Wednesday, July 24, 2013

REVIEW: The One Year Devos for Teen Girls by Gresh and Weibel

Date:                         7/15/13
Title:                         The One Year Devos for Teen Girls
Author:                     Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel
ISBN 13:                    978-1-4143-8404-7
Pages:                        377
Publisher:                 Tyndale House Publishers
Cover:                         Epub/ARC
Rating:                       5 Stars

In a world full of challenges, sorrow and uncertainty, I’m all for books that help inspire and
guide our young girls into womanhood.

This book starts at January 1st and goes all the way to December 31st. Each day has a specific theme that starts with a scripture, a concept and questions, along with action steps. Some of my favorites are:
·         January 6th – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
·         February 9th – Authentic or Copycat?
·         March 8th – Loved by Dad
·         April 3rd – Why Do I Like Facebook So Much?
·         June 22nd – Heart Exam
·         July 25th – What if I Don’t Have Any Gifts?
·         September 6th – Negativity Part I
·         November 6th  - Doesn’t Marriage Mean He’ll Be the Boss of Me?
·         December 22nd – Why So Sad?

In addition the book includes a great topical index at the end of the book. I strongly recommend this book for any teenage girl, but especially one who is struggling with being a teen in today’s world while trying to live Christian values.

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