Thursday, April 5, 2012

Golden Eagle a Poem by Rick Bonner

Golden Eagle
Rick Bonner

'She lives too far away and unlikely to stay', the wise old owl advised.
'It's just a heartbeat away', the eagle conveyed, 'for my mate to fly into my nest.

He adored her elfin smile and off-beat style, such intelligence fascinates.
Golden circle complete when two eagles meet, within the shades of an avery gates.

Golden eagle it's time to fly,
Up into a sanguine sky.
Risk this leap of faith, and do not delay,
All you need to do is try.

One solitary voice, devoid of all choice, longs for het to spread her wings .
Now seize the day and fly away, come behold what the future may bring.

So golden eagle rise tonight,
Prepare to glide across the moonlight,
Feel love's force, let nature take it's course,
As you elevate into the twilight.

He dreams one-day you'll meet, beneath soft sheets, it is time for fragile hearts to grow strong.
So fly with speed into this hour of need, for it is written in the stars that you belong.

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