Sunday, December 25, 2011

On the 12th Day of Christmas - Sha Lognion and Fancy Your Place LLC

(Click here to listen to Sha's interview) Also on iTunes.

Sha Lognion is Executive Chef and Owner of Fancy Your Plate. Fancy Your Plate is an online gourmet frozen food company that delivers to the United States, and if you are in the Maumelle, Little Rock, North Little Rock, AR area she also offers catering services. With a passion for cooking exquisite foods for anyone to enjoy, she founded Fancy Your Plate because she noticed that the need for personal chefs was decreasing due to the economic times. She feels everyone should be able to enjoy a gourmet meal without having to pay gourmet prices.

Sha started cooking at the age of seven, and as she got older, and with a more elegant palate, she expanded her repertoire and her recipe catalogue. She is a traditional Southern cook and also specializes in Creole and French cuisine, and can cater to any dietary need. And, when she is not in the kitchen, she likes to compete in cooking competitions and travel with her family to different food festivals.

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