Monday, April 18, 2011

I Have Waited for This Dance

I Have Waited for This Dance
I have waited for this dance,
To begin with you again,
Never knowing quite how or when,
An elusive second chance?

This life can feel so cruel,
With rare moments filled with joy,
But when you find the real McCoy,
Your heart is bound to rule.

You may never know,
What I have been prepared to give,
To discover where you live,
Not caring who you were with.
You may never realise,
How I prayed with all my heart,
With a love right off the charts,
Now I never want us to part.

I have waited for this dance,
From sunrise till sundown,
The day that you left town,
You set sail without a glance.

That ship sailed by too fast,
Like rivers to the sea,
Our tide was not to be,
But that's all in the past.

I may never confess,
How I have placed my life on hold,
Not caring, growing old,
Standing still in the freezing cold.
When you said hello today,
The sun rose in the sky,
My tears began to dry,
Oh how I desire to make you mine.

I have waited for this dance,
May I stumble through your door,
I love you even more,
So forgive my strong advance.

Can we find a place to start,
We could talk till half past ten?
Then if you invite me back again,
I could offer you my heart.

I want to treat you like,
The Beauty that you are,
I have travelled blind so far,
Through every town and side-street bar.
And now I am here,
Will you ride back home with me,
Be mine eternally,
I'm so in love can you not see?

I have waited for this dance,
To kiss and hold you tight,
And lay with you all night,
Until the early morning light.

It's far more than romance,
With more meaning than the before,
I desire and adore,
Yes I have waited for this dance.

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