Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Fever Chocolate Promotion Dessert

Yes, folks, that’s correct, it’s spring and That Literary Lady is going to give you her top secret recipe to my Spring Fever Chocolate Promotion Dessert—and it’s FREE! I think FREE is the best four-letter word there is—besides fries. Oh wait, that’s five letters. Gotcha!

Now that I have your attention, here is my recipe for a Spring Fever Chocolate Promotion Dessert. Please note that you may have seen some of these ingredients in many of my previous articles—I mean recipes. Many of the ingredients are also FREE!


3 cups of Product―Books, eBooks and other Products
1/3 cup of Review or Blurb substitute
2 ½ cups of Synopsis or Book Pitch Substitute
½ cup of Elevator Pitch
1 cup of Website or Blog Substitute
3 cups of Social Media
1 ½ cups of Press Kit
¼ cup of Press Release
1 cup of Promotional Material
¼ cup of Video Conferencing
¼ cup of Podcasting
½ cup of Mailing List or Substitute
2 cups of Book Signing or Event Substitute
1 cup of Expertise or Substitute
3 cups of Education or Substitute
2 cups of Competitor Review or Stalker Substitute
6 cups of Consistency
5 cups of Engagement
4 cups of Networking or Word of Mouth Substitute
Chocolate optional

Pre-heat enthusiasm to 500 degrees. Wax or butter running shoes and flour a 9x9 inch of willpower. In a large bowl, whisk 3 cups of paperback, hardcover, and ebooks together. Stir vigorously until published. Stir in pinch of audio book (optional).