Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Release: Nadia's Obsession by Charles D. Martin

Nadia's Obsession continues the story of a young Russian woman as told in Charles Martin's
first novel, Provocateur. A Brief prologue enables readers to jump right into the his second novel, if they have not read the first.  

Martin's fascinating protagonist was born an orphan and had a troubled desperate early life, but was blessed with superior intelligence and beauty.  She escaped her impoverished circumstances coming to America through a mail-order-bride program.  In America, she became involved with an ex-CIA agent named Olga and, as part of her unique enterprise, is catapulted into a thrilling and dangerous life filled with suspense, intrigue and sexual tension.

This second novel steps up the pace of intrigue and sexual intensity as Nadia and Russoff, the Russian oligarch, clash again in a battle of wits.  A new romance emerges and takes its twists and turns and the reader experiences new aspects of the gamesmanship between the sexes.  Charles Martin once again holds us spellbound and leaves us wanting more.

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