Friday, April 6, 2012

Literary Diva Elissa Gabrielle

Elissa Gabrielle
Peace in the Storm Publishing
Literary Entrepreneur, Elissa Gabrielle is the author of several novels and the CEO and President of Peace in the Storm Publishing. Add to her resume of titles and experience, Greeting Card creator, and winner of several literary awards, this literary diva is nothing short of exceptional and successful.

Although, I couldn’t find one thing that the ‘she-preneur’ and I could disagree on, I asked her, what was the biggest problem she experienced when it came to authors trying to approach her as a publisher. Her response, “Professionalism.” Now, that is something I definitely agree with!

I had a great time talking to and interviewing this publisher of nearly fifteen authors. You can find her interview here, and on our iTunes podcast.

Please support Elissa at and Peace in the Storm Publishing at You can also “like” Elissa on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. You can “like” Peace in the Storm Publishing on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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