Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marva Edwards author of Bound to Be Free

About the Book
Bound to Be Free journeys you through my personal life while perhaps seeing part of your own journey. You will be both shocked and amazed with the challenges that are presented. You will see Christian living, hypocrisy, evil, good, hurt, healing, discouragement crushed by relentless faith and a will to live in victory, not defeat. The intent is to bring hope and strength for those who struggle with Domestic Violence and its adverse affects.

About the Author
Marva, knew all about challenges from a young age, and what it took to overcome them. What she didn’t know was that life would push her to a point where her surroundings no longer resembled what she knew, reason did not reside, and peace did not exist. The person that was supposed to be committed till death was out to destroy her! Marva couldn’t go to the pastor because he was the abuser! Although she felt trapped, her faith would carry her.” She was bound to be free”

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AuthorHouse - April 2010 - 124 pages - ISBN: 6x9 Paperback (978-1-4490-8513-1) - 6x9 Hardcover (978-1-4490-8517-9) - Suggested Retail Price: $13.99 – Paperback $23.50 - Hardcover

Bound To Be Free
Breaking Free from Domestic Violence
Marva J. Edwards
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