Wednesday, July 24, 2013

REVIEW: Deep Fried Trouble by Tyora Moody

Date:                7/19/13
Title:                Deep Fried Trouble  
Author:             Tyora Moody
ISBN 13:           978-0-9894153-0-9
Pages:              218
Publisher:          Tymm Publishing LLC
Cover:               Paperback
Rating:              4 Stars

I loved Deep Fried Trouble by Tyora Moody. I’ve enjoyed her other books and
this one was no different. A retired  and widowed Eugeena Patterson is on the case when she finds her neighbor, Mary, dead in her home. Eugeena is feeling bad because she and Mary were not on good terms. To add injury to insult, busybodies at church are asking too many questions.

Eugeena is determined to find out who killed her neighbor if it’s the last thing she does—even though her daughter drops by with her children—one Eugeena didn’t even know about—and disappears.

Along with the handsome widower next door, Amos, Eugeena is determined she will get to the bottom of her former friends death and find out what her mischevious daughter is up to.

Deep Fried Trouble is a quick read that will have you wanting to turn each page to find out what will happen next as this neighborhood detective jumps into adventure. In addition to find out what would happen next, I was hoping that Eugeena and Amos got a little romantic. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. You’ve got to read the book for yourself. Great job Tyora. 

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