with a church member's husband. The scandal was hard on her so she left the church altogether.

Kelli and Heather have something's in common. They will soon meet. Will their meeting be beneficial?

This was my first read by Kim Cash Tate and I loved it. The characters and their situations are so real. Tate does a phenomenal job of showing how difficult forgiveness can be. It's a powerful tool, which is easier said than done, that has to be learned. I highly recommend. You walk away wondering "am I capable of really forgiving?"

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