Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25: Fan Page Friday!

Literary Wonders! and The Author’s Hideaway has declared today Fan Page Friday. Every Friday, you will find a list of ten (10) Industry specific Fan Pages that you should be following.

If you would like your Fan Page added to our growing list, please email us your Fan Page name and link to Please limit your pages to those that pertain to the industry ONLY.  Now, let the fan fest begin!

Inspirational Literary Circle - Authors, do you feel that their is never enough time in the run of a day to do everything you need. Things from writing, meeting deadlines and updating on social networks such as Facebook & Twitter. Inspirational Literary Circle has a package deal for you. Contact via email to find out more information.

Just Michelle and Dana - Just Michelle and Dana is a Christian radio show that is redefining life, business, and play with hosts Michelle Harden and Dana Pittman.

Brian O’Mara-Croft - Brian O'Mara-Croft is the author of Lost in the Hive: Confessions of a Reluctant Drone, a collection of humorous essays. Lost in the Hive is published by PublishingWorks, and is available at numerous online and bricks-and-mortar bookstores.

Alyssa Ast - I work as a freelance writer for many online companies and private clients, fulfilling the need for quality content. I specialize in SEO/SEM content, increasing online traffic and profit potential. Journalism is my true passion and I currently write as a citizen journalist for the local paper, the Kingman Daily Miner, as well as the Phoenix and Flagstaff Examiner.

Carolyn Moncel - An American PR executive living in Paris thinks she has the perfect life until trouble enters her world via job loss, infidelity, and death.

Don Savant - I came into this world from inspiration. My mission, my goal, is to inspire others through words of wisdom and encouragement. My destiny is to be a blessing to those that want and need to hear what I have to say. May God keep you. -The LFM

Allie Larkin - Allie Larkin lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband, Jeremy, their two German Shepherds, Argo and Stella, and a three-legged cat. She is the cofounder of, a site dedicated to helping readers take simple steps toward going green. STAY (Dutton), her first novel, is a story of friendship, love, and a German Shepherd named Joe. Allie’s essay about Stella will be in Wade Rouse’s dog anthology, I'M NOT THE BIGGEST BITCH IN THIS RELATIONSHIP, due out in November from NAL. For more information see

Dina Kucera - A book that can change behavior, save lives and make you laugh along the way.

Sheila Peele-Miller - Instructor, Author, Publisher

E.J. Van Amelsvoort - The incomparable Elizabeth Jane Van Amelsvoort, will steal your heart. She captivates the reader, with her artistic ability, to paint her story and characters with imagination, vitality and pure magic.

Irene Sabatini - WINNER of the Orange Award for New Writers -- THE BOY NEXT DOOR is an astonishing, brilliant debut novel about what it means to witness, to change, to love, and to remain whole when the world outside is falling apart --