Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ammunition for God's Soldiers by Patricia Hall


Date:             8/20/10        
Title:              AMMUNITION FOR GOD’S SOLDIERS                       
Author:          PATRICIA HALL                       
ISBN 10:        0-7414-5906-x 
ISBN 13:        978-0-7414-5906-0                 
Pages:           177 
Publisher:       INFINITY PUBLISHING                    
Cover:           PAPERBACK          
Reviewer:       TAMARRA BRYANT– Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Rating:             5

AMMUNITION FOR GOD’S SOLDIERS, by Patricia Hall, utilizes the process of preparing for, entering, and being stationed in the military as the basis for her book. It is written in a unique poetic style and each poem emphasizes the importance of the word of God in all aspects of life.
AMMUNITION FOR GOD’S SOLDIERS starts with the beginning of our journey towards living out the Christian life with the heading of Enlistment (new recruits) and continues through The March of Victory. Captured under each heading is relative poetry that is designed to provide examples of life’s challenges and how to use the word of God to challenge us to continue our victorious march to glory.
Spiritual warfare in the Christian’s life is an ongoing battle and Ms. Hall’s interpretation continues to give biblical examples of how God will never desert us from conflict to conflict if we are willing to cover ourselves with the armor only He can provide. For an example, Ms. Hall’s poem “God’s Soldier” begins with adjectives that describe the emotions felt during conflict. She writes of the journey and shows us that faith and prayer are the answer, and gives scriptures to read for reference.
AMMUNITION FOR GOD’S SOLDIERS will inspire thought through remembrance of your own struggles as well as struggles you have encountered with others. It is a book of encouragement and a reminder that we have the only tool we need to fight any battle, which is the word of God.

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