Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 10: When the World Turns a Poem by Rick Bonner

When the World Turns©
By Rick Bonner

When the world turns,

Will the sea flow to the shore,
Can my key unlock your door,
Or will you leave me?

As the sun burns,
When hungry birds fly far beyond,
Will fine words be a sacred bond,
Or will you deceive me?

When the night falls,
Will the sky turn royal blue,
As I wait alone for you,
Adrift and concerned?

So did you mean it,
Those promises discussed,
Were they a reason now to trust,
As the world turns?

As the world turns,
Can a baby tell a lie,
Will the hero be prepared to die
And did you mean it?

Oh how my soul yearns,
Will flowers bloom again this spring,
I would do most anything,
Did you just dream it?

If my heart breaks,
Tell me how would I exist?
Oh what a bitter twist,
Please reassure my concerns.

Were tender lips faking,
Was I a play-thing to acquire, 
Or a game that just backfired,
When the world turns.

As the world turns,
I see a silhouette ouside,
I'm turning somersaults inside,
In anticipation.

How my emotions churn,
I hear footsteps up the drive,
As a shadow passes outside,
With hesitation.

Then the key turns,
Now my heart beats double time,
As I hear soft footsteps climb, 
What will I learn?

My bedroom door opens,
You smiling face seals the deal,
That the love you pledged was real,
As the world turns.

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