Tuesday, August 10, 2010

REVIEW: Holy Rollers by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Date:             8/10/10        
Title:              Holy Rollers          
Author:          ReShonda Tate Billingsley            
ISBN 10:       
ISBN 13:        978-1-4165-7805-5      
Pages:           316 
Publisher:       Gallery Books/Simon & Shuster           
Cover:           Paperback             
Reviewer:       Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Rating:             5

Christian fiction author ReShonda Tate Billingsley it as it again with Holy Rollers. Mrs. Billingsley tackles some of the messiest issues that go on inside of today’s churches and turns them into a humorous storyline.

In Holy Rollers, long time friends, Audra, Juanita and Cocoa are tired of the pro baller scene. As they approach a certain age they come to the realization that they can no longer compete with younger athletic groupies who are on the hunt for a sugar daddy, a baby’s daddy, or a husband.

After catching word of a local Baptist convention on television, Audra and her friends decide to set their sights on more heavenly prospects, men of the cloth. These three women put on their Sunday’s best—or worst, and work the conference like ladies of the night working a club. Bingo!

Audra meets Lewis, a minister from Atlanta before the day is out, finds herself in bed with the good reverend. Audra is gluten for punishment and soon becomes a pawn in Lewis’ game of chess, or cat and mouse.

Juanita meets Reverend Marshall Wiley. This good reverend is a widow and if Vera and the church bitties have anything to say about it, he will stay one. Instead of using class to quiet the women, she resorts to ways of the streets to try to keep her man. Juanita just may be successful in snagging the well to do reverend, but she just can’t seem to resist her weakness; Neil.

Cocoa meets Davis but is reluctant to open up to him after recovering from an abusive relationship from an ex-baller. Just when she thinks it’s time to give herself to Davis, Sonny shows up and he’s not happy.

Worlds collide as past hurts and deep dirt comes to the surface. All three of these women’s lives explode and it may surprise you who is, or isn’t left standing.

I have read several titles by ReShonda Tate Billingsley and to date; Holy Rollers is the best one yet.

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