Monday, December 26, 2011

REVIEW - Just One Thing by Rick Hanson PhD

Date:                     November 27, 2012
Title:                     Just One Thing
Author:                  Rick Hanson
ISBN 13:                 978-1608820313
Pages:                   117
Publisher:              Smith Publicity – New Harbinger Publications
Cover:                   Electronic Galley
Reviewer:              Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant – Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                  4 Stars

           Just One Thing by Rick Hanson is a non-fiction, self-help selection that suggests strategies to retrain your brain and your thought process to live a more positive and fulfilling life. I’ve followed Rick for a short time now and I believe that his practices will work for anyone looking to improve their life.
          Rick uses scientific facts and studies of the brain and its different sectors. He shows ways that one can re-train their brain to capture more positive thoughts than negative ones.
          Reading Just One Thing has repositioned my thought process and I have implemented positive life choices that I intend to exemplify in the coming New Year. Unlike many books of this genre and topic, Just One Thing is one of those books that you will find yourself referring back to on a regular basis.
          There are fifty-two principles to follow in this book—that’s one principle per week. The principles rang from relaxation and sleep, to smiling and being generous. This book review is based on an electronic galley; however, I will be purchasing the book for my self-improvement library as I feel is a book that will be used frequently.

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