Tuesday, January 11, 2011

REVIEW: Scattered Lies II by Madison

Date:                        1/10/11
Title:                        Scattered Lies II
Author:                     Madison
ISBN 10:                    0982526016
ISBN 13:                    978-0-9825260-1-9
Pages:                       393
Publisher:                 Influential Writers Publishing
Cover:                      Paperback
Reviewer:                Yolanda M, Johnson-BryantLiterary Wonders!  (www.literarywonders.com)
Rating:                         3.5 Stars

Scattered Lies II is the follow up to Madison’s Scattered Lies (2009).  In Scattered Lies II, the key players are Denise Taylor, Tony Flowers, Gabrielle Brightman, Morgan Marciano and Christina Carrington.

Denise is facing charges, when she is pulled over for having a gun in her car that doesn’t belong to her. She realizes that she has been set up and sets out to find out who and why. Denise soon finds out that her haunts have come back to pay homage as she finds herself repeating history.

Tony Flowers isn’t the best looking man in the music business, but he has money and power and women galore. Although he is only with Christina for publicity reasons, his heart and soul belongs to Morgan Marciano, the fifteen-year-old nieces. Even though Tony does not love Christina, he plans sweet revenge when he finds that she is secretly seeing one of his “boys”.

Gabrielle is a successful attorney on a mission to find out who framed her husband and sent him to prison for twenty-five to life. Gabrielle soon finds out that no one can be trusted, especially those called friend.

Morgan is fifteen-years-old and has a bright future ahead of her. She has been selected for the Harvard Summer program and is a great dancer. Her future becomes bleak as she is repeatedly pursued by Tony, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Christina is a hot new singer who has it all; beauty brains and power. She loves Tony but doesn’t understand why she allows him to treat her like a groupie. Christina falls in love with one of Tony’s friends and employee and finds out that there are some lines that one must never cross.

In this book of intrigued, mystery and whodunit, Secret Lies II has the making for a 5 novel with professional editing. At some point in the book you forget who is talking as the names changed, surely by accident. However, this is a very good book that is easy to read. After reading the book, and not satisfied that everyone got what they deserved in the end, it leaves me asking Madison, is there a Scattered Lies III on the horizon. If not, please consider it!

I rated Madison’s Scattered Lies II a 3.5, but with editing it could easily be a 4.5 or a 5. I would recommend this title to anyone who likes urban fiction or a good whodunit mystery. A former Literary Wonders! reviewer reviewed the first Scattered Lies, but after reading Scattered Lies II, I am wanting to read the first one myself.

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