Sunday, April 3, 2011

REVIEW: Brothers & Wives by Cydney Rax

Date:                         4/3/11
Title:                         Brothers & Wives
Author:                     Cydney Rax
ISBN 10:                  
ISBN 13:                    978-307-46009-7
Pages:                       313
Publisher:                 Three River Press
Cover:                      Paperback/Uncorrected Proof
Reviewer:                Yolanda M, Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!
Rating:                     4 Stars

What do you get when you cross a married couple, a former mistress and love child; kissing cousins and a man who has feeling for his brother’s baby mama? You get drama, drama, drama! And it’s all packed into Brothers & Wives by author Cydney Rax.

In my Husband’s Girlfriend, also by Rax, Neil Meadows has an affair with Dani Frazier, after his wife, Anya suggests that he finds a random woman to fulfill his sexual needs since she has been unable to. Cydney Rax takes the storyline into the sequel, Brothers & Wives.

Neil’s brother, Scottie, is back in Houston and is falling in love with Dani, much to Neil’s disapproval. Anya does not like Neil’s jealous streak and over protection of Dani, the very woman he cheated on her with and bore his son. Meanwhile, Anya has her own problems; she is facing her fortieth birthday and a possible surgery.

As if this family couldn’t possibly get any more dysfunctional, Scottie, is being stalked by his cousin LaNecia, whom he had a sexual relationship and manages to impregnate. Not understanding why they can’t be together, twenty-year-old LaNecia doesn’t care what anyone says, Scottie is hers and she will do anything to keep him.

I always enjoy Cydney’s books but this one takes the cake. There is so much dysfunction going on in the Meadows household, even when Hurricane Ike hits and has thee family member depending on each other.

Now, they must all make a decision. Will Anya leave Neil? Will Neil get back with Dani? Will Scottie and Dani break apart? Will LaNecia finally get some self respect? You’ll have to read Brothers & Wives to find out!

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