Saturday, January 29, 2011

REVIEW: Sunday Christians by Jodaea

Date:             1/25/11                   
Title:              SUNDAY CHRISTIANS                                         
Author:         JODAEA                                           
ISBN 10:       978-0-615-40836-1         
ISBN 13:                              
Pages:           281                
Publisher:    JIMINISIS PUBLISHING                                      
Cover:           Paperback               
Reviewer:  Tamarra Bryant – Literary Wonders!
Rating:          4

SUNDAY CHRISTIANS is a contemporary collaboration that begins with a promising prologue that peaks the reader’s interest in following the story’s development.  Given the novel’s title, the reader expects a tantalizing tale with deep and dark secrets.    

The author’s first novel shows promise and JODAEA’S style of writing progresses quite well throughout the story. She portrays the main character, Xavier Wilson, as positive throughout the novel, but more background on what makes Xavier react as he does would enhance the reality of the character.  The other characters are presented as expected, based on the information provided for each.

The title, SUNDAY CHRISTIANS gives the perception that the novel is based primarily in the church arena, but JODAEA has used more of a secular storyline with the church being the anchor.  The novel is a good read and the author shows great promise for any future writing endeavor.      

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