Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11: REVIEW - Encounters in Paris by Carolyn Moncel

Date:                         February 28, 2011                       
Title:                         Encounters in Paris                     
Author:                     Carolyn Moncel                
ISBN 10:                  
ISBN 13:                    978-1-4538-9821-5                     
Pages:                      114                
Publisher:                 Mondave’ Media             
Cover:                       Paperback
Reviewer:                 Gregory Bryant– Literary Wonders!  
Rating:4                    4 Stars

Author Carolyn Moncel’s Encounters in Paris is a book of short stories with a realistic flavor.  The stories range from job loss to death of a parent to marriage infidelities and contemplations of life.

I especially enjoyed the short story, “A brief Indiscretion”.  I will not go in detail about the story because it is a short story but the title basically tells the story. 

The overall grammar of the book was very good and the stories flowed well together.  This brings me to ask the author, why this book was not a full novel?  Mrs. Moncel has all the elements of making this a complete work of fiction with a little more detailed description and expansion of the story line.  I found myself wanting more from each story and the stories basically are a continuation of the main characters life. 

This was a good book and would be an even better novel.            

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