Wednesday, August 14, 2013

REVIEW: Mistakes Leaders Make by Dave Kraft

Date:                                   8/8/13
Title:                                    Mistakes Leaders Make              
Author:                               Dave Kraft        
ISBN 13:                              978-1433532498
Pages:                                 128
Publisher:                          Crossway
Cover:                                  Paperback
Rating:                                3.5 Stars

Mistakes Leaders Make by Dave Kraft touches on spiritual and ministry mistakes that are often
times made by spiritual and church leaders. These mistakes range from focusing on man and materialism instead of faith in God's word. 

It has been my experience, as it is described in this book, that many leaders take their eyes off God and place them on things of the world.

This book gives ten (10) common mistakes like allowing ministry to replace Jesus, allowing pleasing people to replace pleasing God and allowing information to replace transformation. Each mistake is given its own chapter, includes a relatable story and ends with a Food for Thought section.

The book is short and easy to read. Although I feel the book is a bit generic, the author made his key points and I do believe this is a good resource, especially for those looking to get into ministry for all the wrong reasons.

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