Wednesday, August 14, 2013

REVIEW: Choosing the Road Less Traveled by Myckelle Williams

Date:                                    8/1/13  
Title:                                     Choosing the Road Less Traveled: Finding Grace on the Path to Purpose
Author:                               Myckelle Williams
ISBN 13:                              978-0615772905
Pages:                                 168
Publisher:                          MPowerment Worldwide LLC
Cover:                                  Paperback
Rating:                                4 Stars

I must first commend Myckelle Williams for having the courage to write and share her story with
others. As she said in a previous interview, every woman has a story. This is so true and often times many women don't know how to tell their stories, are afraid to tell their stories or are silenced from telling their stories.

The author takes the reader on a journey from her pregnancy at age sixteen to the present. Mrs. Williams shows how her faith and God's plan for her life transformed her life.

Myckelle found herself repeating the Cycle that her parents followed, filled with abuse, teenage promiscuity, babies, abortions and abuse. Like so many of us, the author has been through and seen a lot of things at an early age. Sometimes we think we went through so much as children and even as adults, until we reach or are privy to someone else story. Even so, I truly believe God allows us to go through things for a reason.

God placed various people throughout Myckelle's life, and when he thought she was ready to stand on her own, or perhaps it was when he felt it was time for her to depend on him and not others, he moved people she and her husband had depended on to Idaho.

From her beginning to where she is now, the author has been a fighter and a conqueror and because of it, she is not in a position to help others facing similar situations through her current business and non-profit endeavors.

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