Monday, April 11, 2011

Waves of Destruction

Waves of Destruction
When the waves of destruction surged his way,
Deep rivers of denial swept reason away.
Tragedy is a wild card disregarded by fate,
That turns hope to stone as the mind dislocates,

Until the point of these crossroads he had grumbled and moaned,
Like a mongrel growling jealously at another dog's bone.
He realized at last that each day is precious,
For these visions reverberate beyond all human measure.

But will she still want him when she sees how he has changed?
With the landscape of his life growing evermore strange.
Will she recognize how fragile their lives really are?
Merely dust joined together, from infinite, lost stars.

Waves of destruction paralyze like ice,
A trickster’s marked cards and a new loaded dice?
Neither god or devil could claim to be the cause,
For principles of uncertainty follows nature's laws.

Mythical descriptions fail to compare,
To this spiritual meltdown that permeates the air.
Now he damns his oblivious and petty notions,
Because few things compare to this waves of emotion.

Will she care for his deeper reflections,
Now his faith has shifted to a different direction?
For when the waves of destruction subsides at their door,
It's time to build a golden age, with more meaning than before.

Waves of destruction can level the ground,
How do you count cost of those who cannot be found?
When you've lost all control how can you stand,
A wave of emotion for every woman, child and man?

Dragging like rag dolls everything in its wake,
An aftermath raging, with each tremor and quake.
Swept along defying rational belief,
Waiting and praying for such needed relief.

Will she still love him when she finds how he's been affected,
Reeling the way he view life needs correcting.
This wave of empathy is rebuilding his whole world view,
By being a part of something infinite and new.

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