Monday, April 25, 2011

Do You Have Any Idea?

Do You Have Any Idea?
Do you have any idea,
How you boil my frenzied blood,
break my damns to release the flood,
Rip my bones and pin me to this flakey wall?

Now hush your sweet mouth,
I have better plans for your lips,
Working magic with your fingertips,
I am greedy, excited, and hungry for this free-for-all.

Do you have any idea,
Why I pull you off your perch,
Arouse you to writhe and lurch,
To yell 'I love you' so the whole damned world can hear?

Let us loose all control,
I chrome double dare you
But I never will share you,
So step on into my male bedroom snare!

Do you have any idea,
How long I have waited,
Left bursting and frustrated?
I want to use you and use you and use you and use you more.

I get insanely jealous,
So when you're howling with passion,
I'll keep you dangling on rations,
Till you swear it's only me that you will adore.

Do you have any idea,
How I planned to entrap you,
As I tease and unwrap you,
By taking explicit and betraying photographs?

No you have no idea,
How I would trick you with lust,
As you respond to my thrusts,
So you never dream of returning to my rival.

So embrace my chains,
I'll hold a party just for one,
And watch you plead to let you come,
When you hook me up to your saddle and bridle.

Really, you have no idea!

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