Saturday, January 29, 2011

REVIEW: How to Write a Business Plan by Mike Mckeever

Date:                         January 29, 2011
Title:                          How to Write a Business Plan 10th Edition
Author:                     Mike McKeever
ISBN 10:                   1-4133-1280-2
ISBN 13:                   978-1-4133-1280-5
Pages:                       288
Publisher:                Nolo
Cover:                       Electronic Advance Reading Copy
Reviewer:                Yolanda M, Johnson-BryantLiterary Wonders! (
Rating:                      5 Stars

How to Write a Business plan by Mike McKeever is another valuable tool from Nolo, one of the leading online legal resources.

Mr. McKeever provides a simple no-hassle guide to understanding why it is important for a business to have a business plan in place. This title goes beyond the essentials of business plans and challenges current and future business owners to ask themselves if starting a business is something they really want to do.

This guide gives its readers suggestions and sources to fund their business and raise money.

How to Write a Business Plan also gives readers tips on how to compile a marketing plan as well as a personnel plan. Included in the book are valuable resources, both online and offline, as well as an accompanying CD-ROM to help the process come together.

Nolo has published yet another tool that anyone who is thinking of starting a business should add to their toolkit. 

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